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It is this kind of rather odd debate that I partly had in mind when I posted the 'What is Worldliness?' thread some days ago.

There were some very good & well thought out responses to that and I refer the link here

 2014/3/31 18:46

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 Re: Spurgeon on the Christian and the Theatre

I think the summary of the Christian life is this:

IF THEN you were raised with Christ,
SEEK those things which are above, WHERE CHRIST IS, sitting at the right hand of God.
Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

Colossians 3:1-2


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Wow! after reading all this thread, I think I will just go set out the rest of my days at the church, and pray continuously and sing praise songs. Hopefully the condemnation from reading all this don't kill me before I can get to the church.

Mr. Bill

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 Re: Spurgeon on the Christian and the Theatre

Augustine of Hippo: On theatre, from the Confessions. Confessions, St. Augustine. London: Penguin Classics, 1961.

“ I was much attracted by the theatre, because the plays reflected my own unhappy plight and were tinder to my fire. Why is it that men enjoy feeling sad at the sight of tragedy and suffering on the stage, although they would be most unhappy if they had to endure the same fate themselves? Yet they watch the plays because they hope to be made to feel sad, and the feeling of sorrow is what they enjoy. What miserable delirium this is! The more a man is subject to such suffering himself, the more easily he is moved by it in the theatre. Yet where he suffers himself, we call it misery: when he suffers out of sympathy with others, we call it pity. But what sort of pity can we really feel for an imaginary scene on the stage? The audience is not called upon to offer help but only to feel sorrow, and the more they are pained the more they applaud the author. Whether this human agony is based on fact or is simply imaginary, if it is acted so badly that the audience is not moved to sorrow, they leave the theatre in a disgruntled and critical mood; whereas, if they are made to feel pain, they stay to the end watching happily.”
Book III, 2.

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Truth is stranger than fiction. Everyday life is a "theatre" and many close themselves off to it. Jesus did not avoid the "theatre of life" nor the people in it.

How many of us are living in fantasy land, avoiding real people?

 2014/4/1 10:27

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The LORD designed us to be our brother's keeper. When we do not we stagnate. Watching others lives as a form on the stage is no substitute for getting involved in whatever way the LORD would have us to participate. To simply watch is death. To go forth and obey is life.

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Deadn

[quoteby DEADn on 2014/3/30 16:15:32

I don't understand how someone can equate the theater with sin. I find this to be legalistic unless someone can demonstrate to me that it is sin in the Eyes of God.

This thread and the "remember lot's wife" thread were all started this weekend on the heels on the movie NOAH. So take it with a grain of salt.

This is like anything else, if God has spoken to "YOU" personally and convicted you that going to the movies (or to the theater), then by all means don't go!!

It's as simple as that!

God bless us all,


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 Re: Spurgeon on the Christian and the Theatre

AMEN to the original post!!! Praise the Lord who gave Himself for us; and shall we not give ourselves to Him totally?! oh, Praise The Lord! I am commanded to take EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and a saint will do this in Love to His Master, not wanting to break communion with the Living Fountain, nor grieve, nor quench His Blessed Holy Spirit. When He draws near to us, oh Praise The Lord, there is nothing sweeter.


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And what of TV, the internet, or printed media. They can be just as corrupting as the theater. The greater danger is these media can be done in the privacy of our home as opposed to the public theater.

Yet the above including the theater can be redemptive if approached with a Christ centered heart. Example. we use the internet for Sermon Index. I use the internet for Persecution Watch. Yet there are those who will use the internet for perversion. It is the attitude if the heart.

Just my observation.


 2014/4/1 19:45


I have been to the theater and saw the Diary of Ann Frank. I have been to the movies and saw Point of the Spear, Chariots of Fire, Amazing Grace, etc.

Anybody in thus forum going to decry the above as corrupting. If so then I say gently you have a very serious issue

My thoughts.


 2014/4/1 19:49

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