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 Compilations are ILLEGAL?

Hi all,
I'm highly concerned that the incredible compilations such as "The Revival Hymn" are illegal. The issue is not whether they are being resold, it is the copyright on the content used.

Most pastors who allow their sermons to be freely reproduced ask but one thing, that the sermon be maintained as a whole. Otherwise, a sermon reproduced in part could be used to support almost any message the reproducer has in mind. The last thing a pastor needs is a well meaning (or malicious) "comper" to butcher context and tarnish a valid whole. The sum of their words may have been the intended truth.

Additionally, much of the fancy music on the compilations is being enjoyed without a sale to the creator. Not to mention, most CDs these days have an anti-piracy warning strictly forbidding copying in any form.

Don't get me wrong, I love compilations. Yet, are we turning a blind eye to the obvious disobedience to authority and even stealing? Can anyone defend compilations with a sound argument besides the normal stammerings most people use to justify stealing copyrighted music? "I'm not making a profit" or "The original author is Christian" won't cut it.

Sorry to drop the bomb. I'm waiting to hear responses before trashing my collection of comps...

Brian Erickson

 2006/8/23 15:12Profile

 Re: Compilations are ILLEGAL?

I could be wrong here, but I believe the only way it would be illegal is if the preacher has a copyright on the material he is making available. In other words, if he is putting out material... recorded or otherwise... and doesn't have a copyright on it, it is fair game.

I have written material in the past, and I have kept it under wraps until such time as I had a copyright. If I didn't, and someone used the material as their own, there is nothing I can do about it.

As believers, we should not be stealing others messages, songs, material etc... copyrights or no copyrights. I don't believe compilations can be considered "stealing" unless there is some sort of financial gain, or the person using it is claiming it for their own credit.


 2006/8/23 15:21

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I'm no legal expert, but I think compilations are legal if they are used for "educational purposes."

Jimmy H

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I think that if the compiliations are given for free then there is a sense of it being used in "fair use". the permissions for all the speakers and the right use of the sermons are not in question but rather the music behind some of the compilations. Not all compilations use music that is sold. But for the one's that are it would have to be left with each individual person's concience. The Revival Hymn and a few other compilations I really believe have a encouragement for the body of Christ and is not done that professionally, personally I think it is fair use for personal use on people's computers.

I know some people that have started to ensure that their compilations have "non-copyright" music on it or music that is not being sold. I think that is the best way to progress. I have asked a brother recently that made a very good compilation to take out the music, I would rather have a copy up on the site that has just vocals or light "permission" based music in the background.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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"Fair Use" is a defense, but it is a very limited one. If a copyright holder wanted to challenge the use of their music in a compliation I don't think Fair Use would be a reliable defense. I believe the system would regard complilations as entertainment or self expression, rather then educational or even parody.

See this link for [url=]Fair Use[/url]

The issue of damages, or legal remedies are completey seperate...since complilations have no commercial value it may be simply a matter of pulling the infringement.

One thing to consider is contacting the labels and artists that own these recordings and getting their permission for non-profit application. You might be pleasantly surprised. I had a friend who obtained permission from Michael W. Smith's people to use the intrumental music "Ashton" on a video presentation for a surgeon's conference.

In the very least, if you found out that the copyright holder would not want you to use their music, wouldn't that pretty much speak to your conscience about the right and wrongness of using their music?


Mike Compton

 2006/8/23 18:59Profile

Joined: 2005/2/24
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One more idea related to compilations...

Perhpas some people could try building semi-custom tracks in powerful and inexpensive programs like Garageband for Mac :-D or Acid for PC :-( . These programs use royalty-free bits of professional music that can be layered very easily. There is a little more work and cost, but the benifit is that you can altar the music tracks with more control to fit your voice-overs more exactly.


Mike Compton

 2006/8/23 19:10Profile

 Re: Compilations are ILLEGAL?

Dear Brother,
I started making my compilations at the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I made them for me first and then I made them (hopefully) to edify the Body of Believers. You can find them at in the compilations section under "Neil G." As I progressed I stopped using preachers sermons and begun to use audio passages of Scripture.

It wasn't over any preceived copyright infringement that I stopped using sermons, it was that I found audio Scriptures were meat, and the Audio Scripture I use is free by Stephen Johnston whose reading of the Word I enjoy so much, his voice is soft and meek.

I did one comp, called a "Kingdom of Priests", for my son to explain WHO we are in Christ. Our favorite movie is Lord of the Rings, and I used an elvish theme as the msuical thru line. Now if Peter Jackson and Howard Shore want me to remove them, I will do so in a second. But I'll tell you this, when I feel cold and wondering who I am in Christ, I pray listening t that comp whilst on my knees and weep with joy at God's gift, and feel no conviction of sin.

Respectful advice? If a Christian artist is living where God wants him to , and a believer uses his music to help edify the Body, they will be rejoicing and honored, so don't trash your collection, get on your knees while you listen to it.

You're not dropping a bomb, just sensitive.

My favorite comps that the Lord gave me to craft are "Hosannna", "Dwell", "Worship in your way" and "As We Are One".

They edify me, and thats what the Lord wanted for me.

 2006/8/24 2:44

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Reading, UK


the Audio Scripture I use is free by Stephen Johnston whose reading of the Word I enjoy so much, his voice is soft and meek.

...tell me more, please.

Ron Bailey

 2006/8/24 9:56Profile



I would caution you to be careful when using audio scripture. The only version of the Bible that does NOT have a copyright on it is the KJV. All other versions have copyrights, and you need permission of the owner to reproduce any portions thereof.

The KJV you can use freely... as scripture should be!


 2006/8/24 10:11

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 Re: Compilations are ILLEGAL?

ive made one compilation before, i was so moved by keith daniel that i made a compilation, then greg told me he had recived a letter from Keith Daniel where he says he dident want people to use his voice like that, so i erased it.
Now if that person or campany who own the copywright to these background music would say something i would erase that one to, then i dont know of all the rules, since i make the compilation in sweden.... i know some laws here you cant copy it and use it for your own personal profit, or claim it is you who made it, but i know i can download anything thats been shown on tv for example, its not elegal to record songs played on the radio.
and since i dont do compilation for personal profit or for any organisations profit i see it to be ok,
but if im wrong i will change it... ill try find out who ill can ask it to be ok, and for that comp greg uploded here im working on a version whituot music that now is almost done... or maybe one whit some music that is free to use . So maybe people can choose what version they feel ok whit until we know for sure .... or have permition to use thinking of sending some mails and se what the response will be

gods peace to you


 2006/8/24 10:20Profile

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