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John Murray (1898 - 1975)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker John Murray in mp3 format. A native of Scotland, studied at Princeton Theological Seminary under J. Gresham Machen and Geerhardus Vos. He taught systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary from 1930 to 1966, and was an early trustee of the Banner of Truth.

Besides the material in the four-volume Collected Writings, his primary published works are a commentary on Romans, Redemption Accomplished and Applied, Principles of Conduct, The Imputation of Adam's Sin, Baptism, and Divorce

 The Spirit Convicts the World by John Murray

Topic: Conviction
Scripture(s): John 16:8  
Description: The interests of God's glory and the highest interests of men concern sin, righteousness and judgment, and these are the focus of the Holy Spirit's convicting activity in the world; consider to what extent your thought and purpose are occupied with these three things; the Spirit comes as advocate to convict the world, bringing a sentence of condemnation against the world; everything is sin which recoils against the glory of God; the epitome of iniquity is disbelief in Christ, who is the supreme manifestation of God; the self-complacent man is the greatest sinner in the sight of God; the iniquity of this world's judgment is exposed by their condemnation of Christ as unrighteous; the Spirit convicts the world regarding righteousness by showing God's vindication of the Christ whom the world condemned; Jesus by his death destroyed the power of the prince of this world, and opened the prison doors; the Spirit convicts the world that judgment is executed on the archenemy.
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 The Spirit Glorifying Christ by John Murray

Topic: Holy Spirit
Description: At Pentecost the Holy Spirit was given, to operate among all nations; the Spirit was sent when Christ ascended to heaven and prayed the Father; Christ had acted as a Comforter, and the Spirit is sent as a second Comforter; the ingenuity of the church's enemies is great, but the Spirit comes to plead for God's people; the words of the apostles are Christ's revelation to them by the Spirit, so that the apostolic writings are of equal authority with Christ's sayings; Christ accords divine dignity to Himself when He says that the focus of the Spirit's activity will be to glorify Christ; the Spirit is permanently given and we do not need a new Pentecost, but we should pray for the increased influence and more abundant activity of the Spirit in our lives; much of the barrenness in the church is because we have relied on men and failed to honor the resources of the Spirit; if Christ's glory has captivated our hearts, it is because the Spirit is glorifying Christ.
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 The Truth or the Lie by John Murray

Topic: Truth
Description: Sin entered the world when Eve was seduced by a lie; Eve gave her consent to the tempter's allegation that God had lied; human integrity was destroyed by doubting God's veracity; nothing is more natural to us than to speak untruth; there must be a radical change by which truth comes to animate us; to belong to the truth means that God possesses our hearts to such an extent that He is to us the only ultimate reality; then the praise of God and the interests of his kingdom are paramount to us; Jesus placed himself on such an equality with God that attention to His word is be the test of whether we are of the truth; our own way of thinking must give way to an unreserved commitment to the words of Jesus; He came into the world not only to accomplish redemption but also to be a witness to the truth, and we cannot be partakers of his redemption unless we are supremely jealous for the truth to which he bears witness.
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 Unity of Covenant of Grace - Exegesis of Gal. 3:17-22 by John Murray

Topic: Covenant
Scripture(s): Galatians 3:17-22  
Description: nil
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 Work Out Your Salvation by John Murray

Topic: Salvation
Scripture(s): Philippians 2:12  
Description: How can we be saved by grace alone if we are commanded to work at our salvation? We must distinguish between the salvation we already have in possession and the consummation of salvation towards which we are progressing; it is a distortion of the gospel of grace to suppose that we are inactive in the pursuit of holiness; we can become heretical not only by denying a truth, but by putting a truth out of focus; our working in sanctification is not suspended by God's working, for these two are not incompatible; our working is wholly dependent on God's working in us, and our working manifests that God is working in us; that God is working in us is the incentive and encouragement for us to work; the very willing by the human heart to do good proceeds entirely from the grace or energy provided by God; our actions in obedience to God's Word are pleasing to God, because the force to do these works proceeds from him; all self-confidence and self-congratulation in doing God's will is excluded.
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