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New York , USA

 Re: The top 3 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

1.The Christian in Complete Armor
by William Gurnell / Forward by David Wilkerson

(Abridged version / in 3 volumes using contemporary English)

The most perfect usage of the English Language to reveal God's Word of Spiritual Warfare - how to see it-how to deal with it-how to use the different pieces of the armor of God to use inorder to experience the victorious life of a Christian Soldier of the Lord.
I agree with David Wilkerson that this will revolutionize your life!!!

2. The Spiritual Man
by Watchman Nee

This is the only book that Watchman Nee actually wrote. It is essential to read to understand how God breaks us and Brother Nee explains in simple English what we are going through and he holds our hand as God chissles away at us until we are utterly destroyed and the likeness of Jesus begins to appear. Ouch and Amen!

3. Remedies Against Satan's Devices
by Thomas Brooks
Info on how Satan attempts to trouble us and the variety of remedies to combat and overcome these molesting attacks.

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1. No compromise by Melody Green - life story of Keith Green. The encouraging conviction of God to walk totally just for Him.

2. The believer's Authority - Kenneth E. Hagin

3. recently reading the book of Brother Yun of China - The Heavenly Man
This book really move my heart to re think of my own walk with God.

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1. Just As I Am, Billy Graham

2.The Greatest Faith Ever Known- Fulton Oursler

3.Against All Odds "my story" Chuck Norris

And Awaiting Krispys New Book:

"Pray For Benny" :-P :-? 8-) :-o :-D :-)

Mr. Bill

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 Re: books

1 With Christ in the School of Prayer. Andrew Murray

2 The Normal Christian Life Watchman Nee

3 The Weapon of Prayer EM Bounds

Richard E Lewis III

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 Re: The top 3 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

The 3 books that influenced my life are which are difficult to condense it down to just 3, there are so many.

Now that I believe - Robert A Cook
Evangel For Christ - Apostle Franklin Walden
Ever Increasing Faith - Smith Wigglesworth

Others are Kathryn Kuhlman's books.
Christ object Lessons - Ellen G White
Bill Drost the Pentecost - Bill Drost


 2005/4/2 0:26

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Nairobi, Kenya

 The top 2 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

1. "No compromise" life story of Keith Green-by Melody Green
This was an opportunitiy to learn about the man behind the powerful music. Words and deeds in agreement– where I want to be.
2. Chasing the Dragon-Jackie Pullinger
This book just broke a lot of barriers in how I thought God ought to work. Led me to begin praying for the leading of the Spirit, to respect again the gift of tongues and see the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a new light.

Richard Walker

 2005/5/7 7:29Profile

 Re: The top 2 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

1.The rest of the gospel by Dan Stone
2.heart of flesh by Fred Pruitt ;-)

 2005/5/24 11:19


The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

John G. Lake His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith

I never heard of Ravenhill until i came to this site.

The leadership book was quite great, it got me addicted to reading. The devo, even though i didnt agree with everything it said (i.e. rapture), it was very much a faith sturring. Then John G. Lake, wow, But like he left the methodist church, and i left the baptist. So thats how i relate. But John G. Lake always said 'God's Healing isn't a mystery it's SCIENTIFIC'. His town was named the 'healthiest city in the World' according to Washington D.C. He did miracles that NO1 could object to, like 'under a x-ray thing or something'.

Mind boggling.

 2005/5/26 23:52

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1. Desiring God (or anything by John Piper)
2. Chosen by God (or anything by R.C. Sproul)
3. The End for Which God Created the World (or anything by Jonathan Edwards)

K. Elijah Layfield

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I hope that you don't mind, but I have more than three that have meant alot to me. There are probably several more that have encouraged me greatly, but I know these off hand.

[b]The Christian in Complete Armour[/b] - William Gurnall

[b]The Pilgrim's Progress[/b] - John Bunyan

[b]Autobiography of Charles Finney[/b] - Charles Finney

[b]The Cross and the Switchblade[/b] - David Wilkerson

[b]No Compromise[/b] - Melody Green & David Hazard

[b]Why Revival Tarries[/b] - Leonard Ravenhill

[b]Foxes Book of Martyrs[/b] - John Foxe

[b]God's Smuggler[/b] - Brother Andrew

[b]The Pursuit of God[/b] - A.W. Tozer

[b]The School of Christ[/b] - T. Austin Sparks



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