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 Re: Jisef

Brother I an bit sure I get the thrust of your statement. Most of the ababaptist were solid in the person and work of Jesus. They were simply more radical in living it out.


 2012/6/4 17:58

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I think the main reformers such as luther and Zwingli stopped at corret doctrine and the anabaptist where not content with just "head doctrine" and a few changes in the way people "did" church at the time, the anabaptist had a desire to go all the way back to living authentic Christianity as the first christians did as the others (luther etc) had a desire to adapt (reform) christinity into the society keeping childbaptism etc to not "rock the boat" to much. The anabaptists had more of a attitude to follow Christ no matter the cost and they proved it with their lives.

The anabaptist where not perfect nor the reformers, but they set a great example of what a life surrendered to God through faith and obedience can do "they turned the world upside down"


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 Re: (Early Anabaptism) Reviving the Righteous Root of Anabaptism by Denny Kenaston

I found a comment on the second to last one, (Early Anabaptism) Reviving the Righteous Root of Anabaptism by Denny Kenaston, very prophetic. A sister at 1:11 says that she is afraid of the long term fruit even for the Charity Fellowship with the effective lifespan of the Anabaptists of only 30 years (1525-1555). She wondered what would happen to them in 2012. We know what has happened, we have heard the testimony of Brother Denny in the recent repentance. I found it very interesting that the comment almost directly after this sister was by a brother serving as a pastor. He makes the comment that the movement will remain if they train their children and have radiant wives. I fear that there has been a substitution of the family for the Body that always looks to the Head that is Jesus Christ. Denny makes the same comment but the proof is in the fruit. It is interesting to hear the later comment by what was then one of the young men. He pledges to press on in the model shown. The anointing was not on him though. I have had the honor of meeting some people like those from Charity and they are very pleasant, kind and generous. However, there are very real reasons God spoke in 1 Corinthians 7 about the cost of being a disciple and being married. It is very easy to go from serving God wholeheartedly to being consumed with the complexities of family life. So the question of whether we really believe the Word comes to the fore.

Link to Brother Denny Kenaston's "Jealous for the Testimony"

Jealous for the Testimony of the Lord by Denny Kenaston

Topic: Testimony
Description: Brother Denny Kenaston has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the brain. He came back on April 22, 2012 to a church he planted to share the burden of the Lord with them. He confessed many of his failures and sins over the years and humbled himself before the body of Christ.

EDIT: Added link.

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It would be good to go back and look at the movements of God and see how long they did last. Is thirty years the optimom? I heard that Acts covered the first 30 years of the Spirit's movement. Is this the norm?

Though the New Testament exhorts unto godly families when one turns inward to godly children and radiant wives the family becomes an idol. Besides I see this only in the west. In persecuted lands such as China or Iran the emphasis of the persecuted church is on discipleship, growth in Jesus Christ. If memory serves the accounts of the anwbaptist stressed this.

Just my thoughts.


 2012/6/5 7:47


Brother Jeremy221, I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're saying in your post. Did you write it, is one question but I'm in the dark as far as what the message is within it.

To see this message posted again has troubled me, because I still have no idea what he was repenting 'for'.

I only know from being a medical person that a brain tumor - even a small one - depending upon what part of the brain that it's located, can play havoc with emotions - which in turn can exaggerate any accusations that a person comes under from 'any' source and if the person is spiritually sensitive, fearing GOD Himself - then that makes it doubly difficult to express or endure without some type of 'expression'.

Maybe you could clear my clouds, so to speak, and explain what is being said in your post.

I've only heard this one message by Brother Kenaston, so obviously - I don't know him very well - but listening to it - my thinking was on the 'affects' of stage 4 cancer - which is worse than a TBI [traumatic brain injury].

Thank you.

 2012/6/5 11:11


In a message given years ago Richard Wormbrandt lananted and said "I did not live then enough. I did not live them enough". When asked who he was talking about. He said the Romanian communist who had imprisoned him.

Could it be Br. Denny is speaking in a similar context.


 2012/6/5 13:36


I understand what you're saying, Brother.

Just to clarify, he said, "I did not Love them enough."

Amen. We need to check our hearts on this regarding the unsaved and any future enemies. Wurmbrand was a trail-blazer for our example - as he said that his books were written for the church in America for when her time comes.

Thank you and Bless you as well.

 2012/6/5 13:43

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 Re: The Source

Hi Jesus-Is-GOD,

Brother Denny repented for many things in the tape I linked in my last post. Listen to the Godly Home series and you will be able to understand some of the context of comments. In the Godly Home series, Brother Denny goes through the Word and shows what a home of this type should look like and describes the principles by which it operates. The Lord has blessed many people through the ministry of those tapes. They instruct families to turn from the world, practice good biblical discipline, modesty, for husbands to love their wives, wives to submit and so on. Good things. The end result is that the family is elevated very high. Charity Ministries also reach out to the Plain People, Mennonites, Amish, do missions trips in New York and around the world. Brother Denny and the others at the fellowship are strong on holiness and prayer. There is good reason the Lord lead Greg to feature Brother Denny's teaching here because it mirrors the heart of SI. The tapes about family made Brother Denny famous to some extent and gave him opportunity to minister throughout the States and, I think, help found other assemblies similar to Charity. Brother Denny's testimony helps explain the path that brought him to this, in which we see a man arrested by God, supernaturally saved and taught of the Spirit. The message I referred to in my previous post from this series, is the heart of Brother Denny's desire for those involved with Charity, including himself, to have a life that radiates Christ and receives the hatred of the World as its testimony. If you listen through the messages by Brother Denny here on SI, you will hear again and again his love for Christ and his desire to see these people grow into the knowledge of the fullness of Him. At one point, he laments about the nature of Charity's tape ministry. The Godly Home and the tapes regarding raising a family consistently rank at the top but the really God focused, Christ focused tapes get very few requests. In order to meet demand, the less popular tapes are thinned from the catalog.

I have attached the link from the original post to the sermon with the comments. They start at about one hour and eleven minutes into the recording.

(Early Anabaptism) Reviving the Righteous Root of Anabaptism by Denny Kenaston

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Hi Brother. Thank you for this reply.

That is the point of what I was asking. Though I hadn't listened to Brother Denny, maybe because of my age and family is not an issue - I've always heard nothing but good about this dear man, so I was confused by his last message.
As one sister on that recording - during the reply/testimony part of the Service, also said something to the affect that she didn't know nor could think of anything that he needed to repent of.

I know young couples with children that have greatly benefited from his Godly Home series. I knew about him and what I knew was all good. That's why I could only feel that his emotions during his asking for forgiveness was linked to his physical condition.

Thank you for all that you've replied with!
His tangible Hand on you as well.

 2012/6/5 15:03

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 Re: Tapes

It is important to note the reason why Brother Denny was repenting. He repented because something had taken the place of Christ in his life. He had valued his family higher than it ought to have been and it became an area of pride. He treated the church he helped found as his own rather than Christ's and in his desire for recognition competed in his heart against brothers in other like minded assemblies for the largest numbers which is to say he did that for his own glory rather than the LORD's. In his service to this group through out the country he did not always do it as unto to the Lord so a way was opened for loathing and bitterness to root. We can see that the reason Brother Denny was repenting was because he saw that he had not done everything for the glory of God. Is what he did of no use to the Lord? No, because even Paul praises the Lord for those who preached Christ for impure motives. From what I can tell, Brother Denny has taught more for the glory of God but he is aware that as one saved by the grace of God that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Even though the people he has been in fellowship with did not recognize what was happening does not mean it was not present. The reason I pointed out the brother's comments from the Anabaptists' tapes was because he articulated what I meant. He stated that if he kept to the Godly Home teachings, it would all be alright. The problem with that is that to focus on one's own family in realizing a system is to not focus on Christ. It is for this same reason referred to the statement by Denny about the tape ministry. An easy way understand this is to see it as a present analogy of what happened with Christ at the feeding of the five thousand in John 5. The people wanted to make Christ Jesus their king because He met their physical need. But Christ told them no, He would not because rather than lead them, they must follow Him. One is the democratic mindset that is focused on one's self whereas following Christ is focused on Him for Himself. There is also the issue that Christ chooses those who are His. We do not make Him king, He is the king whether we agree or not. The people tried to make Brother Denny a type of king.

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