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 Re: George Washington's Vision

Not being American I thought maybe I was biased in my initial reaction to that vision!

Its good to exercise our discernment now and again. I really wondered, before reading further in the thread, why Greg posted such a thing - didn't witness with it at all.

Even though there were parts of it that might represent something factually true, it still "felt" all wrong - like something out of Nostradamus rather than a genuine vision from God.

in Him


 2007/7/21 16:56

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A waste of space...

 2007/7/22 0:17Profile

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 Re: George Washington's Vision

I think this is pretty "interesting". Thanks Grannie Annie for your informative response, and I am surprised you already knew about this and have studied it. Though I wouldn't say it is impossible for this to be true. Look at Nebuchadnezzar or other Governmental leaders who had visions and such. Yet, without further stronger proof we should not go about with fables.

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