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 rework of thought

because I'm utterly bewildered by the doctrine which says we do anything, prior to having been stirred up enough

I may have misread what you meant by this. There are two conflicting thoughts you have written. Plus I did not see at first what you meant by "only reading so far." I took that as you only read a little and decided to quit because it did not agree w/ your theology. I am corrected.

I think we may be on a similar track after all, forgive me.

But did you think that I meant we "do" something to trigger God's approval before we can hear the Gospel? Not sure what you meant there.

Plus "being stirred up enough..." I hope you do not mean emotionally! Because emotion will have to be used for the rest of that believer's life to keep that person in the faith, in that case. And if "emotion" is not achieved around ever corner, the believe would "feel" condemned. And that's what I'm about this for, so others can avoid this in their lives.

It all comes down to what you believe as your foundation. It will determine how you view every Scripture. And I mean every... If you think God is an angry judge then you will work to earn His approval. And view the Scriptures as, "I have to keep them to show God I love Him..." But if you know only God is Good and we are haters of God, are completely unqualified for His Grace and Mercy and can do nothing for ourselves, THEN, you are qualified. Cool huh!?

No harm intended- this is great stuff for folk to catch on to. No laughing movement and self outward creepy things in this doctrine!


PS, have a good night Christian soldiers.

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