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stunning thread and replys

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in in great need of prayer brothers

please judge this word

brother tom ,,i saw in one of the lords words you posted ,about the rising up of a great people in these last days ,the same mentioned in this ,,about his best fruit ,and his olive trees ,his propherts

great persacution is coming soon ,and im not ready ,,please pray for me with the gift of faith

my prayers are hindered at this time ,and my faith is weakened

he set you free

step out from the old traps
dont let the traps in tangle you,you are allready free
you are a new creatour now
walk by faith
for i know my sheep
and they follow me
undure the narrow path ,that i made for you
and you are saved

no one is able to pluck you out of my hand

you have crusafied the flesh ,and it passions

listen to the screams of the flesh

there death has come
as a flower of the field passes away ,when i make the sun rise ,,the flower has been cut from you ,walk away now

dont hold onto ,a cut rose and look at its dieing atraction

walk now ,to the tomb ,behold ,and see im not there

iam vindacated ,so are you you ,come to me ,hold me

see that it is me ,but hold thy brothers by the hand ,and bring him to me ,,pull him away
from the roses ,,leave him not on the out skirts of the camp ,,lead him through the gate to my feet where i hung for you ,,forget your different doctrines ,like my two twin sons ,that i raised up for my sake and for your sake ,and remember my firsts furneral
and the spirit that was there that i gave for the bond of peace

and hold each ones hand with a brothererly kiss for a seconed

and look to me ,,remembering your self

and i shal lift you in my sancfication ,which i sangatfied you with,, touch not my libertys with all you heart

but touch my hands and feet ,and my side ,with all your stare ,,seperate your self for a season

and then you will know that i have seperated you for ever

seperated your self ,the season is come

and the season itself wil seperate you

it is the season for rain ,.

come and be washed in this new rain of old

blow the trumpet ,there is a wet season ,and a flood

this flood will only go down a narrow tribuatary ,this season

but the richness in the water ,will feed the trees ,and the trees will indeed bare fruit ,and the fruit will be stored in my barns ,and will feed the thoses thirsty ,in the dry season wich is near ,and thay shal ask and it will be givern ,,this will produce a different harvest ,from the last four ,,it will be my best fruit in the last miniute of my last hour of my last days ,

and behold this will prepare my way and make my paths strait ,,my propherts are coming,for i my self have raised
them before the world was ,and i will led them as i led you and you will surly know who are olive trees in the season to come ,,,,

now i call you ,all,, to repent ,and i do no your works , even my propherts ,and my pastors

all of you at this time shall repent

and hear what your evalasting father is saying to you

listen to me ,as you are my children ,,and i have some things more for all of you

some shall do the first works
and other shal you do the works that you hav never done yet

and even my weak waywould son whom i speak through this miniute,,he must dig verry deep and repent and do works he has never done and bare fruit of deep repentance ,and prove his love to me

my grace is sufishent

and i will suply according to need

this is what the lord is saying to you

my word is in you

and in your mouth

listen to what the spirit is saying to you tonight

he who is spitural restore ,the weak ones who are way would ,watching thy self

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 In the pure Spirit realm, we will touch Jesus fully, eventually, for it is written.

Brothergary: i really enjoyed your prophesy, and could hear the Lord in it, exhorting and encouraging. thank-you. This lady also saw something of the Holy bride, and this [ rather famous] prophecy has encouraged me much, as I have glimpsed that same Holy bride in vision...and received a similar word here, in the Sheepgate..
by Jane Leade
(A Heavenly Spy)

"There shall be a total and full redemption by Christ. This is a hidden mystery not to be understood without the revelation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is at hand to reveal the same to all holy seekers and loving inquirers.

The completion of such a redemption is withheld and abstracted by the apocalyptic (or revelation) seals. Wherefore as the Spirit of God shall open up seal after seal, so shall this redemption come to be revealed both particularly and universally. In the gradual opening of the mystery of redemption in Christ doth consist the unsearchable wisdom of God; which may continually reveal new and fresh things to the worthy seeker. In order to which the ark of the Testimony in Heaven shall be opened before the end of this age and the living testimony herein contained shall be unsealed. The presence of the Divine Ark will constitute the life of this Virgin Church, and wherever this body is, there must the ark of necessity be.

The unsealing of the Living Testimony within the Ark of God must begin the promulgation of the everlasting gospel of the kingdom. The proclamation of the Testimony will be as the sounding of a trumpet of alarm to the nations of professed Christendom. Authority shall be given by Christ to the putting an end to all controversies concerning the true church that is born of the New Jerusalem mother. This decision will be the actual sealing of the body of Christ with the name (or Authority) of God, giving them a commission to act by the same.

This New Name (or Authority) will distinguish them from the seven thousand names of Babylon. The election and preparation of this Virgin Church is to be after a secret and hidden manner. As David in his ministry was chosen and anointed by the prophet of the Lord, yet was not admitted to the outward profession of the Kingdom for a considerable time afterward, of the stem of David a Virgin Church, which hath known nothing of a man or human constitution, is to be born and it will require some time for it to get out of the minority and arrive at full and mature age.

The birth of this Virgin Church was typified by St. John's vision where the great wonder appeared in heaven, bringing forth her first born that was caught up to the throne of God (or identified with the Authority of God). For as a virgin woman brought forth Christ after the flesh, so shall a Virgin Church bring forth the first born after the Spirit who shall be endowed with the seven spirits of God. This church so brought forth and sealed with the mark of Divine Authority will have no bonds or impositions, but the holy unction among these new born spirits will be all and all.

There is not at this day (1619) visible upon the earth such a church, all profession being found light when weighed in the balances. Therefore they are rejected by the Supreme Judge. Which rejection will be for this cause, that out of them may come a new and glorious church. Then shall the glory of God and the Lamb so rest upon this typical tabernacle so that it shall be called the Tabernacle of Wisdom, and though it is not now known in visibility, yet it shall be seen as coming out of the wilderness within a short time; then it will go on to multiply and propagate itself universally, not only to the number of the first born (144,000) but also to the remnant of the seed, against whom the Dragon will make war continually.

Wherefore, the spirit of David shall revive in this blossoming root. These will have might given them to overcome the Dragon and his angels, even as David overcame Goliath and the Philistine army. This will be the standing up of the great prince Michael, and will be as the appearance of Moses against Pharaoh, in order that the chosen seed may be brought out of hard servitude.

Egypt does figure this servile creation under which Abraham's seed groans, but a prophet, and the most prophetical generation, will the Most High raise up who shall deliver His people by the force of spiritual arms. For which there must be certain head powers to bear the first office, who are to be persons in favor with God, whose dread and fear shall fall on all nations, visible and invisible, because of the mighty acting power of the Holy Spirit which shall rest upon them. For Christ shall appear in some chosen vessels to bring into the Promised Land, the New Creation state.

Thus, Moses, Joshua, and Aaron may be considered types of some upon whom the same Spirit will come, yet in greater proportion. Whereby they shall make way for the ransomed of the Lord to return to Mt. Zion, but none shall stand under God but those who have become "tried" stones after the pattern and similitude of Christ. This will be fiery trial through which a very few will be able to pass or bear up in it. Whereby the waiters for this visible breaking forth are strictly charged to hold fast, and wait together in the unity of Pure Love. This trial will be of absolute necessity to all for the clearing away of all remaining infirmities of the natural mind, and the burning of all hay, wood, and stubble. For nothing must remain in the fire, for as a refiner shall He purify the sons of the kingdom.

There will be some who will be fully redeemed being clothed upon with a priestly garment after the Melchizedek order. This will qualify them for governing Authority. Therefore it is required on their part to suffer the Spirit of burning, and the fanning of the Fiery Breath searching every part within them until they arrive at a Fixed Body from whence the wonders are to flow out.

Upon this body will be the fixation of the Urim and Thummim that are the portion of the Melchizedek priesthood whose descent is not counted in the genealogy of that creation which is under the fall but in another genealogy which is a New Creation. Hence these priests will have a deep inward search and divine sight into secret things of Deity, will be able to prophesy in a clear ground; not darkly and enigmatically, for they will know what is couched in the first originality of all beings, in the eternal anti-type of nature, and will be able to bring them forth according to the divine counsel and ordination.

The Lord sweareth in truth and righteousness that from Abraham's line, according to the Spirit, there shall arise a Holy Priesthood. Abraham and Sarah were a type of that which would be produced and manifested in the last age. The mighty Spirit of Cyrus is appointed to lay the foundation of this third temple and support it in the building.

There are characteristics and marks whereby the pure Virgin Church shall be known and distinguished from all others and whereby the unction and true sound of the Holy Spirit shall be discerned from all others that are low, false and counterfeit. There must be a manifestation of the Spirit whereby to edify and raise up this Church, whereby bringing heaven down upon the earth and representing here the New Jerusalem state in order to which spirits are thus begotten and born of God, ascend to New Jerusalem above where their Head in majesty doth reign.

None but those who have so ascended and received of His glory can condescend and communicate the same, being thereby His representatives on the earth and subordinate priests under Him now. He that has ascended and glorified has made Himself, as it were, our Debtor. Consequently, He will not be wanting in qualifying and furnishing certain high and principal instruments who shall be most humble and as little regarded as David was, who He will dignify with honor and priestly sovereignty for drawing to them the scattered flocks and gathering them into one fold out of all nations.

Therefore, there should be a holy emulation and ambition stirred up among the bands of believers, that they may be of the first fruits unto Him that is risen from the dead and so be made principle agents for Him and with Him, that they may be, if possible, of the number of the first born of the New Jerusalem Mother. All true waiters of His Kingdom in Spirit, under whatsoever profession they may be, ought to be numbered among the virgin spirits to whom this message appertains.
"Be watchful and quicken your pace."
Jane Leade:1679

 2012/8/2 18:13

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 Re: In the pure Spirit realm, we will touch Jesus fully, eventually, for it is writte

hi brother tom ,after reading your coments about your vission and calling to minister in a strange vilent land and seeing the discouring chalenging remarks ,i felt the need to google ,and found you two blogs and another site you comented in ,i read a prophecy about the persacution comeing to america and was fearfull ,,and felt it to be true ,it lines up with the burden on gregs heart and others here on sermon index ,,,it realy hit me with fear ,and i read on ,to notice part of the prophecy resonated with part of the one here that i recieved about a month ago ,,,,,,andrew kelly ,defined it and gave an interpratation ,,and it seemed to me like a copy ,or the spirit baring witness ,in agreement with yours

if brother kelly agrees,,i would like to post ,his interprataion ,of it if you would like to read it scince
you have an obvious respect for his prohetic wisdom ,as i do

i feel because of my back sliding ,brother andrew has resavations about me being a vesel ,that could be used ,by our god ,,,due to my confession,soon after giving the prophecy ,,,but even so ,some of the coments and interpration he gave ,i feel are ,prophecy or prophetic ,,and you may also injoy

thanks for posting this last prophecy this lady gave ,it will take me time to digest as your and andrews words do

what denomination was she conected to ,,i never new of prophecys givern back in the 1600


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 Re: Your Concern!

Brother Gary your concerns as to my attitude towards you are ill founded. I had already discerned your condition when I read the prophecy and the preceding post, as well your third post which was your own part interpretation of the prophecy itself. My own labour was a labour of service to God to make the prophecy more readable as well as your interpretation more full. Having given them to you brother they are become your own possession. Do with them what you will in peace. I have not withdrawn my hand because of concerns for you Gary, but for a different reason altogether. Neither have I withdrawn from what I have done. Neither do I believe that I acted hastily in responding to your post. The only thing which matters in transparency so that others can judge freely.

There is a view about internet postings which seems to have wisdom, but in the end discernment is sufficient. The words you shared contain no heresy nor will they lead any one astray from the Lord. Only you can do that brother if you have a mind to do it. So judge yourself and then you will know your own heart and thereby have a clear conscience.

Given the time which has elapsed since the original posts and the fact that you have posted the prophecy several times, you should be seeking to understand why it is that no one other than myself and now Tom has been willing to comment. I can tell you the answer in a simple way. No one is going to endorse what they cannot discern or understand. The difficulty in understanding comes from the difficulty in the way the prophecy is written. If it had been spoken it would be equivalent to slurred speech. I don't mean this offensively Gary, but this was what first led me to read the part interpretation so carefully. It was only after setting my face to reading it that I was really blessed. Before that I simply discerned something of your attitude in writing it, which I thought was lovely.

I once said to you that if you did not repost the prophecy yourself, one day I would repost it myself. Now I will because even now there is a need for clarity. What you have posted here in this thread would sow confusion and defeat the purpose for which it was given. Beyond that anyone reading this should follow the links enclosed in order to understand the discrepancy. If you feel you should repost the part interpretation Gary which I re-wrote then let the reader understand that it also contains the original link which should also be looked at.


A Season of Separation

A Prophecy by Brother Gary
Posted on Sermon Index on the 26/05/2012

A literal transposition into prosaic form,
from the original text:
By Brother Andrew 28th - 29th May 2012

Meditation and Mind of Preparation

Come! Reckon yourselves dead unto sin!
He is hanging on the Cross for us!
See the Blood!
See the Pain!
Watch! The Sacrifice of the Holy Lamb (of God)!
See how He offers Himself to God! For us!
Listen! Hear the earth quake!
And the Cry of the Lamb!
Listen! The Chords of Sin break! Whilst He cries out!
(Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?)
My God! My God! Why have you forsaken Me?

It is finished!
He has broken the head of the snake!
The propitiation! The Offering is Complete!
The Son has set you free!
And you are Free indeed!
He has broken the Power of Sin over His people!
Truly this was the Son of God!
Who was bruised for our iniquity!
The chastisement of our Peace was upon Him!
He bore our sins! Listen to His pain!
By these stripes we are healed!

Declaration and Mind of Readiness

The chords of Sin are gone!
The leash of iniquity is released!
He has set you free from the leash of slavery!
Sin has no more dominion over us!
He condemned sin in the flesh!
You are Free. He set you Free!
Reckon yourselves dead unto sin!

Sin’s dominion was nailed to the Cross!
He, who knew no sin, became Sin!
Cursed is He who is hung on the tree!
The curse is taken from you!
Now you must leave that curse on the Tree!
Leave your old man on the Cross!
Resist the Devil, and he will flees from you!

Exhortation and Mind of Readiness

Take the grain of mustard seed on your lips!
Let it sprout, grow and bear Fruit!
Confess the Truth to one another!
What was nailed on the altar is become your freedom!
Rejoice now in your liberty!
Where sin abounded; Grace abounded more!
He set you free!

Commandment and Mind of Readiness

Step out from the old traps!
Don’t let the traps entangle you!
You are made free!
You are made a new creature!
Walk by Faith!
For I know My sheep!
And they follow Me!
Endure the narrow path which I have made for you!
And you ARE saved!
No one is able to pluck you out of my hand!
Obedience has crucified the flesh and its passions!
Listen to its cries and know that therein death has come.
As the flower of the field passes away!
When I make the sun rise!
So the flower of the flesh has been cut from you!
Walk away now!
Don’t hold onto a cut rose seeing only its dying attraction!
Walk now to the empty Tomb!
Behold! See that I am not there!
I am vindicated! So are you! Come to Me! And Hold Me!
See that it IS Me!
Hold your brother by the hand also!
Bring him to Me! Pull him away from the rose which holds his gaze.
Leave him not outside the Camp.
Lead him through the (narrow) gate! To my feet!
Where I hung for you!

Two Sons’.: Two Servants’:
George Whitfield and John Wesley

Put aside your differing doctrines!
Like My two sons Whom I raised up for My sake! And for yours!
And remember my first (servant’s) funeral!
Remember the (mind of) My Spirit that was there!
That I gave myself for the Bond of Peace!
Hold each one’s hand with a Brotherly kiss. For a moment!
And look to Me. Remembering your own benefit!
Then I will lift you in My Sanctification!
Even the Sanctification which I have Sanctified you with!
Touch not My Liberties you have with (your whole) heart!
But touch my Hands and Feet! And My Side! With a full (earnest) Gaze!
Separate yourself for a season! (A time and Half a Time)!
Then you will know that I have separated you Forever!
Separate Yourselves! The season is Come!
And the season itself will separate you!

The Prophecy of Effects

It is the Season of Rain!
Come and be washed in this new rain of old!
Blow the trumpet!
There is a wet season and a flood!
This flood shall be for a narrow tributary this season!
The richness of the waters in this season will feed the Trees!
And the Trees will indeed bear fruit!
And the fruit will be stored in My Barns!
It will feed those who Thirst in the dry season!
A season which is near!
And they shall Ask! And it will be given to them!
This will be to a different Harvest!
Different from the last four!
It will be My best fruit!
In the last minute, of the last hour of My last days!
And Behold!
This will prepare My Way! And make My paths Straight!
My Prophets are coming!
For I Myself have raised them!
From before the world was!
And I will lead them! As I have led you!
And you will surly know who are olive trees in the season to come!

Commandment and A Mind of Obedience

Now I Call you! All of you to Repent!
And do not your own Works!
Even My Prophets and My Pastors!
All of you at This Time! Shall Repent!
And Hear what your Everlasting Father is saying to you!
Listen to me!
As you are My children!
I have some things more for all of you!
Some shall do the First Works!
And others shall do the Works which they have never done before!

Personal Exhortation to a son

And even My weak wayward son!
Through whom I have spoken!
He also must dig very deep and Repent!
And do the works he has never done before!
And bear fruit of deep repentance!
And Prove his love to Me!

Sufficiency of Grace, the Word and Hearing

My Grace is sufficient!
And I will supply! According to your Need!
This is what the LORD is saying to you!
My Word is in you!
And in your mouth!
Listen to what The Spirit is saying to you tonight!

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sorry andrew my dersenment is off the mark , i wasnt meaning what i said in a negative way ,just being honest ,,,

i was wrong about that ,,,, forgive me

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andrew this was one of the emails that you sent me ,i thought brother tom ,and others may want to read ,you seemed to explain it well ,in my opinion ,,and to me this post was extremmly prophetic ,and maby more valuable ,due to the undastanable nature of it

im sorry brother if it seems like i highjacked your thread ,, i wont post any more

fo me ill want to go back over the whole thred and chew it properly


A Prophetic transposition into a fuller form from the original text:
By Brother Andrew 27th May 2012

Initial features

Rain, Trees, Fruit, Barns and Tributary



The prayers of those who have been praying for God to move in revival of the saints and the salvation of sinners over many years

1st Effect

An awareness of God’s presence in the spirit (Holiness and Obedience)
The awareness will come to a few on Sermon Index and a few others who are related to them in love. Close family members who also believe.


This awareness will be characterised by a desire to be dressed in readiness.
Responding, to the Lord knocking at the door of the hearts, of these few
Being prepared as instruments in God’s latter works

Method of being prepared personally (obedience)

The field of the heart must be ploughed according to God’s pattern. This is a general ploughing to an end of making furrows which flow down to the tributary or stream. (The channels of true spiritual vitality) Deep and Certain: Feeding God’s purposes through obedience and a willingness to suffer through being prepared.

2nd Effect

Certain individuals will begin to once again bear fruit. 1st and 2nd effect equals “certain individuals” (though their functions will be different)
The first “few” will be intercessors for men” before God
The second will be the beginning of a witness before men (saints)

Spiritual Atmosphere

Increasing apostasy and an unwillingness on the part of saints to serve God generally

3rd Effect

The “certain Individuals” of the 2nd effect will be the increasing of the witness of the 2nd effect comprehended by the manifest power of God. (Speech and increasing Speech & Visible Authority within this small group of saints): This being to a still “invisible” but broader number of saints. These broader number of saints are the 3rd effect. God’s purposes in this are still not comprehended by many. Only by those who are labouring in obedience according to their part given and received; according to the obedience, of the” Ploughed Field of Preparation”.


A sense of “the thief coming in the night”: Always an attitude of SOON (Continued Holiness and a willingness to remain Faithful and Obedient). This is a dry season of testing characterised by continuing and increasing apostasy. A time of discernible increase: A measure not seen before. Apostasy and a lack of willing support is DRYNESS. Beware dissatisfaction leading to one’s own dryness. Beware sudden unfaithfulness. The Lord will have mercy.

This is the time of preparation of “Certain Individuals” to be kept from the fullness of deception which is coming on the earth. A keeping also from demonic activity in the air; it is a measured increase, the sowing of seeds, for the keeping of the elect of God. Even unto a great number, though outwardly not in this hour. Beware deluding spirits.


The United States of America


Homosexuality, Rebellion against God, Individuality and individual happiness are gods.

4th Effect

Continued obedience and a willingness to suffer produce a pleasing aroma before God in Heaven. Now God will openly answer their prayers and reward their faithfulness. Now that which was hidden will be seen, not in the names and faces of individual men and women of the 3rd effect, they will remain hidden. God is jealous of them and won’t allow them to be taken away in vanity and pride. He will keep them for His own Glory. The visible fruit will be that God will raise up numbers of saints to reap a harvest for His name. These will be the ones who will pray with a voice which will be heard by many. The voice of a witness in many cities, in paths and streets in the fields and in the least place, they will be heard.

A Singular Effect

Their strength will be given to a few to keep them. Strong prophets who have ceased from sin and become like a polished wall of bronze: A fortified wall behind which the many will be kept. They will have no name of their own. Their name shall be the Lord is my Might.

Yet even this even all this is just a beginning of an end time labour of God.

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 Re: It happens to me too!

Thank you brother. I know that you didn't share your concern with malice. You must see though that part of writing in a leading of the Holy Spirit brings with it a need to have confidence in serving God. Many brethren take their confidence from doctrines. This is similar to Paul having taken confidence in the Law before he was really saved. Most of the time when I am wrong I take confidence in legalistic mutterings about doctrines. Real doctrines are the possession of God. Yet we take confidence in them because this allows us to ignore our own weaknesses. Whilst doctrines are given to the church for instruction and correction we shouldn't hold them up as a barrier to hide from who we really are. Doctrines may well give us confidence if they are indeed the doctrines of God, but it is only a living faith which brings the peace of God to serve Him. I said to you in the original post that I thought your comments about the prophecy were faithful. I think this is the opposite of pride of doctrines. Courage to say what you have believed even though you realise that others will judge you and may even reject you, is something worth understanding. If you think on it where do we really get our confidence from? It comes from those moments when God touches us, because despite ourselves God's touch brings reality into our lives. Nothing else matters at that moment but the touch and the reality of God. What God Himself touches is real. And that which touches God is real. We may have every kind of difficulty in life and we may be wretched with sin. Yet when God reaches into our lives and speaks just one word everything becomes focused on God. Then we know again and we remember again that we are loved of God, and that He is ever merciful and faithful. And when we remember that it was Christ Jesus Who gave Himself to make this reality of knowing God possible, we weep and we are healed. The Lord Bless you brother.

This is the link to your original post on the part prophetic interpretation:

 2012/8/3 17:48

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thats what im seeking for that touch from god that casues trust and asurance ,,,,i want that wepping gratatude i had ,when i weeped in gratude because of his presence every day for months

thank you for your gentil incouraging words andrew


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 Re: The mystic and the pomegranate: The prophesy and the common.

Often, true prophesy reminds me of the pomegranate: one Fruit with multi-clusters and levels of seed within. This is my experience; it cannot be proven except by witness and a bearing witness, though it must agree , or at least not defy the Written Word; the Bible.

If we consider much of the Psalms, and the amazing and colorful tapestry of Ecclesiastes,and SONG...we see entire books written in a mystic PATTERN, with layers, and hidden seed that continues to manifest, each hidden in beautiful order behind each little seed that we then see; an unfolding as it were...and a grasping of life and faith that may be beyond our grasp to define; yet experience ourselves being magnetized closer and closer to God Himself.

This is a pure spirit ministry, that certainly for each and every believer, and desired by God Himself that we display, as it is a supreme force of edification, to enlist our souls to a deeper, and more contagious devotion to our Father as He is, and all of this hidden and undefinable.

So, BrotherGary! this is how I see your utterance prophecy...[My words ].

"But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort."

"I would that ye all spake with tongues but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying."

" Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe."

" For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.

... And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."

I experienced comfort Gary, and what a most excellent job of translation, Andrew; Beautiful writing and interpretation.

I want to point out that this thread is about the New Testament prophet; Not the Old testament one. It appears that prophets were varied and many, and that the Apostles, especially considering the greatest, Paul, was derived by God from his first ministry as a new Testament Prophet.

"Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.

" As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.

... And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away."

Apostles were then named "Sent ones", which initially referred to their sending from the Prophet ranks, as a messenger; IE...Apostles are, and were; SUPER PROPHETS! with more Revelation and miracle power than the "Common prophet", which seemed prolific in number in the early they must be today.

It is because of the radical and spiritual paranoia, I think, that much of the prophetic ministry is paralyzed today, and the devil has succeeded in this work to do so. Remember Jesus in His own town, Nazareth?

The King of Glory himself, the Creator of all creatures great and small, the first and last, holding all the fullness of the Godhead Himself....unable to do much of their mighty works He did before; WHY....because they refused to believe in Him, they refused to receive Him.

So, such is the mentality of the church and ministry today. Remember, the super-prophet, the Apostle, directs revelation and doctrine within the church, and is as much or more as needed within the church as the prophet, but the tradition of men and revelation itself, stripping the Priest class of it's control and power, and living; always resists the true, and I believe always will.

If prophets arose now, with perfect reliability and extreme anointing that expresses their valued endorsement of the Father Himself, this class would yet reject them, as the same spirit did reject the Lord Jesus himself, in like manner, because He would take away their power, position, and PLACE as the Nicolaitan they promote themselves to be. This is why the true prophet is always stoned to death, one way or another. Today we call it character assassination.

This was a normal and accepted ministry in the church of the Apostle Paul, both before he was ordained by God, and after he was sent by God, as a New Testament prophet.

We must admit that these are as much the Word of God as the Gospels, yet their apparent yield of manifest fruit may seem unapparent to most.

 2012/8/4 0:38

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