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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Dick Woodward in mp3 format. In the late 1970s, when his ministry seemed to be at its zenith, Dick Woodward was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease of the spinal cord that slowly and steadily left him a bedfast quadriplegic. In spite of huge obstacles and crippling limitations in his life, he became an internationally well-known, locally successful, and beloved mentor, pastor, and Bible teacher.Dick is a husband, father of five, grandfather of five and has been a pastor since 1956. He founded Virginia Beach Community Chapel where he served for twenty-three years. He, with two founding elders, started the Williamsburg Community Chapel where he served for fifteen years as pastor and now as Pastor Emeritus. He had a popular TV program and a nationally-aired radio program for many years and he taught hundreds of businessmen weekly at breakfast Bible studies.

He is the author of many devotional and inspirational booklets and the author of a uniquely clear, devotionally practical, systematic and expository survey of the scriptures, known as the Mini Bible College (MBC), which is an integral part of International Cooperating Ministries‚Äô ( ICM) strategy. As a ministry, ICM is deeply committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world by empowering Christian leaders with MBC materials to nurture their own people. The Mini Bible College provides daily broadcasts and Study Booklets to an ever-increasing audience, now in over 26 major languages, spoken by over four billion people, in over 60 countries and around the world via the Internet. Dick often says, ‚ÄúMy prayer and desire is that the Mini Bible College will get people into God‚Äôs Word and God‚Äôs Word into people, because when they do, wonderful and miraculous things happen.‚ÄĚ

 The Law of God, Your Adversary, Women, and Your Wife by Dick Woodward

Topic: Law Of God
Scripture(s): Matthew 5:25-32  
Description: We live in a competitive world. Sometimes our relationship with ¬ďcompetitors,¬Ē or adversaries, becomes hostile, and they are determined to sue us or even put us in prison. Disciples who are peacemakers do not get angry or try to get even with their enemies. Instead, they determine never to be the source of conflict with adversarial people. Jesus also taught us how to relate to the opposite sex. As with other sins, Jesus goes to the source: our hearts. If we really want to be part of the solution as salt and light, we must learn how to control our sexual desires.
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 The Spiritual Discipline of Giving by Dick Woodward

Topic: Giving
Scripture(s): Matthew 6:1, Matthew 6:3-4  
Description: Jesus has taught His disciples to consider the blessed attitudes that must be in their hearts, and He has taught them to apply those beatitudes in their relationships. Now in Matthew chapter 6, He urges His disciples to look in another direction¬ótoward their relationship with God. They are to live their commitment as disciples by following certain spiritual, or vertical, disciplines and values.
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 The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer and The Manner of a Disciple's Prayer by Dick Woodward

Topic: Prayer
Scripture(s): Matthew 6:5-9  
Description: Jesus taught His disciples how to pray with a prayer we often call ¬ďThe Lord¬ís Prayer.¬Ē But this prayer really should be called ¬ďthe Disciples¬í Prayer¬Ē because Jesus never prayed it Himself. He said this is how we should pray. Jesus tells us to pray in a place where we can shut the door and be alone, where there is no one to impress but God.
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 What Are You Doing More than Others? by Dick Woodward

Topic: Attitudes
Scripture(s): Matthew 5:43-48  
Description: If we follow Jesus and have His attitudes, we will be changed. We will become the salt of the earth and like lights that shine in the world. That means that we will not live the same way that others live. We will do more because we have Jesus living in our hearts. We will have a greater love than the world knows and show greater grace and mercy than the world understands. In so doing, we will become like our Father in heaven.
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