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 Re: The Law of Rachel and Leah

If you will have heaven, you must have Christ, who is all in all. No holiness, no happiness. Take the whole offer, or take nothing. One can compare holiness and happiness to the sisters Leah and Rachel. On the surface, happiness, like Rachel, seems more desirable. A carnal heart can fall in love with her. But holiness, like Leah, is the elder and has a special beauty also, though she appears to be at a disadvantage in this life. Her eyes are red from tears of repentance, and her face is furrowed with the work of mortification.

Here is heaven's law: The younger sister cannot be bestowed before the elder. We cannot enjoy fair Rachel until we first embrace Leah. Will you live by this law? Then marry Jesus Christ and His grace and serve a hard apprenticeship in temptations both of prosperity and adversity. Endure the heat of one and the cold of another. If you will be patient, the fairer sister at last will be handled over to you. This is the only way to win the prize of heavenly things.

- W. Gurnall

Paul Frederick West

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