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South Central Kentucky


If you don't mind Diane, I would like to take a stab at answering your question. I would say that almost everyone in America is proud and self-righteous. I have O/A preached hundreds of times and witnessed to thousands of people and can tell you that I haven't run into many humble people. I can count them on one hand. God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. With that being said, we must be careful to preach with gentleness and reverance as well. I actually wrote an article on this a while back called, [url=]"Open Air Preaching With Gentleness and Reverance"[/url] that addresses this very issue. What it really comes down to is that whenever any of us go out to witness we must be prayed up and led by the Spirit at all times...God Bless

Kerrigan Skelly

 2006/8/11 18:17Profile

 Rev Kerrigan

Thats a good letter you wrote: the "Open Air Preaching with Gentleness and Reverence".

Bespeaks volumnes brother.


 2006/8/11 19:43

 Rev Kerrigan

I went to your blog, and listened to your street preaching, Bro, you're doing it right, you're doing it with love, and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

God sure guided you during that encounter with the lesbian heckler, you never took the bait, you continued forward in a firm yet loving manner.

God bless you dear Kerrigan, thats my prayer, bartle

 2006/8/11 20:00

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I know where you are going with that. Pharisees, Scribes, a.k.a. people who should know better. The problem is like what Paul Washer points out in his message "Modern American Christianity", after he was saved, he went home and knocked on everyone's door in town. And they all told him that they were a Christian. In this age of easy believism, everybody thinks they are a friend of God. But it simply isn't so.

"Depart from me, I never knew you".

Rev. Kerrigan is on the mark when he said almost everyone he runs into is stubborn, proud and self-righteous.


Murray Beninger

 2006/8/11 21:54Profile

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 Re: proud and ignorant, or proud and learned

Rev. Kerrigan said,

Diane, I would like to take a stab at answering your question. I would say that almost everyone in America is proud and self-righteous.

This is dreadfully serious, isn’t it!?! God will surely deal with this societal affliction: “God resists the proud…”

I’d like to put all these proud people into two categories: the unchurched and the well-churched. Many have never even heard the truths of God, or have a chance to say “No” to Jesus. That’s an entirely different problem than the churched have.

Murray said,
I know where you are going with that. Pharisees, Scribes, a.k.a. people who should know better.

Yes, It seemed that Jesus reserved his most severe words for those self-righteous religious leaders and their followers who had received God’s blessings: the history of miracles and judgments, the law, the covenant promises, the heritage, etc, and yet rejected Christ. They had NO excuse. I think that their hearts were so hardened that they were no longer open to the gospel (ie, Christ), and so God’s kindness was replaced with woes and warnings of imminent judgments.

By the way Rev. Kerrigan , your article was excellent, very thorough, and very biblical! I extract a line:
If someone claims to be a Christian and on his way to Heaven and is yet living in sin, then there is reason for rebuke, for that is what the Pharisees were. They were self-righteous religious people who not only thought that they
were on their way to Heaven, but would also shut the door to Heaven for others.

Our modern church seems to be so much like Israel was in the time of Christ. In our recent history we have had the good news, the revivals, the blessings, the bibles, the bible school training, the books, tapes, audios, videos, ministries, ….. miracles, and YET, we continue to live in sin: pride and self-righteousness. We have become immune to the gospel. So really, Jesus’ harshest words should be directed to us, not the street people who don’t even know what’s in the Bible, and have little clue who God is.

“He resists the proud” God is bringing people the ground these days. I see those who have come to the end of their rope, and like the prodigal son, are opening to the gospel. I see Pharisaic Christians who are turning to Christ, authentically this time – not in great crowds, but one here, and one there. They made their choice, not as a result hell and judgment warnings, but because when they were on the bottom, they finally started looking up – to Christ for who he REALLY is. (I'm one of these)

I’m certainly not going to pronounce an Icabod on the house of God, though I realize that it is in bad shape. May mercy triumph over judgment.



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