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if a fine preacher does not have the gifts healing , but only the gift of prophecy matter how hard he preaches he will not be able cast out deamons ,and perform healings

i think the apostals were unique in that they had most if not every gift of the spirit avalable

that has changed accoring to the apostal paul said that not every one has all the gifts ,but some have toungs ,some prophecy ,some decern demons ,some heal ,,,,,,it logical ,that therfor we will not see the same powerfull gifts manifested as the apostals ,would when they minseterd will all the gifts present

this is obviously why we didnt hear that weasly could do what paul did ,or whitfield

i would be verry suspisious of any believe preaching and manfesting all of the gifts that the chosen apostals did ,

that is not bibilcal to desplay all the gifts as did the apostals

not everone can perform miraculas signs one needs the gift of miracals ,,,,,and to be honest not many have truly been givern this gift

most have coverted the gift of propphecy ,and that will be evedent in there personal ministery

is there anyone here that can say i am like an apostal and have all the gifts ,and my ministery proves it with out doubt

we should be careful not to judge people minastrys
when our own is laking ,,that would be hipocracy

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 Re: Phillip

Brother I affirm your post. As I have lately been meditating through John the gospel is simply Jesus and our response is to simply believe in him. So simple that it scares one to death. So yes. I do believe in easy believism. Ok. So that phrase is loaded. How about simple faith. Love it.


 2012/2/24 17:18

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 Re: What gospel was preached?

Desert Rose,

The gospel that Jesus taught,...
Mt.4:17,' Repent; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.',....the sermon on the mount ,..the Beatitudes, are the salt of the earth, are the light of the world,..
Relation of Christ to the law,...forgiveness,...lust,adultery,and divorce,..
perjury and retaliation forbidden ,....etc,etc,etc.....

We must look at everything He was saying / preaching,...because it is
His complete GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM....He was going to die and go
away,..He was preparing them / us ,as to what was expected of them /us if
we are going to live under the Lordship / Rule of this King,( who is Jesus )
He said,seek ye the kingdom of God, and His righteousness.... And that is to say as Paul saiid / asked,...'what would Thou have for me to do Lord '
OR ELSE,one day when we stand before Him ,and we say, but Lord, Lord,
and we did not allow Him to be Lord,in this life,...Then He will say,..'depart
From Me, I never knew you,..or why call ye Me Lord,Lord, and DO not what I say.

He says that the WAY is narrow,

And then the Disciples / Appolsels continued,to preach His gospel,...of the kingdom of God / heaven,...and the things pertaining to the kingdom .
Bless you,

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