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 Extreme grace unto the permissive.

Christian people follow Christ, and are conformed to Him as they go. It is wrong to think that the way you believe is within your mind, it is not. The way you believe is who you follow, for it will always expose your master.

In this cyber-world we can watch things and read things about you that may be far in the past, and accumulate evidence about you very revealing about what you do, write, or say.

Paul said this though:...."For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God!"

"Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood."

" For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock."

Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. "

Driscoll does not declare the whole counsel of God, that demands holiness and repentance, this is obvious, and he seems to spend a lot of time drawing disciples after himself with his ultra-permissive jet-cool hip gospel.

Some may see this as "feeding the church of God"; I see it as destructive to those who believe it to be so.

 2012/2/6 23:09

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 Re: Extreme grace unto the permissive.

bro.tom. when was the last time you listened to him preach?

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Jimp, you are correct. I do not like the quotes attributed to him and believe them to harmful to the Gospel message but when I was searching for a Christian response to the whole Twilight junk I tuned into a YouTube mini sermon of his on the topic and he absolutely nailed it. I have recommended it several times to others and even showed it to the young adult class I taught.

I know little of him otherwise but am thankful for his godly position on that particular topic.


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 Re: Extreme grace unto the permissive.

"It is wrong to think that the way you believe is within your mind, it is not. The way you believe is who you follow, for it will always expose your master."

Brothertom, while I definitely get what you're saying and can't flatly disagree I do think it's a bit more nuanced than that.

We've all been given unique minds and personalities. Now, I can't look at verses that tell me to feed the poor, love my neighbor as myself and to love the Lord my God with all my heart mind soul and strength and interpret that to mean some crazy social gospel that excludes Christ, forsaking the welfare of my family to provide for others or keep Christ all to myself.

However, that can look different to different people. God made us all different on purpose. He designed us specifically for a purpose. We interpret information the way we do because that's how God wired us.

Please believe that I'm not attacking, but you've been asked a number of times how many sermons of his that you've listened to. Your silence on that tells me that you haven't listened at all.

You say things like "jet-cool hip gospel". I don't know if that a shot at him or his message. The only people who've admitted listening to him have not found anything suspect in his preaching. If that's a reference to his personal style I think that's a little shallow minded. If it's a reference to how the gospel is packaged I think you need to realize that we're supposed to present it to groups of people in a way they can relate to it.

"To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak; I have become all things to all men, so that I may by all means save some."

I asked this of yeshuasboy, I believe, but if you can come up with any instance where Driscoll has perverted the gospel I'd like to know. I've recommended him to people before and don't want to do that if he's telling people to do things that blatantly distort the gospel. I don't care that he confessed sins. We should all do that. That's probably what got me so fired up to comment. Quotes posted from a book called "Confessions" have caused people to declare him a false teacher. I thought we were supposed to confess our sins to each other. This whole argument has been in response to Driscoll doing what the gospel tells us to do.

Listen to one sermon and tell me he is leading people away from Christ.

Matt Smith

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"It is wrong to think that the way you believe is within your mind, it is not. The way you believe is who you follow, for it will always expose your master."..BT

"Brothertom, while I definitely get what you're saying and can't flatly disagree I do think it's a bit more nuanced than that.".....hoohoou

My point is many people recite their beliefs as though it justifies them, like credentials. I say it doesn't matter what you claim to believe, this will always belie what you do, How you act. [ "Be not hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word."] This was Jesus's main thrust to the wicked Pharisee's, who held the "key of Moses", as gates to the Torah. Hypocrites! Hypocrites!..over and over by the Lord, as he exposed this glaring two-faced sin.

As far as "Have I listened to a Mark Driscoll sermon lately?"...jimp...A little, as much as I could stomach it. This is not the first post about Driscoll here. I'm not sure how many, but a few over the last four years for me.

He is a licentious Shock Jock who loves to shatter the icons [ iconoclastic ]....of higher moral standards as freedom. He does this over and over and over, sprinkled in with a few orthodox teachings to establish that he knows the truth.

You want video? Here are several of him preaching using his crude, lower/nature style of the SHOCK!. Beware; Some of these are embarrasing and ugly, as he teaches about things like oral sex...[ I did not watch this garbage..].

See stable Bible preachers also testify ...THE DEATH OF DISCERNMENT.

 2012/2/7 11:27

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So, how much can I still be worldly and serve Christ at the same time?
Who was that x-pro baseball player that said, "there's no such thing as a worldly christian; you may as well talk of a heavenly devil"?
So, should I not be strict with my own walk with Christ? Those promptings I have to keep His day holy, and shun vain things, are they of the devil? God forbid!
A few of Mark's latest tweets:
Feb 3: UFC picks - Diaz in a coin flip, Werdum, Koscheck
Feb 1: I'm praying my fellow reformed pastors will one day get more excited about reaching people than reviewing books

This man needs serious prayer from the saints (those that shun iniquity, and are clothed with Christ Jesus).
I think if every man and women were to be gloriously saved in Canada and the US, the UFC would be outta business, and probably all sport as well.


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