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 Re: Questions about Charles Finney.

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that on a website where we 'adore' men like Ravenhill, Wilkerson, Keith Green etc. we attack one of the men that they all draw upon for their own teachings.

Leonard Ravenhill was the one who recommended the book of Finney's sermons, 'Promise of the Spirit' to Keith Green, who used it in his own ministry and newsletters.

Much of the teaching on this forum on sanctification has a tinge of Finney, even the 'respectable' teachers. Can't we just admit that Christians come in all shapes and sizes, with teachings that sometimes don't fit together like puzzle pieces but have blessed many people on both sides of the Calvin/Arminian debate?

Ian Smith

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This is a blessing to read when it comes to Charles Finney and Rick Warren:

[b]The Gospel: A Method or a Message? How the Purpose Driven Life Obscures the Gospel[/b]

God bless you all here who Love the Appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


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 Re: It is time, I Believe therefore i speak

For the most part, I am opposed to the teachings of Calvinism. Yet I understand many of the arguments put forth by our brethren who embrace such teachings. I do believe that we are saved by the grace of God -- and that none of our works could make us justified, righteous or entirely perfect in the sight of God. Yet I also realize that it is ridiculous to claim that God will accept a person who has walked away from him simply because they once believed. In my opinion, there is no such thing as "eternal security" in the sense that a believer can live in a constant, unrepentant state of sin.

After reading the oft-quoted chapter, I think that this is what Finney was trying to say. He certainly realizes that it is our faith in God that justifies. In fact, he went on to say in that chapter that it is only our "faith in God that justifies." However, he seemed to shy away from making that claim as a basis for "giving up" in regards to holy living. I don't believe for once that Finney thought that we could earn our way to Heaven -- or that we are justified on the basis of works or our efforts to be holy. Rather, it seems like Finney is trying to distinguish between those who claim to have faith (but are filled with dead works and unholy living) and those who have a lasting faith that causes them to have concern for the conditions of their souls and hunger deeply for God.

Hi BenK...

Those are two seperate statements. I am opposed to the teachings of Calvinism AND in my opinion, there is no such thing as "eternal security" in the sense that a believer can live in a constant, unrepentant state of sin.

Sorry for the confusion.


I dont' understand this "Statement", there is no such thing as "eternal security". When looking at the Cross and identifing who hung on that cross and the purpose o f the crucifixtion. If this is not "Eternal Secruity", once you believed -- then i don't know what is. This is something that i would never dare to question.

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