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you know your in a bad church when they have ATM machines for tithes and offerings.

 2010/5/2 9:03Profile

 you know you have a BAD thread

when it doesnt bring Glory to God.

 2010/5/2 10:06

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 You know your visiting with the true church when

How about this thought; You know your visiting amongst those in the "true Church" when Jesus is lifted up as head of a body of believers completely in love and devoted to HIM. You know that these believers, these followers of Jesus are not the same as so many others because their is genuine love in their hearts for one another and a real desire to live daily in submission and obedience to the Lord. Things of this world, like ministries, building bigger structures, and huge budgets don't concern them, when a need comes up they know that God will provide and is faithful. The main thought that binds them not only to each other but also to Jesus Christ as their Lord, is to see HIM glorified and HIS Kingdom preached through out all the world. They have a heart for the lost even though they know that most in this lost world hate them and wish them harm. These followers of Jesus they don't focus on that, they focus on the ONE who suffered and died so that they might live. You know your visiting with the "true Church, the Bride of Christ...when their fruit bares witness to the ONE who redeemed them!"

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 Re: You know your visiting with the true church when

You know you've walked into a bad church when you thought you were going to church instead you end up walking into a zoo.

 2010/5/2 16:22

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 Re: You know your visiting with the true church when

Amen Ellie! Amen!

 2010/5/4 14:17Profile

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hi,when you run into al those who wrote on this topic,me included.jimp

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Boy I'm sure glad I didn't post on this topic...

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