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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Joe Root in mp3 format. Joe and Melanie Root live in Ellensburg, Washington, where Joe is one of the pastors of the Cascade Valley (Brethren) congregation. Joe and Melanie have 2 children, both married, and 11 grandchildren. Joe grew up in California in an atmosphere of deep respect for the tremendous gift of God’s Word, and is thrilled with the vision of ABT to both provide and teach the Bible to those who have not heard it!

The “ongoing Acts vision” …of the gospel of Jesus Christ being preached in the “regions beyond” with New Testament churches being planted and watered in the 2000s has been a growing, life changing passion for Joe and Melanie. Joe and Melanie love serving their family, their beloved home congregation, traveling and ministering, and they have a special interest in ministry in the country of Mexico.

 Digging Ditches by Joe Root

Topic: Consecration
Description: Do you feel like you are spiritually dried up? Christian, have you lost vision? Dig fresh ditches in your heart of devotion, discipleship, discernment, direction, and delight. Ask God to fill your ditches with His promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit.
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 Manifesting Christ by Walking in Suffering Love by Joe Root

Topic: Love
Description: nil
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 Six Pictures and Three Fires by Joe Root

Topic: Freedom
Description: In this message, Brother Joe takes us through the six pictures of our Lord Jesus. Then he takes us to three fires in the Bible. Which fire are you standing at? Are you free?
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 When I Became a Man—A Call to Christian Maturity by Joe Root

Topic: Christian Character
Description: Childhood is a beautiful thing, but God calls every young person into Christian maturity. This message lays out the general steps that God calls us to take as we mature spiritually. To what would Jesus liken our generation? Have we stepped out of our childlikeness into Christian maturity?
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 Your Keys Please—The Power of the Human Will by Joe Root

Topic: Will
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 10:13  
Description: Joe Root challenges us with this powerful message given at a large youth gathering. The almighty sovereign God has given us the gift of our own will, but God is a God of relationship. He wants us, out of our own will and choice, to hand over the keys of our will to Him! He's waiting! What will you do with the keys of your will?
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