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 Re: Prayer and Worship TO or IN the Spirit?

john the revelator went into the "kitchen" and i have been there too. This is why we need revival. In revival so many myyths are disposed.I have been in 3 major revivals and have seen people get mad when the Holy Ghost would manifest in the meetings . Revival brings the Holy Spirit. And when he comes people with awful spirits manifest weird. I have seen this first hand.those spirits cannot stand the awsome presence of the Holy Ghost.If you will read smith wigglesworth you can get a different picture of the work of the Holy Ghost.
Revival will break out again, and when it does i hope to be in it.Its just too awesome to pass up. And the attackers will also be there.I wonder if the attackers could be a sign of a true revival? In anycase the attackers will think they are "helping God" and thee people in revival are the ones in deception.I have seen this first hand also. hope this helps....David

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