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 The Tebow experience

I wonder how much interest this topic will generate. I know that many people in the church tend to shy away from sports because 'God' is more important in the more fundamental views of religiousity. This question is posed to those who have an interest in sports and know more than maybe just the surface news about Tim Tebow.

I listen to some sports radio during The day and there are many who love Tebow and those who are still doubters. This week stats were brought forth saying that he passed for 316 yards and had an average of 31.6 yards per pass play. I think I also heard that the viewship was 31.6% with up to 45 million people watching.
Many are referencing the 316 to John 316 as what he used to wear under his eyes in College.

THose who are inspired by him in the broadcast world are constantly talking about John 3:16 but they don't quote the verse. I think they assume people know it but I don't think that is the case at all. Those who still doubt Tebow ask why is he getting all this 'glory' while there are other christians on other teams or point to the sky after touchdowns or great plays. It sort of reminds me of liberal thinking in which they want to repackage something in order to cause it to be less unique for the purpose of 'equality'.

What do you folks think about the Tebow experience? I often wonder if anyone is renewing their faith in God over it. If God is truly using this experience to draw people to himself. Through Tebow he has caused many people to do the 'prayer' statue-similiar to the planking thing that became a fad.

I have also heard that when Tim is criticized for anything and reporters confront him with it he answers in a positive way and take attention off of himself-it becomes about his teammates. One commentator said that Tim has the ability to a bad day and after hearing him for 5 minutes you forget what was so bad about your day or why you were even angry.

What are your thoughts? I think this should give natural open doors for christians to present the gospel to people in such an easy fashion in the sporting world myself.


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 Re: The Tebow experience

Personally I like the guy but this latest thing with the Jockey ad has me scratching my head. I'm not judging him for it though, I've done things even while I have been saved that I later regretted.

To be sure John 3:16 is a wonderful, wonderful scripture but in order to get to verse 16 in the 3rd chapter of John you have to first go through John 3:3

Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

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Lakeland FL


I am not familiar with the Jockey ad and I have not heard about it from sports radio. Many on sports radio have debated what would bring Tebow controversy. Some joked that it would be being alone with lady.

As far as John 3:3, yes , I agree and this is something that can be introduced to people when the conversation is about Tebow. It all can fit together, just don't want to be intensely religious over it. By that I mean the difference of bring that scripture up and asking people about it vs. quoting and tell telling people they are going to hell without Jesus. Tebow experience is allows for open dialogue right now in the sports community and it is a ripely open door IMO.


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OK ok... I cant resist... I have to comment on this...

As a long time football fanatic I am very pleased with Tebow as a person, and for the witness he has maintained in college and now in the NFL.

I am not a Bronco's fan, but thought the game was great this past weekend against the Steelers. I absolutely LOATHE the Patriots and Tom Brady, and although it's a long shot I am pulling for Tebow against the Patriots this weekend. But then... I would pull for ANYONE against the Patriots.

All this bunk about 316 yards... give me a break. What happens if he gets 11,925 total yards next year? Everyone going to start talking about Psalm 119:25??

One thing I can not stand in the church are fads. Tebow is becoming a fad. Christians who have never paid attention to football, and have even hated football, are now jumping on the Tebow train and trying to talk football with me when they really have no clue what they are talking about. I find that annoying.

As for the jockey ad... personally, I did not think the photo was a big deal. Granted, I am not at all attracted to the male body so maybe I am not getting it. But I have seen it (it's in the headlines), and it's nothing more than Tebow in shadow with no shirt on showing his upper back and shoulders, and shorts that come almost all the way to his knees. It was no big deal, but I am sure it will be made a big deal by Christians who need to pay attention to their own selves.

I do not think it was "revealing" or "sexual".

So... the long and the short of it is... I like the guy, he's been a very consistant witness... and I think it speaks volumes about his impact on an unbelieving world when they make a big deal about a photo that is really nothing.... and I think it's great thing that is going on with him.

Down with the Patriots!


 2012/1/11 10:29

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So far as I have followed it, I've not found anything that would cause me to think negatively of Tebow. I think it's kinda cool. Though not a big football fan, I recently put an image of Tebow on my desktop at work. It has a Nike swoosh on it that says "We are all witnesses" and a picture of Tebow, in black & white. It's pretty cool. I hope it to use it as a conversation piece if I can, for any coworker who might see it while in my cubicle.

Personally, I'm weary of most Christian sports celebrities. There seems to be an odd "cult of the celebrity" that is found in our Christian circles. We can't wait to baptize somebody famous it seems. Sometimes this isn't a bad thing. Paul was glad the church had representatives serving in Caesar's home. Historically speaking, it seems most notable Christians in pop-culture end up going south after a while in their life and witness.

Tebow, so far, seems to be handling things well. And while I'm not familiar with his personal testimony, it seems like he might be the real McCoy. He is the son of a missionary, and he was homeschooled. From what I understand, his mother almost lost him during her pregnancy with him, for which the doctors recommended an abortion. He appeared in a pro-life Focus on the Family ad last year during the Super Bowl. I read an interview where he joked, after winning the Heisman Trophey, "I'm glad homeschoolers can now be known for something besides winning spelling-bee's". He seems to be living a life that is morally pure, and strikes me as a rather charming and charismatic individual.

I'd imagine that somebody out there is being effected by Tebow's witness. As salt and light, he cannot help but make an impact on somebody. If all else, he's a pretty interesting individual. He's not your typical football player.

Jimmy H

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Yea, the fact is he has completely polarized the football world... the media hated him, and some media still does. Why? They say because he's not that good of a passer, but the reality is the hatred was really because of his outspokeness about the Lord. Period.

I am convinced of that fact, and I'm the type who doesnt believe persecution is always "persecution". But Tebow was persecuted this year.

This past weekend tho was stunning. The Broncos completely stunned the NFL by beating the Steelers. I didnt give the Broncos a chance, and I was shocked. The Steelers are battle tested and playoff veterans... but they were beaten down on Sunday. They did crawl back into it in the 4th quarter, but then the shock of all shocks came in OT.

Even tho some Christians are finding ways to criticize Tebow (because Christians are experts at that) the fact remains... his TESTIMONY before the watching world has turned the sports world upside down.

Praise God for it.

The one annoying thing about Sundays game was when Coach John Fox (my Panthers former coach) said that he never doubted Tebow. Uhhh... yes, yes you did Coach! You even said so!


 2012/1/11 11:14

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While I myself am not a fan my son is and his team is the Denver Broncos. He has shared much of his thoughts on this with me and over all he likes Tebow but admits that Brady overall right now is a better quarter back. Still he would love to see the Broncos take down the Patriots, having watched the Broncos struggle with their defense he is not sure though how the game will turn out. He did watch the last game and thought the overtime play was awesome. Go Broncos!!
(his words)

God Bless

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MJ... in the last game between the Broncos and the Patriots the Broncos had them against the ropes. Toward the middle of the 3rd quarter tho you could tell the defense was getting wore out and Patriots slowly started getting back into the game and eventually won.

So the Pats can be beat, but the Broncos defense has got to keep their heads in the game and get tired AFTER the game. Tebow has to play even better than he did against the Steelers.

Tom Brady... mediocre QB surrounded by players that make him look good. What I cant stand about him is the constant whining whenever a defensive player comes within 2 feet of him. QB's were made to be hit... get over it. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching Tom Brady get "flatbacked". (can you tell I coach defense?)

Nothing would make me happier than to see the Pats go down in flames!!


 2012/1/11 11:48

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One thing that I appreciated was the interesting 3:16 connection from this weekend's game.

Tim Tebow was coming off of the worst game of his life. He went on to pass for 316 yards. He had a 31.6 pass per yard efficiency. And, the game received a 31.6 rating (reaching approximately 45 Million viewers) in the game (most who saw and heard Tebow thank the Lord during and after the game). Tim Tebow didn't make any issues about the 3:16 references -- the media did.

I also enjoyed the fact that more people seemed interested in the 3:16 reference than celebrating "Tim Tebow." Consider this from Yahoo's homepage on Monday:

If you look to the right of the screen image, you will see a section called TRENDING NOW. This represents the top trended searches from Yahoo's/Microsoft's search engine. You don't see the name "Tim Tebow." However, you see searches for the verse in question. To me, that is exciting!

I thank God that Tebow is serving the Lord on such an international stage. Some sports commentators on the local San Francisco radio station (that I heard in a restaurant) were speaking about Tim Tebow yesterday. They were talking about how his conduct on the field is almost "too good to be true." Instead of partying after the game as many football players would do, Tim Tebow invited a young girl who has endured 73 surgeries and her family to spend the evening with them. He gave her a copy of his book and a new Bible with her name on it and they spent time that evening discussing the things of the Lord.

Timmy has been criticized for several years...and the main reason for it has been his faith. He was born on the mission field (in the Philippines) where his parents served as missionaries. When they returned, Tebow and his family moved to a farm. He was home-schooled by his parents. The state of Florida passed a law (referred to as the Tebow Law) allowing homeschooled children to participate in athletics at local schools in the district that they reside. He led his team to a Florida state championship while in high school -- winning one game with a broken leg. He played football at college on two NCAA national championship teams and won the Heisman Trophy during his sophomore year. Every time they won, Tim shared his faith in Christ.

I thank God for this public declaration of faith. I thank God that it is bringing glory to Christ more than Tim. He does remind me so much of Scottish Olympic champion Eric Liddell. It is great to compete for the prize -- but there has been a higher opportunity for both. Liddell went on to serve as a missionary in China. Tebow has returned to the Philippines several times and he is currently funding missionaries and the construction of a mission field hospital there.

My wife and I were surprised when we saw a Broncos game online. We watched it streamed online from a television station in the U.K. During the breaks, the commentators were showing images of young people "Tebowing" (which is what they call getting on your knee in prayer or while giving thanks to God) as Tebow does during games. Young people in London were taking pictures of themselves doing this.

In a way, I think that Tim Tebow is using his talents on a very public national and international mission field. I pray that his testimony gives the glory to Christ. I suspect that Tim may one day return to a foreign mission field (perhaps the Philippines) -- just like Eric Liddell. As such, I pray that he will continue to follow and be used by God.


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I am not a sports fan or into football, but I am enjoying this Tebow thing. He seems like a decent young man who has a consistant witness. What was really telling to me was the anger of a non-Christian friend when I mentioned Tebow. I asked him why he was so angry about the subject. He could not realy give me a straight answer, other that to say that Tebow was just showing off and cashing in on his Christianity, and that there are other Christians footballers who do not bring attention to themselves. I asked him what was different about Tebow doing that as opposed to some silly dance, he really did not have an answer. I have experienced this kind of anger many times before, its the anger of conviction. Its the anti-Christ spririt within those who, when push comes to shove, are anti Jesus. So, I say " go Tebow," why should you not praise God from a pure heart whenever and wherever you felt led to do that........... brother Frank

 2012/1/11 12:40

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