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"Here is a question for those who can be so bold as to say God killed 38 people."

Though I wont take 'sides' on this issue - let it be remembered that the God of the Bible has killed A LOT MORE people than that at one time in the past.

The God of the Bible kills people - Rolfe Barnard

 2012/3/6 19:04

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DEADn, I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your points – like this one:

Having to give answers to anyone who asks of God through this events leaves me speechless …

And this may be best! Remember Job’s friends who were most supportive while they remained speechless. Why is it that we think we need to explain and be so rational? When people are in a crisis and shock, they ask “why” questions, but they are not seeking rational answers. They are expressing deep anguish. They need the assurance of our presence and empathy – not our fine sounding rational explanations. That kind of rhetoric may merely expose our inability or reluctance to truly empathize with suffering and pain. Besides, our clever answers may simply serve ourselves: We can feel more in control when things feel so out of control.

as one who believes in Jesus this should not be for it causes me to wonder and ask of myself "What is God doing here?"

Surely it is not a bad thing to admit that the suffering of others causes us to experience our own inadequacies? Simply saying: “I don’t know" or "I wish I had more answers” is not at all an indication of our failure spiritually, but rather, an admission of finite humanness.

I think that those who are more simple probably don't get overworked about who sinned as the more 'educated' seem to do.

Well put!! We are better able to minister to the suffering – at their level of need when we are not bogged down by our own need for explanations - or even our need to be more than we really are.



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