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Hi just-in, it would only be a strange question if you were living in a vacuum. It's a fairly simple question and it is based on what we harbor in our hearts. Anger, fear, bitterness or even murder. And so the question, do you hate the Government? You can see I am determined to keep this thread focused :) So a simple yes or no will do :)...........bro Frank

 2014/4/20 20:18


I neither hate nor love it.

There are good aspects of government as well as bad.

I dislike brussel sprouts, but with a little vinegar I can stomach them pretty well. In fact they are pretty good.

With grace, I can even stomach government that I dislike and do.

So, you see, like brussel sprouts it is not simple yes or no.

Depends if I have any seasoning. Grace is indispensable.

 2014/4/20 20:44

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Maybe the question should be do we think the government hates us? I don't know that the word hate is proper, but I don't think the government cares too much for anything that's moral and right. Personally I don't hate anyone, but as far as the government goes, I don't think there around to help us, if they are they sure got a odd way of showing it. It used to be our government officials work together to accomplish things that work for the good, now it seems they all have their own personal agendas, some good some bad. I guess the best way of summing my opinion up is, say the same thing they used to say after an Elvis concert, the government has left the building.

Mr. Bill

 2014/4/20 20:55Profile


Despite the sarcasm brother, I am glad to hear that you have no hatred in your heart towards the Government.........bro Frank

 2014/4/20 20:55


Andrew I would say that sun's it up. Summed up in Jesus. Thanks for posting the passage out of Isaiah.

Also glad to see someone else use the NASB. It's a hold over days in the Jesus Movement.


 2014/4/20 20:55


I suppose there are some people that hate any form of government but I have never met one. I would say there are people that hate many of the practices/policies of government yet at the same time see the need for limited government.

If you were referring to me regarding sarcasm, I assure you I was being absolutely serious. It is indeed God's grace that helps me stomach the injustices and not harbor any bitterness. How vain would it be to say no government at all is needed in a corrupt and fallen world?

Good question by Bill. Does government hate it's citizens?

We have 100,000 gang members in Texas and criminals spilling over the border, daily. Police are paranoid and tend to treat everyone as a potential terrorist. They have also been indoctrinated by Homeland Security to do that. Police today, tend to treat any questioning of them as potential terrorism.

Back to Bill's question: Does the government hate it's citizens? I don't know but I do know they have militarized their police (for what purposes?) and given away 13,000 MRAPs.

Are they paranoid? The government has outfitted 85% of towns with 50,000 or more people with MRAPs and LRAPs

I just love the government. (That was sarcasm). I don't trust their motives.

I suppose the Jews were supposed to trust their German government, too.

While I have no hatred in my heart towards the government, I am not under any illusions that they have my best interests at heart. It is enough for me to know that the Lord does have my best interests at heart and I fully realize that may involve temporary pain. Because, His interests are bigger than me (thank God).

 2014/4/20 22:29


Hi PP,

I think the question was asked and answered, I appreciate the fact that you have no hatred, fear or bitterness toward the Government, this thread obviously does not apply to you brother. The focus of this thread is one of personal soul-searching...........bro Frank

 2014/4/21 0:19

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My own attitude toward the Washington political establishment is at variance to Paul's directive to "be subject to the ruling authorities." So I will keep my attitude to myself.

Let me just say that Christians are not seeing things clearly if we get emotionally involved in national politics, or imagine that there is a substantial difference between Republicans and Democrats. We have no business running with the voting-cattle and getting caught up in the kind of Gadarene political stampedes that put men like George Bush and Barack Obama into office.

Okay, so I'm not doing a very good job of keeping my attitude to myself. But let's never forget that "the whole world lies under the wicked one;" Satan is called "the prince of this world" and "the god of this world." "We wrestle not with flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Of course the world is a madhouse! How could it be otherwise? It will remain a madhouse until Jesus comes.

It is not pleasant to watch America follow the course described in Romans 1:18-32, but it is a sign of the times. "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

Wayne Kraus

 2014/4/21 0:47Profile

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San Diego

 Re: hating the government

I agree with Mike, I too hate sin. This is a direct result of my commitment to love the things of God, and that means loving what He loves, hating what He hates. Like robbery and wrong, as noted in the Word.

But the key is not in expressing hatred, it is in that secret prayer effort against these points of corruption that seem to span the entire information overload that greets us each day. Those prayers are useful to God in bringing His kingdom to bear on any issue burning in your heart.

But activism is also a call. Getting off your butt and making phone calls, sending letters and emails to representatives- these are strong weapons because so few actually do it. Much of the corruption we have in American politics is because the Christians don't familiarize themselves with issues and candidates- and then don't vote for righteous men and women who are critical to good government.

They don't even know how the political system operates, such as knowing that the party who wins the most seats in both the house and the senate gets to control all the committees and decide what legislation can come up for a vote. You may have a really great candidate who you like and trust, good family man, experience in city politics, believes in clean air and water, blah, blah, blah. But if he's running for congress as a democrat, a vote for him is a vote to make Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house.

You may or may not like that- not my point. But at least a person should know that when they cast the vote!

Whew! Where I am trying to go here is that when people neither pray or vote wisely, they have only one last option- to hate the government. Which they do.

The reason I do not hate the government is mostly because that would be a useless expenditure or mental and spiritual energy. I am fully aware of God's need to justly punish nations who abandon Him and oppress the poor, and that He looks over all the earth to find hearts that are turned to Him, useful to the Kingdom. I just want to be one of those, but I still take my earthly citizenship seriously. I vote, I write my congressman, I have been on seven lobbying trips to the federal and state capitals at my own expense for issues important to me and my family, I even fought in a war. (A patch on my biker vest notes, "We were winning when I left.")

But in the end, I live temporarily in one of the world kingdoms stolen and controlled by the evil light-bearer. He tried to sell his line to Jesus in the wilderness unsuccessfully, but Jesus and His bride will eventually close down the worldwide enterprise. His faithful ones will "bind the kings with chains and the nobles with fetters of iron," according to Psalm 149, and I am content to wait for that.

No I do not hate the government, but I know what it is, where it's going, and what will replace it.

And a happy Easter to everyone!

Tom Cameron

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Hi Brother Frank, (I think you may have confused one of Just-ins post for mine, I had not yet responded)

Brother Frank wrote : ///And so, if one presently hates the government and is taken up with fear and bitterness, how will that one love his enemies who will kill him?///

Brother Frank personally ask pp : /// The overarching point of the post is " Do you hate the Government?" Do you? ....///

A simple yes or no answer is not sufficiant.
The word hate both in English and the Bible has such a wide meaning to the word that we both find that we are to not hate anyone because to do so is the same as murder and yet at the same time we are told to hate our own families and our own lives.

I am not happy with the direction or new policies that our country is moving toward but that does not mean that I have murderous hatered for the men behind these changes. I am in agreement with David Wilkerson in the following Quote :

"Our nation is being led astray by ungodly judges, mayors and governors, who are given to change, defying the Constitution and substituting their own wicked agendas." -David Wilkerson

ADD : I would also agree with Tozer with this statement : "We live in a free land, and we ought to thank God every day for that privilege." - AW Tozer

I believe that one reason that we are rapidly loosing this freedom is because of our (Christians) lack of gratitude for it. Do you thank God every day for that privilege ?

Rejecting Gods hand in the Religious freedoms that we have been blessed with was not the view of Neither Wilkerson nor Tozer.

 2014/4/21 3:33Profile

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