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The Revival Hymn (FULL VIDEO)!

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 I said long ago. 
I said long ago. It was 2002, about March that year, that I said that a rivival was already here, on earth or on The USA. While people prayed for a revival I cried with a thankful heart because of the mercy of God who had granted us the revival. But it was like a baby. It still had to grow some how. wheter in depth or in dimention; I do not know how it had to grow. What I knew was that it had to get o be biger and biger. For seven years it lookded like if nothing was happening but now more and more people (Christians) are aware of the need of the revival, or they are aware that something has changed that the presence of God is with us (We called enmanuel, "God with us" by that time) But not all is happiness. The revival and great challenges are happening together. We need the great-bold presence of God with us to be able to go ahead if a very big change comes to us. Anyway, with God we are more than conqueres with what ever problem we have to deal with. Gustavo A.

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