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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : The Bible Prohibited in Colorado

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I believe that as well. Colorado had already just passed a bill that would allow homosexuals, crossdressers as well as any man that thinks he's a woman at the moment to go into women's bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc...

I can't put my finger on it or put it into words well enough, but so many things are revealing to me that the escalation of things is increasing.

Brothers and sisters the day is dawning already. This deep darkness, this tragic night...will swell into a seeming utopia for them and then the morning will come and the lost will be seperated forever without hope like a grand ship lost in the fog of an endless sea. The tragedy is so large and these days so grave...Lord do what You must to reveal You in this clay tent.

Randy Lambert

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Indiana USA


I believe the saddest part is that many “Christians” will be okay with getting rid of a few of the Old Testament verses, especially those that are seemingly anti-“God is love”. It starts with one verse. Therein lies the tragedy. A vessel need not be dashed upon the rocks to become compromised…a crack will serve this purpose just as well.

Thanks for the balm MC. I needed it.


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 Re: The Bible Prohibited in Colorado

I really don't see in the relevant near future Christians going to jail for passing out bibles in public. Now, if Christians are seeking out arguments and using scripture to look for "persecution" I think that happens everyday.

Secondly, I think that a bill like this is the just the fruit of our world. I don't think many of us would truly be happy if we had a biblical leaders directing our country. If we truly had biblical leaders they would call our entire country to fast, they would tear down Hollywood, ban the majority of our cable channels, outlaw dating, close down the majority of our entertainment venues, close down billion dollar businesses, take over public schools.

Many of us cry foul when a bill like this is passed, yet we are off to tune in to worldy entertainment, partake in blasphemous worldly music and willingly bow our knee to the god of entertainment, lust, selfishness, pride, self-righteousness and our other high places daily.

Again, a bill like this is just the fruit of the corrupt culture that we have tolerated and allowed in our hearts for years. How many of you still go to the movies and watch Indiania Jones, or Iron Man or let your kids watch Hannah Montana, or how many of you listen to secular music, or have the occasional cigar to wind down?

May God reveal to us our own high places and bring us to a place of revival in our own homes, bringing holiness, purity and integrity before we try and fight the world for Christ.

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May God reveal to us our own high places and bring us to a place of revival in our own homes, bringing holiness, purity and integrity before we try and fight the world for Christ.

For me this is simply lamentable stuff...but don't imagine anyone here is going to storm the Bastille for Christ.

Now I don't think it worldly or sinful as Christians to value our republican liberties as some seem to. However, what I took away from your post, and am in complete agreement with, is that we cannot let our earthly liberties become exalted in our hearts, while the true spiritual liberties we have in Christ seem to mean nothing to us. It is perhaps a precious but relatively small freedom we have to be able to express sadness or outrage over the sinful appetites in our society, but the greater freedom is to be spiritually and inwardly free of those sinful appetites. If I understand you brother, you are insisting we get concerned over the Church's disregard of her freedom from sin in Christ, before we lose sleep over any loss of religous liberty in America.

Also, I think you touched on another point... that these small events should do more then cause us to look for earthly satisfaction. They should remind us that we are looking for a city we will never find in this world.

"Watchman, what is left of the night? Watchman, what is left of the night?" The watchman replies, "Morning is coming, but also the night. Is. 21



Mike Compton

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