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Truly, our salvation is upon the condition of abiding in our saviour, apart from Him we can do nothing, and apart from him no one will abide.

If anyone can truly say that he will not ever sin again, (if that is the meaning of abiding), then he maybe is sure of his salvation, (if that is the meaning of the gospel), but who can say that?

Yet, this grace is not a license to sin and our salvation is indeed hinged upon faith that results to fear and love of the Lord, obedience, and righteous living. But on how one can attain and sustain without fail such a difficult and high standard of christian calling to the end in this wicked world is big problem for a mere mortal.

Is the salvation according to the gospel of Christ just
but another hit or miss game? Should we say be born again, or believe the gospel, or have faith in God for by then perhaps you will be saved. Is someone a christian because perhaps he will be save?

What did Paul realized about the gospel that he had such a peace with regards to his salvation and that it will not be a vain thing or a deception to preach it for the sure salvation of anybody who will have faith. Because he was stoned many times or he lived a perfect life? or perhaps it is Phi 1:6, whatever it may require.

If salvation is dependent upon our works or personal holiness who will be saved then?

 2013/6/19 13:46Profile


My question was 50% rhetorical, so I am glad you answered it and you did it well, amrkelly.

Adam was held accountable and so will we be. Yes, the Lord throws our sins as far as the east is from the west so they are remembered no more, but now we have a walk to walk and this walk will prove us whether we be in the faith or not.

The other thing is that sin was committed in the body and salvation must occur in the body. That is why Jesus Christ came in the flesh and won the victory for us IN THE FLESH.

And thirdly, we need His Spirit to be a son and to partake of His nature.

Thanks again.

 2013/6/19 13:59

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