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Hi All, I am Sherid's (carters) husband. I also would like to thank you for the advice and support.

Sometimes I guess, for people outside of our context and situation, this looks like a minor issue. People may be thinking, "what are they worried about?" I think my wife has detailed well about our situation. We are not in a normal church because the situation in churches here is untenable. We often joke that the only churches here are cults, catholics, and false teachers. But, that is not inaccurate.

For us, the group has been a breath of fresh air. It has been a chance to meet regularly with like-minded believers, to pray, listen to a sermon, and to worship our God. It has definitely been an answer to prayer. We were worried about what to do.

However, in the last little while, we have got to the point where we wonder about the accountability in the group. There has been no issues which have come up to prompt these thoughts (no one that we know of is falling into deep sin etc). But we do want to be held accountable in our life before the Lord. We would like (though at the time it might chafe) to have people pull us aside quietly about things that need addressing.

For some people in the group, I kind of feel it might be a way to pass the time on the Sunday morning. They know they are here on the island temporarily whereas, my family and I are here long-term (well that is currently our intention). I think Sherid mentioned this above.

We just want to be right by God and His Word. We want to do the things which please Him and glorify Him.

Anyway, I did just want to say that your prayers and your advice are very appreciated. And Grace_Saved, you are new (so I am really) but that does not mean you have to keep your mouth closed. If you have some godly counsel and wisdom, we all would love for you to give it - on any thread that you want. I have found that people here are generally gracious and very welcoming which does foster a lovely spirit and really helps people to work out things as needed.

God bless you all.


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Thank you Cooksta, for your kind words! I would like to think I can contribute in ways to help the body. I have belonged to the Lord for over 40 years and it do desire to pass on wisdom humbly and contritely where I can. I had never heard of this site until recently.

I do feel for your situation on the island. I am not sure how far away the mainland is - perhaps some advice and support from churches there could be helpful too?

Anyway, I have been involved several times in my life in home churches or something very similar. They are great times of blessing. There is a such a sweet intimacy which the Lord can work into. People seem more closely involved with each other as opposed to larger churches (which I have been involved in too). The larger churches obviously have other advantages. I think I have found there are pros and cons of each type and model.

Sometimes in these smaller groups, egos show up more easily. This is especially so when someone is being challenged in their walk with God (indirectly as well as directly). Sometimes resistance is caused by that. Sometimes also ignorance and apathy.

Like I said to your wife earlier (whom I thought was a man! I must apologise for any offense caused!!). I said, it is very obvious that you desire to please God and that you also seem to not just focus on the "big" issues but are prepared to examine yourselves in the smaller issues that are so often neglected. I commend you on that.

However, do not let the group you have got fall apart if things don't go your way. Sometimes the SPirit of God is resisted by others and they may take longer to come around (if at all!). By the sounds of what you said Cooksta, there does not seem to be much other choice apart from what you have got going. Unless there is easy access to churches on the mainland as an alternative? That can become a hassle in working out transport etc on Sundays (most cities offer reduced services and so forth).

But anyway, I do pray that the Lord gives you guys wisdom and will keep on speaking into your hearts.

Bless you all!

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 Re: Carters

Brother went back and read your original post but have not worked through the thread. Consequently this counsel is off my head. But I would say enjoy the moment of his fellowship with Jesus and one another. All to often fellowships start with a ife of the Spirit. Then that life is destroyed when the fellowship tries to define what they are. Let the Spirit lead you. Let him guide you. Pray together as a fellowship and see what he desires. Those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their mind set on what the Spirit desires. If you do this I think your group will be truly blessed.


 2011/8/13 9:26

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