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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Inviting People to the church

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 Inviting People to the church

This is something i have been pondering on lately and was just wondering others opinions.

My mate told me that the common belief of the congregation in the past was that it was there responsibility to pay the pastor. who would in turn reach the loss. I found this hard to believe how people honestly believe that they had no obligation to reach the lost.
After i thought about this for a while it came to me that it isn't so differn't today. Only we (the congregation) believe it is our responsibility to invite our friends to the church. But that is where our responsibility stops. Once they are in the church it is the common belief that it is now the pastor's (or other leader's) job to convert them.
Non-Christians find church boring and irrelevant of at best wierd and uncomfortable. So they should they have no concept of God (1 Corinthians 1:18), so going to church would be like watching a football game where the ball to you was invisible.
I ran this idea past a mate and he said he disagreed as if non-christian didn't come to church how else would they here about the gospel. which hit my underlying point on the head (it is each persons individual responsibility to spread the gospel). The church is a body of believers (although i have been refering to it as a sunday service) so natrally non-believers do not belong in a church and often when they go to churchs they are offended as they will not understand the concept of us being broken and will see in their eyes hypocrites.
However if the non-believer is first converted and then introduced into the church they will be very thankfull for a family of believers and it will benifite both parties.

I would appreciate feed back on this concept i know that if in a church a non-believer is more likely to experience and see god. But god should be evident enough in our own lifes anyway for the non-believer to grasp a concept of christ.

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