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"Next to the Bible, I would advise you to get Cruden's Concordance!" -D.L. Moody

The only advantage I can think of must have been portability!

Another great portable was The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Not a concorodance but a massive 'central column reference'. Widely available electronically with all Bible Software, but if the best commentary is the Bible this must be one the best commentaries ever. In the days before laptops this, and a compact Strongs Concordance, were my regular travelling companions. It is amazing how often a difficult verse would open like a flower having checked the cross-references.

Ron Bailey

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Joined: 2003/7/18
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Reading, UK


Although it is a Lexicon rather than a concordance the Scott Liddell Lexicon at Peseus is a valuable tool. You need a little Greek but not too much. I use it by finding the word in the Greek Text (the text is Westcott & Hort… shame!). Double clicking the word will give you the option of the intermediate Scott and Liddell or the full one.

If you really want to be thorough you can find translations of many of the classical Greek texts on the Perseus site too. So you can see the word ‘in situ’.

Ron Bailey

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The Holladay is based on K-B's work but much shortened (400 pages vs. 2200 pages).


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I'm looking for a good Strong's Concordance. There are several out there, but I was wondering if anybody had a preference and why?
[i]Strongest Strong's[/i] put out by Zondervan with editing by Kohlenberger and Swanson

[i]The New Strong's Expanded[/i] out by Nelson with editing by Kohlenberger

[i]New Strong's Classic[/i] by Nelson apparently not with contributions from Kohlenberger

And of course the original, as well as numerous others from other publishers.

I am also looking for a decent KJV Dictionary to help with some of the more archaic words.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

grace and peace

Denver McDaniel

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 Re: Concordances?

I found this concordance online for the NIV Bible:

I'm not sure if it is exhaustive, but it's decent.

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Well, last year my wife got me The New Strong's Expanded Exhausted Concordance, Red-Letter Edition (what a mouthful!) This is the one with the Kohlenberger contributions. It also includes the best of Vine's Topical. I've really benefited from this huge concordance. Before this, I was using a small paperback Crudens. And, actually, I never had a problem with Crudens! My wife just decided to buy me the Strong's on my birthday. This thing is simply massive, gargantuan...I get lost in it, really. I do like that the words of Christ are in red and that all the Messianic prophecies are listed. It's really a great book. It even has a list of all the prayers in the Bible, a breakdown of the Jewish feasts, the Jewish calendar, all the Mosaic Law broken down into categories, and a very thorough harmony of the four gospels, with all the illustrations and teachings of Christ.

(edit) The only drawback I see is with the binding. The glue is poor and inadequate for its proportion. I have to gingerly handle the book. The spine has begun to disattach itself from the cover. Otherwise, great tool!

Hope this helps!

Bro. Paul

Paul Frederick West

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