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Chuck Missler ( - )

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Chuck Missler in mp3 format. Charles "Chuck" Missler is an author, evangelical Christian, Bible teacher, engineer, and former businessman. He is the founder of the Koinonia House ministry based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. After teaching for many years at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Missler moved to Coeur d'Alene in 1992 and founded Koinonia House. Through this organization, Missler distributes a monthly newsletter and Bible study tapes, hosts a radio show, and speaks at conferences.

Missler is a prominent speaker on the subject of bible prophecy.[9] Missler has had numerous programs aired on the Christian television station GOD TV, namely the DVD versions of his biblical studies "Learn the Bible in 24 Hours", "The Book of Revelation", "The Book of Genesis", and "The Book of Daniel".

 Genesis #15 Ch. 19-21 Sodom an Gomorrah by Chuck Missler

Topic: Gomorrah
Scripture(s): Genesis 19-21  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #16 Ch. 22 & 24 Resurrection of Isaac by Chuck Missler

Topic: Isaac
Scripture(s): Genesis 22-24  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #17 Ch. 23-26 A Prophecy to Rebekah by Chuck Missler

Topic: Rebekah
Scripture(s): Genesis 23-26  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #18 Ch. 27-29 God's Principle of Retribution by Chuck Missler

Topic: Retribution
Scripture(s): Genesis 27-29  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #19 Ch. 29:31 - Ch. 31:14 The Sons of Israel by Chuck Missler

Topic: Israel
Scripture(s): Genesis 29:31-35, Genesis 30, Genesis 31:1-14  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #20 Ch. 31-34 Wrestling to the End of Self by Chuck Missler

Topic: Genesis
Scripture(s): Genesis 31-34  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #21 Ch. 35-37 Joseph, The Dreamer by Chuck Missler

Topic: Genesis
Scripture(s): Genesis 35-37  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #22 Ch. 37-39 Joseph, The Faithful Servant by Chuck Missler

Topic: Genesis
Scripture(s): Genesis 37-39  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #23 Ch. 40-41 Joseph Glorified by Chuck Missler

Topic: Genesis
Scripture(s): Genesis 40-41  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #24 Ch. 42-45 The Revelation of Joseph by Chuck Missler

Topic: Genesis
Scripture(s): Genesis 42-45  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #25 Ch. 46-48 & 50 Jacob's & Joseph's Faith by Chuck Missler

Topic: Faith
Scripture(s): Genesis 46-48  
Description: nil
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 Genesis #26 Ch. 49 Israel's Prophecy by Chuck Missler

Topic: Israel
Scripture(s): Genesis 49  
Description: nil
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 Hosea #1 Ch. 1 Introduction by Chuck Missler

Topic: Hosea
Scripture(s): Hosea 1  
Description: Hosea was prophet for the northern kingdom of Israel at a time of great prosperity materially but great poverty spiritually speaking. The 'core' sin of Israel was idolatry, but it was not their only sin far from it. The Lord chose Hosea's marriage to illustrate how He felt toward Israel, His adulterous wife. the Lord commanded hosea to marry a woman of whoredom and shows Hosea before hand what she will be like toward him. Each of their childen God then names, again as an illustration of how He felt toward Israel ie the children were the result of a relationship where the husband loved the wife but the wife went away to other men. The first was named Jezreel, which is a place in Israel where there has been great bloodshed and will one day be the location of the final war battle Armageddon. Hosea's other children children showed how the Lord for a time would judge Israel and not show mercy to them for they were no longer considered his people, hence they were called Lo-ruhammah (no mercy) and Lo-ammi (not My people).
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 Hosea #2 Ch. 2-3 Seven Blessings of Israel by Chuck Missler

Topic: Blessings
Scripture(s): Hosea 2  
Description: The Lord changes the names of Hosea children from 'not my people' to 'my people' and 'no mercy' to 'mercy', showing that one day Israel who had been put away from the Lord because of their sin would be reunited with their God as an adulterous bride reunited with her faithful husband. This is reflected in Hosea's adulterous wife Gomer and his faithfulness and love towards, the Lord had blessed Israel greatly and they had turned and praised idols for their blessings, so the Lord promises to send judgement on Israel in order to turn them back to Hi, and that is exactly where Israel are today mostly away from the Lord. Chapter 3 of Hosea has been described by some as the greatest chapter in the whole Bible quite a feat for 5 verses. Gomer is up for auction as a slave and Hosea buys her back with all he has, he then takes her home and reclothes her. This is exactly what the Lord has done for us, where we are obviously in the place of Gomer and Hosea in the place of the Lord.
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 Hosea #3 Ch. 4-5 Israel's Willful Ignorance by Chuck Missler

Topic: Ignorance
Scripture(s): Hosea 3  
Description: In Hosea 4 the Lord lays the charges of Israels sin and open rebellion out for all to see, they included, idolatry (covetousness), lying stealing and adultery to name but a few because of this sin and Israels unrepentent attitude toward the Lord the Lord would set them aside for judgement and He laid the blame at the feet of the priests who had not instructed the people in the ways of the Lord and hence the Lord rejected the priesthood. Chapter 5 deals with the punishment for their crimes Hosea prophesied the Israel would fall and later on Judah would fall too, this is exactly what happened even though Judah were given 100 years longer than Israel. The Lord passed judgement on Israel. The final verse in chapter 5 is of particular note as it refers to Christs first coming as it mentions the Lord going and the returning (to Heaven) and returning again until Israel acknowledges their sin of rejecting their Messiah and then He will return to them.
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 Hosea #4 Ch. 6 A Cake Not Turned by Chuck Missler

Topic: Repentance
Scripture(s): Hosea 4  
Description: The first 3 verses of chapter 6 is the prayer of repentence from Israel toward the Lord, where they will remember Him whom they pierced turn back to the Lord who is their Salvation. Israel will realise that their years of affliction have been disciplinary in nature in order to bring them back into the loving arms of the Lord. There will be a time of great tribulation for the nation of Israel that will culminate in the second advent of the Lord Jesus. The rest of the chapter gets back into the teritory of God's charges against Israel, these include exploitation, injustice and the most abominable sexual sins, it is again more evidence of adulterous attitude of Israel toward the Lord, but also shows how we are toward Him aswell in running after our 'idols'.
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 Hosea #5 Ch. 7-8 Jesus Christ On Every Page by Chuck Missler

Scripture(s): Hosea 7-8  
Description: God sees, knows and remebers everything and this is a profoud attribute of our Lord, it is one of the most terrifying things for the unbeliever that God's eye is always upon their hearts, and ours, He is the one thats sets the standards. Israel in Hosea time, like our society today, believed that right and wrong were relative concepts thatcould be correct for one person but not necessarily for another, this is of course is utterly wrong God is absolute and He defines right and wrong. Several of the kings of Israel were assasinated and hence surrounding the ruler there were many men with blood on their hands, Israel had put it's faith in the neighbouring nations and not in the Lord. Because they had cast god away He would cast them away. They had replaced the service of God with a dead religion and so thought they could atone for their own sins and because of this God would not even accept their sacrifices to Him.
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 Hosea #6 Ch. 9-10 Hosea by Chuck Missler

Topic: Hosea
Scripture(s): Hosea 9-10  
Description: Hosea refers to the sins of Gibeah which to ancient Israel was synonymous with some of the most terrible acts ever to take place in Israel, they are chronicled in Judges 19-21 and almost lead to the entire tribe of Benjamin being wiped out. But now Israel was almost as abominable as in those days. Verse 11 of chapter 9 is one of the many 'Pro-life' verses of the Bible stating plainly that life begins at conception. Hosea predicts that Israel would be scattered among the nations until the Lord regathered them into the land as only He could do this. The Lord as always offered Israel one last chance to repent but they did not and so judgement came in the form of exhile into Assyria.
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 Hosea #7 Ch. 11-12 Hosea by Chuck Missler

Topic: Hosea
Scripture(s): Hosea 11-12  
Description: Here in Hosea we find the troubled heart of the Lord for His people Israel, the Lord's love for humanity is one of the greatest mysteries, it is shown in God's fatherly attributes toward us, yet these attributes are not common in the Old Testament and so this revelation must have been astonishing to Hosea at the time. The prophet began to discover that at the very heart of the almighty Creator was love and that God is love. The Lord shows how His heart was torn for His people as He did not want to judge them but His holiness demanded it. So judgement had to be prescribed upon the nation as they had commited idolatry in Bethel (the house of God) and this was a forshadowing of the abomination of desolation. We know that ultimately the Lord's love and justice met when His wrath was poured upon our Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary. How only His precious blood could atone for the wrong of not just Israel but for all of us.
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 Hosea #8 Ch. 13-14 Hosea by Chuck Missler

Topic: Hosea
Scripture(s): Hosea 13-14  
Description: Israel was rooted in idolatry in that they had been worshipping golden calves in Bathel. The Lord reminded Israel that He had brought them out of Egypt and out of bondage, and from this reminded them that He alone was their Saviour. He shows them that He is their only Hope but they have stubbornly rejected Him and so their Saviour would be their Judge. Hosea beseeches the people to return to the Lord and repent. The Lord states that He will restore them to Him after they have repented, and the Lord would wonderfully take them back to Himself. The prophecy of Hosea finishes with the ultimate repentence of Israel and turning back to the Lord and the Lord's acceptance of them which will herald the Second Coming.
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