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 They sold their souls for Rock N' Roll

Here's an interesting website (note sure if its been posted here before?), outlining all the major music stars and their love for Satan.

View to the end to see Madonna quote Rev. 21, during one of her "dance acts."

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 Re: They sold their souls for Rock N' Roll

You can also watch hours of it on google video.


Josh Parsley

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as a kid (in the latye 80's) i remember a preacher from florida who came to our youth group to talk about tje "evils of rock music" it was effective. all these years later i still remember it.
he pounted out all the rock stars who have commited suicide or have died young as a result of drugs and alchahol.
he also went through the current top-40 and, using the titles only, showed us that the lyrics and songs were ungodly and dangerouse.
he didn't use the popular "back masking" thing but he did mention that the songs played forward were bad enough!
they are preaching another Gospel....paul said let them be cursed...and do not be partakers of another man's evil!

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 Re: They sold their souls for Rock N' Roll

Umm, how can I put this, nicely?

Is it ok if I decline the offer to watch?

Thank you, I knew you'd understand.

God bless.

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 Re: They sold their souls for Rock N' Roll

well, there ya go.....its very transparent..

lemme ask you this? Does it all surprise you?

all these musicians WANT hell....they THINK they do, coz it all seems so "cool", and they feel like "rebels".....but they're just blind children, in a spiritual sense, but what did God say about those who would cause these little ones to stumble? get fitted for a millstone

When I was 17, in the Navy, I came back from boot camp and found out two of my closet friends had been worshipping in a satanic "church" and were being mentored by a satanic high priest....

my first evening back, one of them manifested, I don't know why, maybe the demon saw into my life ahead, with Christ, and wanted to get at me...that these two fellas, one is now lost within the bowels of Las Vegas as a dealer and degenerate gambler, and the other is a director of grade z direct to video horror films.

thats the funny thing about the tempter, the enemy, its SO TRANSPARENT.....but tell that to the inhabitants of Sodom and Gommorah, buying and selling, sleeping and eating to the very second of their doom.

good post, food for thought, but I aint gonna spend no 30 bucks for that.....I saw all I need to see, may God have mercy on these servants of satan

 2006/11/15 15:59

 Re: They sold their souls for Rock N' Roll

Ezekiel 28 - of spontaneous (?human) combustion

18 "By the multitude of your iniquities,
In the unrighteousness of your trade
You profaned your sanctuaries.
[b]Therefore I have brought fire from the midst of you;
It has consumed you,
And I have turned you to ashes on the earth
In the eyes of all who see you[/b].

19 "All who know you among the peoples
Are appalled at you;
You have become terrified
And you will cease to be forever.""'

I didn't look at the links, but these verses always come to mind with regard to such as dedicate themselves to God's chief fallen angel.

 2006/11/16 5:14

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How 'bout Niko McBain testifying that he's also a born-again Christian, and continues to tour with Iron Maiden as their drummer?
I read this a only a few months back in a interview. Honestly, I didn't know what to think. I can't comprehend headbangin' to 'The Number Of The Beast' and mortifying my fleshly members at the same time.
God bless you with Himself,


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 Re: Perspective, know what thou speaketh of?

Find it interesting that often those less qualified to speak about what they do not know go right on ahead anyway. There has been any number of discussions around here on music, the evils thereof, secular\"Christian" but to narrow it to one section of thought towards this particular posting ... Hyperbole, sensationalism, Christian superstition are words that come to mind. It is the equivalent of supermarket tabloid for believers, we just love to buy up this stuff, put our denouncing twist on it and send it back out into the world. Then wonder at why they want nothing to do with 'our' Jesus...

This is fodder for the lower nature and the un- contemplative mind, might as well throw it into the ring with our political sound bites and commentary on all the outward manifested 'evils' of the world.

all these musicians WANT hell....

That is an arbitrary statement. Do they really? I once was absorbed with music, heavy metal, hard rock, classical rock, southern rock, old school, new school, guitar virtuoso's ... Eat, drink, sleep, bleed ... and practice, (guitar licks that is). Prior to that as a drummer, prior to that in school 'honor band's', orchestra and the like.

I never wanted hell, 'rebellion' wasn't some kind of anarchistic trait, it was loud, thrilling, creative, powerful. Some of it was certainly 'dark' but a great deal of it was far more honest and forthcoming than what we now find amongst those who ought to be the epitome of those words. [i]That[/i] I find most troubling. Secondly is those who have such an uneducated opinion about matters as to jump on the bandwagon of denouncing by hearsay. And quite often it is poorly researched 'ministers' who get the small thinking believers all up in a uproar by these commentaries completely missing what the Lord taught about the heart, what the enemy of our souls is really up to, making the believer gullible and entangled in all sorts of outward 'manifestations' to challenge the definition. What gets missed in this way of judging is that the moral man, can be as far away from the kingdom of God as the head-banging metalhead, in fact would go as far to say that the latter may be closer in possibility than the former. The 'good' man has little to concern himself with, the rebel has the nag of conscience somewhere along the line, but this is just as general of a statement as anything else, rebels are heart bred no matter what their outward 'clothing'.

This is no defense of anything on this realm if that is what the assumption might be. It is to put the question to us, to believers and the things we pontificate on with scant understanding.
It's weary, it's weak and it's low. It's far too often completely missing the point. What is it that pulls and tugs believers into the sensational, the controversial, the gossipy and giving short shift to pride, bitterness, outburst's of anger, where sin really resides and the sins that Jesus came to save men from, in and out of?

The last thing I would want to get into here is another comparison with what constitutes CCM vs secular music. Tastes and preferences and all the associated baggage. This marriage with the world and attempts at 'Christianizing civilization' to borrow Chambers line...

Folks, if you want to understand what the enemy is up to you are going to have to start looking past these kinds of diversions, [i]an angel of light[/i] disguised is hardly as interested in making such a great showing as we might suppose. What the world does is what the world does and it is quite ridiculous to be taking out subsections of it and putting our uneducated Christian spin on it. Need I go into the 'of course' of the matters? Would hope not, but I do understand this particular realm very, very well and to simplify it the way it is often done with this sort of sensational over speak is discouraging because it is just dishonest.

To put it crassly, I was saved through rock and roll if you can take that for it's worth. All throughout the muddiness, God was somewhere in the thought's and mysteriously after my soul through all those years. Don't be so naive' to think that these are all so easily categorized as some loud minister who doesn't have the foggiest idea of what he is speaking about states. We can go on and on decrying the debauchery and drunkenness, the sex and drugs [i]and[/i] rock n' roll, all of it is there in it's entanglements just as much as the spiritual pride of the Christian who thanks God for not being [i]like them[/i] even if the words never escape the lips, the motivations that are thought hidden betray the heart and even the heathen are not fooled by any of it. Sin doesn't have it's own hierarchy as we suppose, it's own stereotypes as the Christian would like to neatly classify them, it is the worlds disease, the creature and the creation all subject to the destruction.

We need, the church needs to grow up out of this meager, beggarly way of thinking. I think our 'witness' suffers greatly from it because we have been now conditioned so much to think that our witness is only something that we speak of, not something that we are of a truth, that can be seen and understood as an evidence, something we in fact [i]are[/i]. Not what we speak out of the sides of our mouth, not something we aspire to, not known for making comment on everything under the sun with scant knowledge.

Mike Balog

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Santa Clara, CA


Some unfinished thought ...

Recall an old message I once heard from Chip Ingram about this sort of "Christian" voyeurism. He was talking about watching some program on T.V. and complaining, "I can't [i]believe[/i] they are showing this sort of thing on T.V! I mean, [i]look at this![/i] Can you believe it?"
(All the while refusing to change the channel)

The point was how we can justify ourselves with the decrying while subtly entertaining ourselves with the spurious notion that we are above it all. Worse, if we were more honest about it that we are getting the best of 'both world's' peering backwards into the sin that we say we so despise, when the reality is we may love it just as much as anyone else.

God is not mocked.

Mike Balog

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With reference to your post, it is intresting to note that Christians do catergorise sin.

I know this changes the whole mode of the thread, but we do mock God.

God took the lives of Ananias and Sapphria for lying to Him via Peter.

I guess most Christians think little of lying or being deceitful or cheating, but it is sin, God sees it, and we are judged by Him for it.

Still, this thread is about music and celebs, so I'll end it here.

God bless.

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