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i dont know but this says much....

You know you're attending a bad church if....1909 views

What True Prayer is....63 views

Mercy and Truth....30 views


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KrispyKrittr wrote:
I would like to echo what Compton said... on the surface someone could perceive this thread as "holier than thou", but I would ask that people read the posts carefully. I don't think people are saying "I'm so glad I'm not like those people!". I think people are saying we are all in desperate need for revival.

Revival isn't coming, Krispy. We need to wake up to that fact and be men of God, speaking the truth in righteousness. If we have His life, it must come forth from us. Thats the only "revival" we need to understand ...and be about making it happen.

One more thing: Expect persecution, but for only for acceptable reasons that bring glory to God.

Peace, Orm

 2007/2/6 6:00

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tjservant wrote:
A church in my home town has a weekly “outreach” program held every Tuesday night. It’s called “Vegas Nites” I wouldn’t want to bet on what’s going on inside.

What happens there...stays there!

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Greetings All...

I've only been a member of sermonindex for a very short time, but it seems that a lot of threads go in this similar direction...down.

However, I believe we are able to lift it all back up, if we work together. I know it sounds cheesy, but if we (christians) cannot work/talk together, who can?

This is my attempt to change the tone in this thread...

You know if you are in a bad church if...

it becomes an online sermonindex and you are the only one there and are left talking to yourself...

Hello?!...Is there anyone here?! Is this mic on?!

Silly, I know, but this thread started out as humor in a unhumorous world...let's not take joy from one another, there are enough of those people in the world already.

:-) :-( :-D ;-) :-o 8-) :-? :-P :-x :lol: :-? :smart: :beard: :knockedout: :eek: :roll:

God Bless / One Love

 2007/2/6 7:53


Silly, I know, but this thread started out as humor in a unhumorous world...let's not take joy from one another, there are enough of those people in the world already.

Thank you Brian! I agree! It doesnt matter what the topic of a thread is, there will always be some folks who will not be happy about it.

Anyway... you know you're in a bad church when...

The Sunday bulletin is written on gold plates.

(get it?? Gold plates... Mormon... nevermind!) lol


 2007/2/6 8:24

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Wheaton, IL


You see, the problem I have, is that by creating this thread we've cast judgement on all the churches that have done anything like this -irregardless of the whether this was justified.

Now you justify yourself by saying 'don't take yourself too seriously, we're just having a bit of fun.'

Come on!

Why do churches play songs like 'Wild Thing' for their pastor -for a bit of fun. Why do churches have valentines dinners for their married couples -I really don't see a problem with this! Someone even said that a believing church can't sing Amazing Grace!

You're all legalistic hypocrites! You'll use fun as a defense but not allow it to any of these churches that don't muster up to your requirements.

I dare say there may be a larger remnant of people who understand the GRACE of God in those churches than in this forum!

Ian Smith

 2007/2/6 10:25Profile


You're all legalistic hypocrites!

You're being judgemental... while accusing us of being judgemental. I tend to think that would fall under the definition of hypocrisy more than anything anyone else has written on here.

Enough of the name calling, Ian... if you dont like this thread, then ignore it. The moderators apparently havent had an issue with this thread so far. I know these men well enough to know that if anything was out of line they would have interjected themselves into the conversation by now.

When you run your own forum then you can condemn whoever you wish.

In the meantime, I maintain that it is healthy for folks to share their experiences... positive and negative. We're a family. Thats what we do.


 2007/2/6 10:35

Joined: 2006/3/22
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Wheaton, IL


I want to share three things that I thought about after typing my post thismorning.

I recalled Zac Poonen's message on 'condemnation' where he talked about someone coming up to him and complaining about how much TV some 'believers' watch. Zac Poonen's answer was pretty telling -he said that if it really bugged him, he should go out and get a TV himself! He was condemning all these believers for watching TV, but he was the one in error.

Zac followed by saying that he didn't watch much TV, but he wasn't going to go around telling others not to, or that it was wrong -that's something that they need to be led to by Jesus himself.

The next thing that came to mind is when Keith Green talked about the woman eating the six foot long sub sandwhich. He said that if he had eaten it he would consider it gluttony, so he broadcast his own condemning heart about his own sin onto others and regarded them in sin when they had no problem with it at all! In fact, Keith even went so far as to say that it was in fact him sinning at that point and not the one eating the sub sandwhich.

Now I take some offense at this entire topic, and this is my third reason.

Leonard Ravenhill often railed against similar things going on in the church, and we read his books and agree. We then think it is OK if we say the same things, well I was considering this; It's NOT!

We have to remember that Leonard Ravenhill was past sixty years old when he said most of his most provacative statements, he had the authority of years of service and testing behind his words. When he spoke about the rottenness of the church he spoke as a Pastor to pastors!

We forget that Ravenhill had a congregation of pastors, he had prayer meetings that were attended by pastors... and when he spoke harshly of pastors he was admonishing his own congregation -not someone elses!

I very much doubt Leonard had in his heart to condemn churches, but instead to encourage them to get back to their biblical foundations!

So what if a church plays 'Wild Thing' for their Pastor! He without sin throw the first stone!

So what if a church has a dinner for married couples on valentines day! Would you rather have them going to the buffet at the casino?

I can't believe someone actually said that a saved person cannot sing 'Amazing Grace!'

You don't have the authority, you're assuming sin where there may be none and you're judging and condemning others.

I get told to shut up because I just won't play along!

Ian Smith

 2007/2/6 13:03Profile



I appreciate your points, and they are well taken. However, I think that there is a difference between considering someone a glutton for eating a foot long, and pointing out apostacy in a church. Most people on this forum are walking much deeper with the Lord than the average believer. I agree we should encourage others to walk closer, but in todays apostate church I believe God has turned some churches over. The Spirit has departed.

I don't have a problem with a V-Day dinner either. I do have a problem with churches trying to be just like the world. Singing "Stairway To Heaven" during the invitation?? That deserves to be scoffed at.

In Leviticus God stated multiple times that His people were to make a distinction between the holy and the profane. In many churches today they have become so worldly in their attempt to reach the world that there is no difference. It's ungodly and apostate. I've even begun to question some of the Christian music I have defended on this very forum.

I think this thread (which is pretty much gonna die now anyway) has been good for people say "hey... wake up folks... this is what passes for "church" these days!" Yea, some of it has been humorous. So what? But it's also been very sobering.

I'm not gonna debate it any further with you. If you feel you need to get the last word in... go ahead.

I'd prefer to agree to disagree.


 2007/2/6 13:36

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Fort Frances, Ontario



I was feeling led to post a few days ago regarding this thread. I believe some of the motives are like that of the pharisee who exalted himself. I can say that because the Lord has convicted me of doing the same thing. In some of my past posts, I was complaining about the worldliness of the church I attend. The problem is spiritual pride had crept in. I was exposing these things more for the reason of complimenting myself on how holy I am and not for my concern of their worldliness.

Truth be told, I have enough of my own love of the world that needs to be dealt with before I can correct others on this subject.

Well we can all attest that the majority of churches have alot of spots and wrinkles that need to be taken care of.

If all the of the posts were made out of love and for the purpose of correction, then that is wonderful.

Our hearts are deceitful beyond cure, that scripture should be pondered often. Especially before clicking the "Submit" button.


Murray Beninger

 2007/2/6 13:42Profile

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