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 Prayer and Worship TO the Holy Spirit?

I agree with most Christians that God is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and that they are distinct persons although they are one. They are in perfect agreement, yet they fulfil different roles and have different realms.

I believe the Spirit helps us to pray, he comforts us, He bears witness of our childhood towards God. He works miracles through the believers. He reveals Gods prophetic word to his prophets. He reveals Gods mysteries to us and He can be grieved. We can rejoice in Him. We can be troubled and angry and sad in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit distributes gifts and works fruit. This is not an exhaustive listing.

I believe the Spirit takes a servant role to the Son and the Father. Jesus was filled with the Spirit and not vice versa. Jesus asked the Father to send the Spirit. The Son submits to the Father, the Spirit reveals and glorifies the Father and the Son.

In many churches nowadays people pray TO the Spirit and worship the Holy Spirit as you can find in many contemporary choruses. They invite the Holy Spirit and sometimes even presume to invoke the Spirits presence or manifestation. Although the Spirit is God, I am not aware that it is recommended anywhere in the bible to pray TO the Spirit or worship Him explicitly. I am concerned that this can lead to a wrong perception of God and I feel uncomfortable about it. It appears to me that especially in charismatic churches the practice of worshipping THE Spirit often has the intention to facilitate manifestations or the supernatural that borders on voyeurism, hence the occurrence of phenomenon like the Toronto Blessing. I am afraid it can distract us away from the cross which is the dominion of both the Father and the Son. God had sacrificed his Son, Jesus obeyed in all and subjected himself to be crushed for our sins to bring salvation to all those who believe. The Spirit never sacrificed nor was sacrificed, but He lives now in us and always point to the Father and Son.

The word of God recommends Worship and prayer IN the Spirit in IN truth addressed to the Father and the Son. Much more can be said about the trinity and it is one of the great mysteries that will take forever to fully understand.

By no means do I want to downplay the position and deity of the Holy Spirit. Without Him I would not be able to know God at all. I just try to understand his due role and position in relation to the son and the father as well as the believers .

However, my intention with this post is to try to discuss the implications and legality of worship and prayer to the Holy Spirit. David Wilkerson warned against such practise in his some of his sermons Christless Pentecost 1+2
and Christ A Stranger

Your comments are welcome.


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