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Joined: 2008/10/17
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Notts. England.

 Re: Just hoping for some advice

Dear MaryJane.
I found it so sad that a lady feels there is no point in teaching her children about Jesus for time is so short - that is too much! Surely she ought be bringing them up in a knowledge and relationship with the Lord.

The one thing you notice about Jesus return is that everyone is going about their daily business.
I heard one preacher say "don't be so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly use" We still have life to live!

You are right there should be balance in our thinking of the end times and there is a tendency with some Christians for obsession in this subject which then distracts from everything else God has to offer and then from the gospel itself.

The Lord really spoke to me through Zeph 3 and I saw a picture of two gatherings, one gathered for destruction and one gathered for protection, the Lord says cheer up! do not be afraid for I am among you, with his love he will calm all your fears (v16-17)
I feel that many Christians rather than being so wrapped up and anxious about the end times, ought to study God's love and concentrate on living life in a personal relationship with Him - then will come assurance of his love and care as a father. He knows those who are his and is perfectly capable of protecting and guiding His children.
We have to come to the Lord with faith as a little child - you don't see children getting bound up and anxious with 'what if's' No, there is complete trust and assurance in the care of their prarents.
My mother used to sing "for I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand"

I feel you need to steer away from the subject now as it's becoming a problem and develop that child-like faith in your heavenly father, who reassures with sayings such as 'when you see these things happening, do not be afraid -just look up!

I feel you do need to say something to your group, such as what I've said above - it is overbalanced.
You do not preach end times as a gospel - you cannot scare people into the kingdom! you have to preach the pure gospel, it is only through him, his death and resurection and repentance from sin are we saved.
It is not 'just you' thinking this, but God is giving you a discernment and an awareness of what is happening and things are not right here. You do need to warn them and talk to the lady who sees no point in teaching her kids, this is so wrong and a warning sign for you!
How they deal with your warnings and then treat you will show the fruit they have in their hearts, and it's by our fruit we are known.

What you have to be prepared for though is that it may even be God showing you that you need to come out, you are not a part of them. just had to say that!

Ceri Elaine

 2010/1/12 9:23Profile

 Re: Just hoping for some advice

Does this seem like a wise way to go about daily living?

no, because its rooted in fear and not Faith, as the Lord leads me to write to you.

Jesus said, innocent as doves, shrewd as snakes, so you take what measures need to be took, IN WISDOM and Faith, to prepare for any contigency you can, and then rest in Christ. The minute we take our eyes off Jesus, we sink below the waves like Peter.

in my humble opinion, a lot of 'preppers' are wound and bound up in fear (and loathing) and thats not where i want to be, i want to draw a circle around myself, and say, Lord please let revival start here.

God bless YOU MJ! neil

 2010/1/12 12:34

 Mother Ginny

that was a wonderful blessed His Strength, you're a strong woman. God forbid, if i receieved such news about my only boy.......i dont know......the lad confessed Jesus as Messiah, the day i was to be water baptized, and we went into the water together......i cant even entertain such thoughts, and the fact you perservered, is testimony to your Faith. God bless you, and God heal that girl, in Jesus' Name, xo, neil

 2010/1/12 12:40

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