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thank you guys for your posts.. this is a tough issue because of how much we really do not understand the best we see as though looking through a cloudy glass..

it's funny because on one hand, they seem to have different roles, and yet at the same time all were mentioned in scripture to have

* created the world
*resurrected Christ
*brought individuals to salvation
*given gifts to believers

so with this thread, i am torn like many of you. i believe in praying to God, which is the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, but do you have to say one particular name??? i have a friend who was catholic and he asked me "phil, is it wrong to be praying to Jesus and not the Father? "i've been saying Jesus name, but i haven't been saying the Father's He hearing me?? I went on to explain the Trinity to him the best i could..the point of the story is, if you are praying to God,and your heart is to glorify Him, does a believer always have to say Father at times and Son at times and Holy Spirit at other times?? i guess that's my take on this..

thanks for the post, i will be pondering this a lot you guys.

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