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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Inviting People to the church

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 Re: the risk of inviting people to church

I think sometimes our zeal to invite people to church just so that they can "find God" is based on illusions about ourselves as "the church". If we would ask all those who have left the church or refuse any church involvement we would hear almost the same words almost all the time - words about the hypocrisy, conflict, empty ritual etc.

Yes, the church can do more harm than good for the unsaved - especially if we try to change people without trusting the Spirit to do it.

A teen once said to me once, "You church people think that everyone who is outside the church is stupid. You think they don't understand anything, so you talk down to them." I think he is really sensing some pride that he has experienced in the church, and is making a generalization.

There is another danger that I see in inviting people to church: It can promote religious conformity, and cause people to think they are saved when they are not.

The best way to invite people to God is to invite God into our own lives - and thus people will see God through us - God's living temple.

Thank you for sharing the comment about Brother Andrew. That is a true work of the Holy Spirit, which reminds me of the apostle Paul. God called him AWAY from the existing religious establishment in order to teach him directly. Imagine if his thinking had been infected by the teachings of the day. He would have contaminated scripture.

Why not just let the Spirit prompt us and others.


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