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I wrote this in the first paragraph of the OP .....

' Now, can we say we are standing on solid ground if we are caught up with land disputes and cattle grazing rights and other such worldly things?"

I watched an interview with that very man today, the man who refuses to pay for grazing, a law that Ronald Regan endorsed. He spoke of the Negro and how they never learned to plant cotton very well. He also talked about how they may be better of when they were slaves. There is a stampede of conservative talkers running a mile from this man, and rightly so. It just shows you how dangerous it is to publicly proclaim one's support for a man who is , at the very least, a violater of Romans 13 and simply a government hater. Hate and bitterness always comes from a place of darkness.......bro Frank

 2014/4/25 0:28

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We are thankful for some of the comments on this thread, a brother did bring to my attention the focus on government and arguing in these realms can result in un-edifying threads. I am thankful that we were able to discuss these passages in relation specifically to america not arguing overtly.

I think the bulk of edifying discussion has happened so we are going to lock the thread at this point.

this thread is locked.

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