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L.E. Maxwell (1895 - 1984)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker L.E. Maxwell in mp3 format. Was an American-born Canadian educator and minister. Maxwell was born in Salina, Kansas in 1895 to Edwin Hugh and Marion (née Anderson) Maxwell. He was a graduate of the Midland Bible Institute, a short lived school of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Kansas City. He was invited to come to the town of Three Hills, Alberta by J. Fergus Kirk, a Presbyterian lay preacher and farmer. Maxwell's assignment was to teach the Bible to the local young people through a structured curriculum he was to develop. On October 9, 1922 the Prairie Bible Institute was opened with eight students.

L. E. Maxwell readily became the school's dynamic principal and eventual president. Under his leadership Prairie Bible Institute grew to become Canada's premier missionary training center with international influence among evangelical Christians. In addition to the Bible School in Three Hills, another Bible Institute was initiated in the north at Sexsmith, Alberta and a Christian Academy was added on the Three Hills campus in the 1930s. After Maxwell's death in 1984 two more post-secondary schools were created to train missionary pilots and professional trades personnel. Today, as many as 900 students study each year at one of these five schools founded or influenced by L.E. Maxwell.

 Ancient Revival by L.E. Maxwell

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 4:1-3, 1 Samuel 7:3, Isaiah 42:5  
Description: Brother Maxwell speaks on the main hindrance to revival in the Scripture, and the main hindrance today: our own sin. The reason we don't see God move is that we think that someone else besides us is blocking the moving of the Spirit. Included is a very interesting narrative about Dr. Ernest M. Wadsworth that documents his efforts for ministers to look inward to unblock the hindrance to revival, as well as many angry church members that called him during the week after being told to 'make your crooked places straight.' "I went to the office of the mayor and was ushered into a private room. After I was seated, he said, 'I heard your sermon yesterday morning, now; man to man, I want to know who's been telling you about me?'"
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 Being Filled with the Holy Spirit - Part 1 by L.E. Maxwell

Scripture(s): Roman 8:9  
Description: This passage in Romans is often misinterpretted by many in the church today, to mean that to recieved the gift of the Spirit is the same as being filled with the Spirit, which it is not. Pastor Maxwell shows how in many cases in the scriptures the filling of the Holy Spirit was subsequent to the recieving of the Spirit. He shows that the prescence of the Spirit is not the smae as the presiding of the Spirit, this is how the Holy Spirit can be present in us but we are not allowing Him to rule over over us.
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 Being Filled with the Holy Spirit Part 2 by L.E. Maxwell

Scripture(s): Romans 8:9  
Description: Why do we want to be filled with Holy Spirit? To be filled with Spirit will not bring us fame, prosperity, the love and admiration of our fellow man. It will most likely bring division, reproach and persecution. So is the example shown in the scriptures both old and new testaments, in the cases of Elijah in the cave, Jonah under the gourd, Paul in prison, John the Baptists beheading, Steven's stoning and of course the Lord Jesus' crucifxion. We are filled with the Holy Spirit for God's purposes and His alone.
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 How to be Filled by L.E. Maxwell

Description: nil
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 Revival - Part 1 by L.E. Maxwell

Scripture(s): Psalm 126:1-3, Acts 3:1-13, Proverbs 29:18  
Description: nil
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 Revival - Part 2 by L.E. Maxwell

Description: nil
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 Romans 5 by L.E. Maxwell

Description: nil
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 The Baptism Of The Spirit by L.E. Maxwell

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 The Character of Samson by L.E. Maxwell

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