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LOL! I sound like a cheesy low voiced radio disc jockey! I cracked my wife up yesterday telling her that. Funny thing is, is I work with the Police, EMS, and Fire departments and have to talk on a radio.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/11/14 8:16Profile


I heard you have a face for radio!


 2011/11/14 8:55

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"The best remedy is time,"

This is true...

Back in the 1970s I had gone to the school to pick up Lyn because he was sick. Enroute home I stopped at the hardware store to get something. While there the owner asked a customer, who was our doctor, whether they were seeing very many sick folks these days. He said, "Yes. Many have the virus and there is nothing we can do for them. It has to run its course." OK. Glad to know that! He did I not know I had a sick child out in the car fixing to go to his office that afternoon. And he was right. We went home, gave the child a lot of liquids, kept him quiet and he recovered quite nicely. Since we learned this principle, we have saved ourselves a lot of money on doctor bills. (With five children that will catch every bug that invades our space this could get expensive.)

Time - we want to take it in capsules, one every four hours to speed up the process...

Sandra Miller

 2011/11/14 9:09Profile

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