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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What Does the Bible Say About The Red Moon?

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Heres an intersting link. The charts at the bottom IMO reveal far more pattern than coincidence. I leave it to you to conclude what you will.


 2014/4/20 16:04

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I understand these charts etc.

The problem is that this tetrad of four blood moons could have been predicted 1000s of years ago had we been smart enough. They are a function of orbital mechanics. In other words God did not just orchestrate this tetrad recently. They were in the works for 1000s of years. I am sure we know when the next tetrad will be. How do we know that the NEXT tetrad is not the big deal? Plus I think that just two of the upcoming blood moons will be visible in Israel.

Maybe I am not being clear enough in what I am trying to say.


 2014/4/20 17:03Profile



As you will my friend.


Marc mc

 2014/4/20 18:20

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