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Franklin Graham also walks with integrity as a very courageous Godly prophet for our time and speaks for God in this generation. Pray for him.

Doug R

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 Re: Franklin Graham’s annual compensation of $880,000 USD as of 2013

This is a significant question, and I think there is some biblical tension here. First, there are strong biblical statements concerning judging a brother, such as are found in Matthew 7 and Romans 14. So I understand the caution from brothers and sisters here about prying into things that are none of our business.

Yet, I am not sure that this type of issue is the same. Biblically, there are no parachurch organizations, nor missions organizations; there is only the church. These things are not forbidden, but neither are they found in the pages of Scripture. If we are going to look at such organizations as an extension of the church (as it seems we should, if they are allowable at all), then what are the qualifications to be in leadership? I would suggest that the qualification for leading a Christian organization or going to the mission field are the same qualifications that you find in 1 Timothy 3.

The fact that these qualifications are widely disregarded in evangelicalism for elders, for pastors, and for missionaries is both undeniable and is certainly a factor that the visible church is in the sad shape that it is in. Yet the question remains: what qualifications are important to us? Is it the ability to speak well, to run things smoothly, to raise a lot of money? Or is it the qualifications that God has set out?

I do not know much about Franklin Graham, and I have no desire to throw stones at him. Yet I have been thinking much on the larger issue. If a Christian ministry leader or a pastor is receiving a salary at or near a million dollars a year or more, is this concerning?

I am not being dogmatic, but asking you brethren to consider this with me, as I think it is significant. Honestly, I am concerned by this, because of the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3, which state a bishop should not be greedy for money...not covetous...and have a good testimony among those who are outside.

It seems to me that earning such an enormous salary from Christian ministry lends itself to the charge that we are lovers of money. Does a man (not speaking of Franklin Graham here) who lives in a 2 million dollar mansion have a good testimony among those who are outside? I do not believe he does.

I have spoken with many unbelievers who want nothing to do with the church because, they say, "All they want is our money." When that is the general perception, is it the time for us to take a million dollar salary? Even if we give it away, does it not give occasion for others to speak ill of the Gospel as a means of gain, rather than a way to love and serve?

I remember well a man telling me in disgust that in our small town of 30,000 people, there are 5 pastors that make $100,000 a year or more. This is in a town where the average income is around $25,000.

I am open to insight. I have learned it is dangerous to judge someone's motives. And yet the large salaries and lavish lifestyles do not seem consistent with the One who laid down His life as a servant and calls us to do the same. At this point, I would echo Brother Zac: "I don't have to judge those men, but I also don't want to follow them." And, in all honesty, we are to have discernment about the men that we follow. And it seems that making huge sums of money in the name of Christ while at least 1/4 of the world has yet to hear the Gospel and hundreds of millions are on the brink of starvation does not leave us in the place of having a good reputation to those outside.

Again, I have nothing against Franklin Graham, but have been pondering this much, and this seemed like an appropriate time to share some thoughts. As I write, I pray that the Lord will continue to work in and through Franklin Graham, and that He will increasingly become like our Lord Jesus Christ and be a blessing to many. I am interested in your thoughts. May Jesus be lifted up through your lives.

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That's a 140,000 in 1970 dollars.

Most churches today have very little biblical standing, too.

If the Church is people what is the biblical model?

 2015/8/23 11:06

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This world is not my home anymore.


Brother Robert,

I read and appreciated your well thought out response. And I liked your stance and it gave me things to ponder. I wanted to relay that to you and to others b/c I thought a non-answer could be considered a rejection. We can never tell with the typed word on a discussion board!

God bless,


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The world watches these religious leaders and what they see is not
consistent with what they think a Christian should be, I am not saying
that Mr Graham is a $Preacher but his example in regards to monetary
income from ministry is bad on a number of levels.

Do this leaders really trust the Lord is their provision and provider?
If so why do they need such massive personal incomes?
If the Lord is you Shepard what does it matter? You have what you
need. And you will have all your future needs meet
as well as you trust in him.

PS: My motive in posting this is not what you suggest and accused me of Lisa. You are wrong in your assumptions. The Lord knows.

 2015/8/23 11:23

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Rev__Enue....Do this leaders really trust the Lord is their provision and provider? If so why do they need such massive personal incomes?

I altered your question to an even better question.

Do some "Christians" really trust the Lord is their provision and provider? If so why do they need such massive personal incomes?

Mr. Bill

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 Re: Franklin Graham’s annual compensation of $880,000 USD as of 2013

I have no issue with CEOs earning millions in the world of commerce. When it comes to charities there must be a cap. $800000 per annum for a Christian charity is just shameful. It makes a mockery of the widdows farthing and sends the wrong message. Just ask the guy on the street if this is right. I remember his father Billy once has been asked about his salary. His answer was that he took average salary of a Southern Baptist minister.
There are other charities that are much more noble in this regard.

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I think Robert, you raise an important point that is wider than the particular person in question. Should any minister of the gospel be on a salary? Zac Poonen thinks not and I would tend to agree with him.
If a person decides to forfeit the opportunity to earn a decent wage from secular employment to serve the Lord and the Church, then yes he should be taken care of in one way or another by the church, but earn a salary in line with commercial corporations, no way!

I'm sure Franklin is a decent and honourable guy and his motives good, but he is just part of the system, a system that is wrong at it's core. It equates the church to a corporate industry of which ministers are the CEOs, rather that servants of the body of Christ.

There needs to be a complete rethinking of what constitues the Church and a getting back to New Testament practice.


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Hi Enue

I think it is a very valid question to ask and any spirit filled believer would welcome these questions as they keep us in check of whether we are being deceived or not.

Finances are a big issue in the christian world. There is a difference when judging people and that is, the intent of the heart. why are we "testing (judging)" the spirit behind these actions. There are 2 ways that judgement happens either spirit filled or legalistically. spirit filled means we are judging for the benefit of the truth of the Gospel to expose Satan works and to protect others from his deception. legalistic means we are judging for our own self interests which comes from already being deceived from Satan
Either your conscious is clear or it is not.

years ago i use to see these preachers with big followings and people would say do not judge the anointed ones or God will come against you and yet they are the biggest false churches today full of scandal. I encourage you Enue that if your intent is in right order with God then continue testing every spirit in the last days because the bible says "Even the elect will be deceived" and as Christians we are accountable as individuals to what we allow into our gates of the heart.

Hi proudpapa, totally agree with what you wrote

"Those giving to Nonprofit charities like Samaritan's Purse, believe that there donation is going to help some starving child in a third world country.

People deserve to know how much is going to administration cost and how much the leader or ceo of the Nonprofit is being paid"

karl rashleigh

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I take no issue with a person receiving an appropriate amount of revenue from the position of leadership in the work of the Lord.

It's the gross amount of income that the professional sheep fleecers take that are an affront to the cause of Christ. The heathen mock and the gospel
is discredited when such abuse occurs.

Can I pass the offering plate now?

 2015/8/24 14:40

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