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Jacques wrote:

A good place to hunt down these books at great prices would be, the best prices I've seen out there.


[b]Thanks for the heads-up, Jacques! I was about to ask this, when I found your post. [/b]



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my favorites change from year to year. currently, here are my favorites:
1- fresh wind , fresh fire -jim cymbala

2- hard to believe- john macarthur

3- experiencing God -henry blackaby


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Wonderful thread!

1) The Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan
2) Why Revival Tarries - Leonard Ravenhill
3) The Greatest Thing In The World - Henry Drummond

The list could go on...

Eli Brayley

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1. No Compromise- Melody Green and David Hazard
2. The Knowledge of the Holy- A. W. Tozer
3. Why Revival Tarries- Leonard Ravenhill

Nigel Holland

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 Re: The top 3 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

The more I think the harder this gets. Here are 3, though:

The Long War Against God - Henry Morris
God Doesn't Believe in Atheists - Ray Comfort
Must Jesus Be Lord to be Savior - William Webster

The last one was a surprise. Here are books I want to read:

Wesley's Veterans - John Telford?
Why Revival Tarries - Leonard Ravenhill
Prayer (Asking and Receiving) - John R Rice
Billy Sunday: The Man and His Message -William T Ellis
John Wesley's bio (only read parts)
Anything with Muller, Brainerd
Anything with Charles Chiniquoy/Thomas Bilney

There's so many!

Hal Bachman

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 Re: The top 3 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

1. [b]The New Covenant[/b] by [i]David Wilkerson[/i]

2. [b]Believing God[/b] by [i]Beth Moore[/i]

3. [b]Conversation Peace[/b] by [i]Mary A. Kassian[/i]

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The Utmost for His Highest - Oswald Chambers

Experiencing God - Blackaby

Mere Christianity - C. S. Lewis

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Lancashire, England


1. Praying Hyde - Basil Miller
2. Learning the joy of prayer - Larry Lea
3. Our Father Abraham - Marvin Wilson

to my shame 'why revival tarries' is on the bookshelf still unread by me :-(

My Utmost for His Highest is my current daily devtional


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 Re: The top 3 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

Tough question, cannot quite limit it to three, but here goes:

1. Knowing God by J. I. Packer
2. Pain, the Gift Nobody Wants by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey
3. Where is God When it Hurts by Philip Yancey
4. From Jerusalen to Irian Jaya by Ruth Tucker
5. The Hand of God by Dr. Bernard Nathanson
6. Books by Corrie ten Boom
7. Under the Influemce by Alvin J. Schmidt

As you see I included recent books....I am still growing, and learning, I hope.


Sandra Miller

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Florida, U.S.A.

 Re: The Top 3 books that have influenced your life (other than the Bible)

1. The Essential Smith Wigglesworth
"Selected Messages by the Legendary
Evangelist" (Wayne E. Warner and Joyce Lee)

2. The Pursuit of God (A.W. Tozer)

3. God's Generals (Roberts Liardon)


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