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 what about driving in a car with a guy?

what do you think about driving in a car with a guy alone?

Short and long trips?

what do you think about people who talk in a car alone?

What do you think about praying with a guy?

what do you think that there are times the Holy Spirit wants us to pray?

do you think the guy should lead, and leave?

Thanks in His love


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 Re: what about driving in a car with a guy?

There's nothing at all wrong with being around another person of the opposite sex (even.. alone!) unless your conscience forbids you to engage in such a situation (i.e. if it's a guy that you believe is either "bad" in one way or another or is going to take your mind off God etc. or you don't think you're mature enough in one way or another for that situation.)

Just be careful and keep your focus on Jesus-- always, in all things-- and you'll be OK : )


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 Re: what about driving in a car with a guy?

I'm just happy to see people still have "blushes and crushes".

If he's a God-fearing sort, maybe you ought to let him court you.

hehe >;')

 2007/5/2 7:01

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 Re: what about driving in a car with a guy?

The fact that you have asked this question shows that there are doubts concerning this situation.

We know scripture tells us to abstain from every appearance of evil, 1 Thess 5v22.

Scripture also tells us if in doubt don't, that's a paraphrase of Rom 14v23.

Also, if the journey is unavoidable, the passenger can sit in the back seat, not next to the driver, just like in a taxi.

As for praying with a guy, why? Is it needed?
Is it in the car or in a church building or where?

Wisdom is justified by her children, Matt 11v19.

And wisdom should tell us to just use what wisdom we have in any given situation.

I don't tell people what to do. They do as they please.

But it help if we just look into God's word to see if what we are doing is questionable, what it looks like to God, and what it looks like to others.

We should not give the enemy opportunity to reproach God's name. And he will, if given the chance.

God bless.

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 Re: what about driving in a car with a guy?

i think you should never be alone with anyone of the opposite sex if it is not your brother/sister or mother/father, wife/husband, if you are you get into a dangerous situation where "youthful" lusts can come, i have no other reference then myself, and i know I'm week, but the bible says stand fast against the devil and run from lusts....that to me is a great warning. Maybe some are stronger then others. But for me it is never be alone with the opposite sex, unless its family.


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 Re: what about driving in a car with a guy?

Whether you are in a car or any place alone with a fellow will not make as much a difference as your body language while with him. If you dress immodestly and behave like a heifer in heat*, you are inviting sexual advances from the guy, and I would guess this could be your fault. BUT if you conduct yourself in a manner that radiates purity, holiness, these questions [I think] would be of no issue....except for long trips...what do you call long? And why not ask others to go with you? That would dispel all questions/doubts! And remove the appearances of evil...

My suggestions and how a 60 YO views human nature....


*if you wonder what this means, ask a cattleman. One sees this behavior all the time out in the public. And this is what I think all the time: that girl acts like a heifer in heat..

Sandra Miller

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Even if there isnt a chance that anything sexual might happen... there is always the impropriety factor.

For instance, we're good friends with our neighbors. Our kids are constantly playing together on a daily basis, we're always getting together for meals, etc. But not one time have I ever been alone with my neighbor's wife, and vice versa. If I'm dropping something off at their house, and her husband or oldest son (who is college age) isnt there, I dont go into the house.

It's just a matter of being 100%. Billy Graham went so far as to have people from his staff go into his room when he checked into a hotel, and check it before he even entered it.

It's not a fear thing, it's a desire to be pure.

There probably isnt anything wrong with riding to church alone with a guy, but if you want to take that extra step toward purity, dont do it.

As far as praying alone with a guy... I would be real careful of that. Prayer is a very intimate thing, and draws people closer together. In a fellowship with other people, it's a wonderful God thing that happens. When it's a single guy and girl... not sure it's a good idea, unless there are people in the next room... and doors are open.

As for the Holy Spirit "leading"... one thing the Holy Spirit will not do is lead you into temptation. The Holy Spirit gets blamed for a lot of stuff, which is nothing more that us following our flesh and believing it was the Holy Spirit... when it wasn't.

The Holy Spirit is also used as an "ace in the hole" as well. When people question our actions we say "The Holy Spirit led me to do this..." which is nothing more than us trying to shut up our critics.

He ought not to be treated like that.


 2007/5/2 9:44

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If your really interested in Courtships and such, check out Denny Kenaston. He is on this site.

[url=]Audio Sermons on Courtship[/url]

[url=]Transcript of audios if you want to read[/url]

Josh Parsley

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I do not think men and women of God should meet members of the opposite sex alone [i]for any reason[/i]. Those who do so are not wise, they are immature in the faith and completely unsuspecting of the devil's vast arsenal. If a woman wants to speak with me and get advice concerning her marital issues, I'll ask her to call her husband also. If she is single, I won't discuss things with her unless my wife is in the room (ideally) or another Christian is nearby. I would [i]never[/i] agree to meet someone alone of the opposite sex, in a car, restaurant, office, or otherwise. The negative factors invloved are extensive, and we open all kinds of doors for enemy tactics. Temptation is only but a single threat. Lies, rumors, accusations can run amuck. Satan is also a master seed-planter, and can sow all kinds of filthy things, if not in your head, in the heads of others who can exponentially damage your reputation by slander and storytelling. The trick to survival is to give no place for the enemy to set up camp. If you are in the habit meeting alone with someone of the opposite sex you are transversing a land mine. Why even put yourself in such a predicament for the enemies of God to blaspheme on your account?

Avoid all occasions to ruin your testimony. Pursue perfection. The "old paths" upheld these standards; the new paths have inconspicuously converged with the world's lacksidaisical customs and Christians now venture into pastures not ordained by God, to their hurt.

Paul Frederick West

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I would like to add that my wife and I often drove together to visit her parents during our courtship. It was a two hour drive to her home, and we drove together in my vehicle. I never felt the least bit of conviction for driving with her. If I stayed overnight, I typically stayed with her parents in their home (I stayed in her brother's room on the floor), while my then girlfriend stayed downstairs or in the home of a sibling.

We often went out to eat together. We would drive alone to the restaurant and eat there. Sometimes, we would have a picnic in the park.

I think that it is a good warning to avoid the very appearance of evil. However, the definition of what appears "evil" will vary from believer to believer. The Word does not give an exact definition of everything that constitutes such an appearance. However, there are some pretty good definitions for the term "evil." It is my opinion that it is not at all "evil" to drive alone to a restaurant with my fiance. Nor is it "evil" to drive to the park for a picnic. The only "evil" is the sin in which we did NOT partake.

We must be very careful not to mistake "suspicion" or "opinion" for Biblical "conviction." The only individual that ever spoke to me about driving alone with my girlfriend was a very "spiritual" friend who felt the liberty to share his feelings with everyone else BEFORE he confronted me. He felt that my freedom for driving alone with my then girlfriend was an indication of sinful, ulterior motives. When I found out from others about my friend's publicized concerns, I confronted him. I reminded him of Titus 1:15 ("[i]Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled[/i]."), and how it is better to believe what is certain than suspect the worst (I Corinthians 13:4-7).

I have been to several "God-seeking" local congregations where I had heard such whispered suspicions before I had even met the target of the whispers. I wonder if Mary and Joseph ever encountered such whispers?



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