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I view the giftings of the Spirit differently than most. Tradition has placed the giftings of the Holy Spirit on one person in any congration, usually the pastor.But the early church operated as a whole and the Lord was given liberty to move through his body of believers as he seen fit. I see healings and the other manisfestations being possible as the Body of Christ (the local assembly of believers) becomes free to exercise thoughs giftings.While the five fold ministry as a gift to the church helps to mature and even educate and instruct ect.... the body so they can function as Jesus Christ on earth.


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 Re: Man Dies At Benny Hinn Crusade

I would like to add my voice of opinion to this thread. I for one have never approved of the antics of Benny Henn and the other prosperity preachers. But over the years I have learnt to be more careful about my views and expression of them. It is my belief that these men were chosen of God to do His will but through their own lusts and sins have departed from the truth to pursue their own agenda. Nevertheless I do not see it as my calling or ministry to "expose" or "reveal" these men as frauds it is not my calling to set up websites scrutinising their every word and error some people get a real kick out of tearing down "men of God". I point others to what the bible says in contridiction to their behaviors but I will not raise my hand agianst them. Let God be their judge! like David with Saul even though Saul was off the wall He refused to violate Gods annointed. Will we be guilty of doing that which David dared not do? in this age their seems to be a thirsty desire to ridicule or mock all human authority we need to be careful God is not only watching those who misuse their authority but also our response to leaders both good and bad. Are we really blameless? be warned we may find ourselves having to give an account for how we have responded to bad leadership. are we really trying to warn others or do we have a chip on our shoulder towards authority? (check out John Bevere's book Undercover) If our light is bright and clear in holiness people will see and follow. I believe our lack of annointing and holiness has us on the backfoot defending the faith instead of advancing it. God recently spoke to me after I had been moaning at the increase of sin and godless behaviour all around me he said to me "never mind what others are doing, you take care of your own business and do what I am calling you to do". If we the church would be Holy and seek the fulness of the Spirit I believe we would not be losing sleep over these people . Benny Hinn and co are in their place because God put them there I do not agree with their ways but I do know it not my place to cast stones (Shimei 2Samuel-16:5; Solomon eventually judged him) we must pray for them and those who are misled by them. In most cases I have found that those such people who chase such ministrys do so willingly not having an appetite for strong meat, it is what they want, they like the candy. As for their doctrines truth to extremes will always lead to error, I believe in healings and miracles nothing is impossible to those who bellieve; yet I also bellieve in holiness and purity balance is needed in all of life. I urge all to commit these men into Gods hands that He would turn their hearts or judge them in His own time. But let us be careful let none of us become self appointed judges casting stones that we should not be handling.

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Boyo... I appreciate your opinion. But as far as exposing false teachings and teachers... Paul exhorts us to mark and avoid false teachers. How do you mark someone without exposing them? How do you warn others who are being led down the path of destruction? We're all pretty good at marking JW's or Mormons... but dont you think wolves among the flock are even more dangerous?

"Judge not lest ye be judged" is a very misunderstood and grossly misusd piece of scripture.

By the way... Paul wasnt afraid to name the names of false teachers. Why are we?

Just some food for thought. ;-)


 2005/2/15 8:28

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 Re: Just to add something

Here's a bit of interesting information:

My dad and Benny Hinn used to be best friends before he went into the television ministry. They both were involved in a group called "Shekinah" led by Merv and Merla Watson (you may have heard of the Tornoto Catacombs Ministry?) that ministered all over the world. My dad and Benny roomed together throughout that time and became best friends. Benny was even the best man at my dad's wedding!

My dad was at Hinn's first meeting, a small meeting with only 30 people or so, but the Holy Spirit came powerfully and moved mightily. When Kathryn Kulhman died, the TV people asked Benny to take her place (I guess he had a reputation for his healing ministry) and Benny conceeded. He asked my dad to come with him into the ministry but my dad declined, feeling it was not the Lord's will for him.

Well, as things are now, my dad is a no-name Christian living in New Brunswick and Benny Hinn is a famous televangelist, but I'm glad my father didn't go, because he is the most godly man I have ever met.

What do I think about Benny Hinn now? From what my dad tells me, Benny was a wonderful friend and Christian brother and had a true and sincere love for the Lord.

Benny pretty much went from being a nobody to being really famous, and we can all agree that an alteration such as his could very easily ruin Christian character. It requires great strength to sustain.

My dad saw Benny after many years (I actually was there as well, but only two years old) when he held a crusade that was reachable for us. Because he remembered dad, they planned to meet and we had dinner with him at a resturaunt, with Peter Youngren as well. My mother and father can only say that they noticed a big change in Benny, not like he was before.

The best thing to do when we are dealing with issues such as these are pray for the people rather than bring curses down upon them. They need salvation just as much as anyone, and it breaks my heart to think that someone as genuine and sincere as Benny has been brought to the place he is today.

I thought you all might be interested in this, I'll be happy to answer any questions if you have any.

In Christ Jesus,

Eli Brayley

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That is a great post, Eli... thank you for sharing that.

I cant speak for everyone here, but I know I for one am not calling down curses on him. I pray for people like that, and feel a burden for them. However, we can not confuse warnings with calling down curses. Paul did not curse those who he pointed to as false teachers, he warned of them, and exhorted his readers to "avoid" them. Not to be mean, but for our own spiritual safety.

Paul did not say "If you find someone who is preaching false doctrine... read their books, watch their shows on TV." No, he said avoid them.

Most on this site would not hesitate to point out the false teachings of the Mormon "church", or the JW's. No one considers that to even be an issue. So why is it that when wolves come in sheeps clothing and mingle in amongst the flock are we all of a sudden afraid to speak up and give a warning?

We have no problem warning of the wolves on the ridge overlooking the flock... but we dont want to deal with the wolves that have snuck in. Thats like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic to keep it from sinking.

I have no doubt that Benny Hinn was very sincere. And none of us can sit here and judge whether he is truly saved... only God can do that. BUT we can test his teachings, and give warning when we see error. In fact... we are commanded to do that.

And the motivation should never be hate or malice... but LOVE. Love of scripture, of God, and of our brothers and sisters. Love of truth.


 2005/2/16 12:27

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Cache Valley, Utah


Yeah, I agree. Thanks for the good post Krispy.
And don't get me wrong... I'm all for exposing falsehood ;-)

Eli Brayley

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 Re: Preaching to 7 mill

Benny Hinn had a crowd of 7 million! Imagine if a John Wesley or George Whitefield had a crowd like that! There is something here in this but I do not know how to say it.

If a false teacher is preaching to 7 million. Why not a true preacher of righteousness.
Where is God in all this? Is God trying to say anything here? Or am I just out there in this?

Adam Fell

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Where is God in all this? Is God trying to say anything here? Or am I just out there in this?

... narrow is the way, and few are those who find it.

 2005/2/17 8:02

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Not to mention that this simply harkens to free will and itching ears.

People will hear what they want to hear and pay money to be told lies that are sweet. There's nothing God can do about that.

When you think about it, there's definitely a thin veneer of nastiness and selfLESSness that covers true Gospel. It's why most of the world doesn't want to have anything to do with it, because they don't bother to see past the surface to the wonderful loving gift beneath.

People who follow the likes of Benny Hinn are being spoon-fed sugared milk mingled with a heaping of poison.

Much like eating a big mac. ;-)

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Can anybody tell me what is exactly wrong with Benny Hinn? What about his preaching, lifestyle is so repugnant?

Zeke Oosthuis

 2005/2/17 15:35Profile

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