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 MUST HEAR: Missionary Commitment by Billy Graham



Billy Graham exhorts a large gathering of young people to count the count to follow Christ fully in missionary service. This is a prophetic message for our day to consider the true cost of following Christ and serving Him in missions. Oh that God would raise up a radical disciples in and end times radical missions movement in these last days.

[b]Missionary Commitment by Billy Graham[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: MUST HEAR: Missionary Commitment by Billy Graham

A lot to ponder. Very sobering. Thank you for suggesting this.

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im not totally sure but it sure seems his preaching and message have changed a lot over the years.

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im not totally sure but it sure seems his preaching and message have changed a lot over the years.

When Billy first preached in Yankee Stadium, his sermon was titled "Sodom and Gomorrah." He famously stated, "If God does not judge America, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!" When he last preached there the sermon title was "Loneliness." Yes, for better or worse the message certainly changed.

Wayne Kraus

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I would personally have to include a detailed misnomer on Billy Graham's ministry before I posted a sermon of his. He has, in recent years (the last couple/few decades), totally apostasized from true Biblical christianity and evangelistic preaching. He is now a Universalist and denies the exclusivity of Christ as the only door into heaven. This is among a host of other sad statements he has made in the public domain. I know the difference between his old messages and the leaven he teaches now, but the weaker in the faith and new converts could hear this message, go to his other teachings unawares, and get caught up in deception and confusion. This must be stated for the health of the Body.

 2010/3/6 16:40

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 Re: MUST HEAR: Missionary Commitment by Billy Graham

He is a wolf, a deceiver. He may have preached good sermons in his early days, but you will know them by their fruit. Promoting his sermons I think is a mistake. This is the Billy who has mislead millions into the catholic church's arms. Brother who's favor are you looking for? The word of the Lord says that we are to turn away from those who turn away from the true Gospel! Billy has on Larry King made it clear that there is more than one way to God. Greg and you know these things...

Llewellyn van der Merwe

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Billy is not a deceiver. He is not perfect like some are.

He may have said some things that are not 100% biblical and
so has every one of us.

He has however been used of God to win thousands upon
thousands to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

 2010/3/6 18:24


Billy has departed from Independent Fundamental Rural Baptist KJV-only Three-mode-Baptism Exclusive-Non-alcoholic-Lord's-Supper Decisional/Lordship-Salvationism, which is the One True Faith.

 2010/3/6 18:39

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Personally speaking, it was a gospel message
from Mr. Billy Graham that pointed the way to the
cross and lead me to the Saviour.
My testimony is just one of a myriad of myriads
who heard the gospel faithfully proclaimed by
He will receive the joy unspeakable and the
crown of a soul-winner!!

Martin G. Smith

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i didnt mean it in a negative sense but a positive one. i thought this message was really good and was very encouraged that a man so prominent was able to give such a sound and Spirit filled message unlike rarely today. it would seem that those who preach this sort of message are all alone but often times by the power of God many souls are won and there is great fruit. it is not always that a true preacher is fruitless without any hearers. i think there are many questionable things though presently with and would hope for a better state. this was a great and cutting message though. LET US GIVE OUR LIVES TO THE PROPOGATION OF THE GOSPEL WITH URGENCY POWER AND FRUITFULNESS. and not be bogged down by luxuries weakness compromise failure non essential doctrine arguing and hear the words lo I am with you always even unto the end of the age.

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