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1. Revival Praying - Ravenhill
2. Praying Hyde
3. Evan Roberts: Instrument of Revival - Jones
(sorry for #4 but I couldn't it off)
4. Power Through Prayer (A Treasury of Prayer compiled by Leonard Ravenhill) - E.M. Bounds



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Nearly everyone has been listing Christian nonfiction, but some fiction books, Christian or secular, have greatly impacted my life, so I'm doing three fiction and three nonfiction:

Christian Nonfiction:
1. Tie between-- Mere Christianity and The Problem of Pain, both by C.S. Lewis
2. The Practice of the Prescence of God by Brother Lawrence
3. The Confessions of St. Augustine by... St. Augustine (big surprise, I know)

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke
2. The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis
3. I, Robot by Issac Asimov

Issac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke are both Secular Humanists, a religion based on absolute faith in science and denial of any supernatural realm (actually, Issac Asimov [i]was[/i], since he has now died and realized his error too late). However, 2001 and I, Robot are both good works to read if you want to be confronted by mind-bending ontological questions about the limits of human reason and existence. Despite the large errors in their theology I love their works just almost as dearly as those of C.S. Lewis.

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 Re: The top 3 books that have influnced your life (other then the bible)

I just signed up and wanted to jump in on this thread about the top 3 books. There were 2 that popped in my head and my 3rd book was significant at the time I read it.

1. School of Christ - T. Austin-Sparks
2. The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life - Evan Hopkins
3. God's Generals - Robert Liardon? (not sure if that's the correct author)

I saw many in the thread that I've read before that were real good and a some others that I'm not familiar with that I may have to check out.


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I saw many in the thread that I've read before that were real good and a some others that I'm not familiar with that I may have to check out.

Great to have you on the site brother! yes "School of Christ" is a CLASSIC book what a read! I haven't read the whole thing just excerpts but I am waiting for Gods timing for me to read it.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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1. Oswald Chambers, Abandoned to God
by David McCasland

For all of you O. Chambers fans out there, please read this book if you haven't yet! I found so much that I could relate to in my own spiritual life! This is the man's life story. Very well written.

2. The Heavenly Man, by Brother Yun

I think everyone knows by now how important this one is...

3. The Singer, by Gene Edwards

Has anyone else read this one? This is a poetical allegory of the life of Christ. The Divine Romance by the same author is also very good.



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Hi Phebe,

Just got "The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers" for Christmas (one of those 'Santa" gifts :) )
And though this is not in the book it is on the CD that came with it. Couldn't count how many times this has come up in recent days...think I might just have to print it out...

Mike Balog

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Yeah, I love this book! It has all of his poetry and it kind of sets his works in context.
You're going to print out the entire book? That's alot of paper! Why not just buy it? :)


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1.) No Compromise: The Life of Keith Green

2.) Cant remember the title, but a book about a Russian soldier in the early 1970's who was persecuted and martyred by the Russian Army.

3.) Why We Contend For The KJV

4.) Forever Settled (another book about the history of Bible versions)

5.) Coaching Youth Football

 2005/2/3 15:18

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 Re: The Top 3 books that have influenced your life (other than the Bible)

I always enjoy the recommended reading section of my favorite authors, and in this instance, of my favorite SI posters.

The following three works, have greatly influenced my life, at least in the past 13-14 months.

1. Set the Trumpet to thy Mouth - David Wilkerson
2. The Gift of Forgiveness - Charles Stanley
3. When Godly People Do UnGodly Things - Beth Moore

In Christ,

Tony Sexton

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1) No compromise-- Keith Green
2) Fresh Wind Fresh Fire -- Jim Cymbala
3) Book on the life of George Muller can't remember title it's on my book shelf!!!! :-D

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