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Brother, I remember not long after being born-again that the Lord put His finger on my CD collection. I had - by the world's standards - a very nice and expensive collection of great CD's. The complete Beatles, Dylan, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Traffic, Zepplin, Grateful Dead, and not to mention the best jazz, the very best blues, folk. I had some real good stuff, hard to find, and I knew there wasn't any question what needed to be done. When I took the CD's (thousands of dollars and many years worth of CD's) to the second-hand store, the beatnik-looking guy behind the counter glared at me like I had ten heads.

"', [i]giving[/i] us all this stuff?"

At that moment I got my first real taste of what it felt like to be a fool for the sake of the gospel. I didn't sense the urge to burn them, as many would have proposed. I just knew they had to go. After the music, the Lord fingered all my books and movies. I won't even go into that.

After music, books, and movies...the Lord took away my favorite pasttime - tournament chess. After my chess games came under the blade, the next to fall was my fifteen-year love affair with classical guitar and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Brethren, our God is so jealous. He took the crows from Elijah; He took the gourd from Jonah, and He'll take away anything and everything that would elbow its way into your heart to dethrone the supremacy of Christ's joy. That is, He will lay the axe to the root if you have asked Him to. If you ask God to deal drastically with you each time a new idol rears its head in your life, He will.

This is one prayer God always answers an unconditional "yes" to, and He does it swiftly and lethally.

Paul Frederick West

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And the reward for all of this "sacrifice" is more of Himself. It is only a sacrifice up to the point that we let it go because the moment we let go of our false treasure, there is room for the True Treasure. And He - [u]HE[/u] is truly a treasure beyond all measure. Before God becomes a strong presence in our life, everything is empty and void - but we can't see it because we are in the darkness. The absolute beauty and fulfillment of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is beyond description.

He is truly the only thing that I have experienced that actually gets better with time - [u]everything[/u] else fades in comparison.

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 Re: a double minded man?

[u]Watered said[/u]: [i]No sir, not at all. I'm very sorry if it appears that way. Its just that this my most favorite game and it is pretty much the only game that i play, it is hard for me to give it up. I just dont know whtat to do, part of me says that it is ok to play and this is not rebelion becuase it is just a game and teh other part says that maybe you guys are right and i should jsut give away my account and just forget about this game. Thats why i am confused.[/i]

From past posts, it appears that you believe essential truth about God, man, and Jesus. I am thinking you are being drawn by God to grow. Ouch. Pretty soon double-mindedness is not going to work for you. What does double-minded mean? Why does the Word of God say a double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways? Hint: because he is.

[u]Want to see what I mean[/u]? Pick any sin (what God calls sin), that you are “1000% certain” is a sin (you think God’s thoughts after Him). Like from dating, cheating on tests, something real. Now fill in the blanks in the paragraph below. You will soon see that double-mindedness is a mental condition, like IQ and affects ALL ways.

[i]Its just that this my most favorite[u].... insert any sin .... [/u] and it is pretty much the only [u].... insert any excuse ....[/u], it is hard for me to give it up. I just dont know whtat to do, part of me says that it is ok to [u].... continue to sin ....[/u] and this is not rebellion [u].... which is like witchcraft ....[/u] becuase it is just a [u].... insert a view that contradicts God’s Word on the subject.... [/u] and teh other part says that maybe [u].... oops the maybe secret is out.... [/u] you guys are right [u].... Us????? ....[/u] and i should jsut [u].... it is never an easy just do something ....[/u] and just forget about this [u].... insert the sin ....[/u]. Thats why i am [u].... insert any thing except deluded, in bondage, blind, going to keep on doing things my way ....[/u].[/i]

At the moment you wrote your post there was the hard fact of “[i]this is my most favorite[/i]” I don’t hear any “maybe/uncertainty” there. It sounds like hard fact against “[i]the other part that says maybe you guys[/i]” Are you saying “maybe” because you are only hearing “you guys?” Where did God go? Of course other moments, it’s the opposite. That’s what “a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed” means. James 1: 5-8, James 4:8

How many times do you have to “just” something and then fail, before you get it that it is NOT a “just” sort of thing you are grappling with at this point? It kinda looks like a foundation for a stronghold of rebellion. Maybe not.

Want another example? Look at what you said: [i]oh man, i'm living in rebellion? I dont want to live in rebellion. What do i do?[/i] Is “[i]i'm living in rebellion?[/i]” a statement of truth or a question?

Maybe soon you will be able to say with Paul: “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” Would you be angry if my prayer were that God give you faith and [b]no rest until you settle this issue between you and God[/b]?

Why are all these people posting so much? Divine Love and having “come to the end of running our own show.” “I don’t want to be in rebellion I just want to do things my way not Yours. So God, You change Your Word on what rebellion is.” The next step of a double minded man is unbelief/false doctrine: “or I’ll change it for you.” The Big picture: It’s not a single game. Settle the Big picture. Release is wonderful. Rest is easy.

I am for God in you.

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Sorry if I'm just a bit suspicious about this thread, sounds like you may be paying lip service towards us, those who do care about reaching people in willful sin.

For what it's worth, God has recently brought me to a place where I had to draw a line in the sand, to obey or not. Because of that and by His grace, I've repented of my self-sufficency and He has undeservedly opened my mouth and my heart to witness to the lost and pass out the Gospel without shame or embarrasment.

Water, nothing will grow your faith or dependence on Jesus Christ more than bearing public witness of Him to those that hate Him. Pray. Read the Word. Share our faith.

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 young brother

I'm choosing my words carefully, as I have a son, and I havent read any of the posts written back to you, so let me ask you a question:

what does your heart tell you?

on one hand, we can term it "harmless fun", or "Dad, don;t be so uptight".

on the other hand, believe this, sometimes in this world, there are things, maybe games, that have spirits attached to them, and young brother sometimes these spirits are unwholesome, and when a game begins to "suck you in", meaning you get obsessive about playing it, there are forces at work way beyond anything that honors God.

I dont mean to sound pharasaical, but if a game has features such as "casting spells", I ask you, is this of God?...and if it isnt of God, what is it?

So much of the 21st century world, and the cyber world is designed to lure a young person into darkness, whether it be "harmless" games, or social networking sites (which are platforms for adult predators to run rampant) or even the temptation of easy access internet porn. If it is not OF Christ, it is anti-christ, and without instilling needless fear, satan is a cunning foe, he knows exactly how to seduce young people into following his death trip.

But you needn;t fear him, he is already defeated, but in the time we have left, you better believe he is going to do everything he can to subvert you from the Love of Jesus. That's a given.

short story from my youth, I had friends who were heavily into Dungeons and Dragons.(a pre-internet WOW game) I wasnt, it bored me. I left their company for a while, and when I came back, 4 months later, guess what? My two friends who had sunk so deeply into this game had begun to worship at a "temple of satan"...serious, they were hanging with satanic worshippers. I witnessed one of my friends actaully become "possessed", with a full-fledged manifestation of demonic possession, very frightening for me to see, as I did not know Jesus. true story. The friend that got possessed was never the same again, straight A student, and last I heard he was a card dealer in Las Vegas, in fear of his life, because he turned into a degenerate gambler who owed lots of money to other gamblers. sad, true story.

he had "opened" the door, and stepped in.

suggestion? just try this; get on your knees and ask Jesus what He would have you do with this game.

I know its hard, this world is a very very gnarly place that "looks" good on the outside, but if you peel back the layers, you'll see how rotten the core is.

from a Dad, natan

 2008/8/2 8:11

  young brother 2

as I was reading the morning papers, I stumbled upon this article. I think it might underline my point, about what the "world" lifts up and thinks is cool:

August 2, 2008
Book Stokes Vampire Fever at Stores’ Parties
When the Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe, Ariz., hosted a book signing in 2005 to promote a new local author, Stephenie Meyer, the response for a first-time novelist was typically lukewarm.

“Maybe 50 people showed up,” recalled Cindy Dach, the store’s general manager. “And I’m pretty sure most of them were her friends and family.”

Three years later, “Breaking Dawn,” Ms. Meyer’s fourth and final book in her Twilight vampire-romance series (which began with the best-selling novel “Twilight”) was unveiled on Friday night with thousands of parties across the country to mark its officially going on sale at 12:01 a.m.

It was released amid confident predictions from bookstores that it would be the industry’s blockbuster of 2008.

Sydney Noel, 13, who had won a nationwide sweepstakes to fly to New York, have a private half-hour meeting with Ms. Meyer and then be handed the first copy to go on sale at midnight, could not believe her luck. “It means a lot to a Twilight fan,” said Sydney, a Seattle eighth grader. “I never thought anybody ever won these things. To get the first book — it’s amazing.”

“This is certainly going to be the biggest book of the year, without a doubt,” said Diane Mangan, the director of the children’s department for Borders Group.

Barnes & Noble planned to hold vampire-theme parties in more than 600 of its stores on Friday night, and invited readers to arrive in costume, socialize and play Twilight trivia. Borders Group was expecting more than 100,000 fans at 900 Twilight-theme parties at its Waldenbooks and Borders stores.

Katie Herzer, 14, showed up at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur, Ga., an Atlanta suburb, a couple of hours before the books were to go on sale. “We got really sad when Harry Potter was over,” she said. “It’s great to find a new series we can read and maybe grow old with.”

Wordsmiths had been decked out to resemble a vampire prom, with red-and-black balloons and a photo area decorated with bleak black crepe. Some 175 people had R.S.V.P.’d to attend the store’s party and were told to dress in red and black. Many wore buttons reading “I Was Bitten by Breaking Dawn.” A goth band was to play vampire tunes.

In New York, several hundred people, most of them teenage girls, were spread around two floors of the Borders book store near Madison Square Garden. Three makeup artists were decorating faces — white makeup with red lipstick, fake tattoos and gruesome red scratch marks (“Everyone deserves to look like a vampire,” said Grace Quinones, 29, one of the volunteer artists) — while a fortune teller sat at a table in the window. There was a fashion show and a trivia contest. Upstairs, a heated debate was under way about which boy the series’ heroine should end up with, Edward the vampire or Jacob the werewolf.

“There’s a lot of conflict between the characters,” said Dan Dupuis, 27, of Fall River, Mass., his face white, his lips red. “It really draws you in.” He paused before adding, “I’m an Edward fan.”

His wife, Jessica Dupuis, 25, also in full vampire makeup, piped up happily, “I’m a Jacob fan.”

Mr. Dupuis noted: “That starts some fights at home.”

Both chain stores and independent booksellers said they were hoping to tap into the intense devotion, unseen since last July, when the final installment in the Harry Potter series sent readers to midnight parties in droves.

In interviews Ms. Meyer, 34, has resisted comparisons to J. K. Rowling, whose Harry Potter series has 140 million copies in print in the United States, according to its publisher.

“It’s a completely different story line and a completely different fan base,” said Kim Brown, the vice president for specialty books at Barnes & Noble. “But what it does have in common is that it’s all based on word of mouth.”

While the Harry Potter series was geared more toward middle-school children, Twilight is aimed at high school girls.

The Twilight series tells the story of Bella, an innocently angst-ridden teenage girl who must choose between her two suitors.

Beyond their fan base of teenage girls, and a handful of boys, the books have also been embraced by conservative-minded women in their 20s and 30s who praise the squeaky-clean morals of the books’ teenage heroine. (She and Edward kiss now and then, but that’s about it, and the vampires drink animal blood rather than human blood.)

“It’s sensual without being erotic or explicit,” said Ms. Mangan of Borders. “Moms and daughters can read it and have conversations about abstinence.”

Ms. Meyer is a graduate of Brigham Young University who lives outside Phoenix with her husband and three young sons. She chafes at constant mentions of her Mormon religion in the press. (“You didn’t hear people saying, ‘Jon Stewart, Jewish writer,’ when his book came out,” she told USA Today.)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Ms. Meyer’s publisher and a division of Hachette Book Group, has printed 3.2 million copies, the largest first printing in the publisher’s history. The first novel, “Twilight,” has spent 49 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list and will be released as a film in December.

Yet despite Ms. Meyer’s enormous following and her perch on the best-seller lists, she is far from a household name.

That includes close to home, said Ms. Dach of the Changing Hands bookstore, which planned its own midnight party, complete with two rock bands and a Red Cross bloodmobile.

“Even in Arizona,” Ms. Dach said, “there are people who are like, ‘Who? What?’ ”

At Wordsmiths, Hannah Thrasher, 14, clutched the precious copy she’d bought just after midnight after driving 90 minutes with her mother from their home in Gilmer County, Ga. “I was planning on reading it all through the night,” she said. “But my mom says I have to go to sleep.”

 2008/8/2 8:51

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 Re: young brother 2

I'm done, not only have i deleted my character,uninstalled the game and canceled my subscription i am also giving my account away to my friend, he will change the account information and the password and the account will now belong to him. So once i give him the account it will be as though i do not own the game. I now have peace, and i am actually quite happy. I know would like to seek my God, ask him for forgiveness for my rebellion and repent of this sin. Thank you very much everyone for how you helped me through this, I greatly appreciate it.

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 Re: Now walk

:-D Can you sense [u]God's[/u] pleasure? Take that next step, and the next one. Quick. Door closed and locked, the end.

Do not look back (as Lots wife did).

And stick around here as you can. Many strong men of God with pia maters and dura maters to spare. :-) Tell us how/what you are doing with all the time you will now have. :-)

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ill give you a advice, now when you will have some extra time over :-)

Take your bible, a paper a pen and go through some preachers teachings, I encourage you to go through Zac Poonens "through the bible" and his superb series called "from Babylon to Jerusalem".

Also I recommend go through some of the older preachers, take some of Tozers series from the books on the bible, take the titus series, very good for young men, i found it so for myself.

Just an advice, ill pray for you



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 Re: innocent amusements

While it would appear that this particular situation is more or less diffused, praise God; please, allow me some suggested reading for all Christians desiring holiness in every aspect of their time spent in this world.

[size=x-small]Power From On High - Innocent Amusements
by Charles G. Finney

Come on this is Charles Finney! Mind you, this is merely a single chapter of this precious book, Power From On High.

If you would like to read this collection of sermons by Charles Finney, take the following link:


SI also hosts this particular collection of sermons, however, the chapters are all out of order ... :-(


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