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Who can understand all that academia or needs to if their heart is set on God. Is not the context of His word sufficient to explain the broad picture of His desires for union with Himself? Any sincere for Him will readily see that the word abide connotes a continual action that will bring intimacy with Him. No one need to have to jump thru the hoops of participle indictives for understanding. All of that way will produce nothing more than "Academia nuts".

ου δυναται δε οφθαλμος ειπειν τη χειρι, Χρειαν σου ουκ εχω· η παλιν η κεφαλη τοις ποσι, Χρειαν υμων ουκ εχω.

...which is a way of saying, if some godly men had not used their linguistic abilities your New Testament would still be in Greek. :-)

Ron Bailey

 2006/10/19 8:31Profile

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