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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon ( - Present)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Carter Conlon in mp3 format. Carter Conlon is the Senior Pastor of Times Square Church. David Wilkerson is the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church. God called Brother Carter to full-time ministry in Canada by faith and He has been serving the Lord with the same faith till this day.

God has used brother Carter Conlon to preach across the world at pastors conferences and evangelism crusades. He has also recently written 2 books with the newest title: "Fear Not" in which he is strengthening the body of Christ for what is coming upon the world in the end-times.

 Beware Of The Wisdom Of Men by Carter Conlon

Topic: Beware
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, 1 Timothy 4:1, Genesis 2:7  
Description: (preached: Oct. 5, 2003)
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 Beware When You Are Full by Carter Conlon

Topic: Beware
Scripture(s): Joel 1:14, Joel 1:6-7, 2 Timothy 3:1-4  
Description: nil
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 Bless The Earth, Oh My Soul! by Carter Conlon

Topic: Christian Living
Description: nil
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 Blessed Are They Who Consider by Carter Conlon

Topic: Will Of God
Scripture(s): Luke 12:24-32  
Description: June 19,2005 - When we are moving in the divine will of God for our lives there is a provision that comes from the hand of God that is all encompassing. It is the absolute heart of God to give His children the total supply of His kingdom. When we consider the truth of God’s word we are taking it beyond an understanding of knowledge and allowing God to make His promises a reality in our lives
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 Blood Upon Dry Land by Carter Conlon

Topic: Promises Of God
Scripture(s): Exodus 4:1-9  
Description: December 25, 2005 - One of the ways God witnesses to the lost is through the change He makes in our lives. The very testimony of Christ in us will be a voice crying out to them. We as children of God are to take the promises of God and begin to speak what God is speaking to us about this lost generation. We are to allow the word of God’s promises become a higher reality than every situation and pour the water of life on the dry land and this life flowing force will lead the lost to the Blood of Jesus and the finished work of Calvary.
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 Breaking The Heart Of Obedience by Carter Conlon

Topic: Obedience
Scripture(s): Acts 21:8-14, 2 Timothy 2:1-7  
Description: January 10, 2010 - Have you ever asked yourself why do things have to change? We are all resistant to change especially when it involves what we perceive to be hardship or loss to ourselves or someone we love. There is nothing in us that wants to gravitate toward difficulty. In the western world we have formed a Christian theological perspective that avoids difficulty, which results in an anemic Christianity. When we get a word from the Lord that sometimes doesn't make sense to the natural mind, we must be careful to who and what we listen to. There are well meaning people all along our journey that will unknowingly try to break your heart of obedience. God call us to a radical obedience where we will go where you lead us no matter what the cost! When we learn to walk in the ways of God and follow the voice of God the miraculous is released in our lives. Are you willing to respond to the Lord with, “here I am Lord, send me”?
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 Bring Back the King by Carter Conlon

Topic: Second Coming
Description: The dissolving of Godly order begins when a spiritual laziness rises up in our life. When we vacate the prayer meetings, we lose focus on God and the Cross. When we stop praying, laziness turns to lust, and we end up in situations that lead us into a spiritual death. It’s time to get back in the battle and begin to pray and ask, King Jesus, to come back into every area of your life.
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 Bring My Soul Out of Prison by Carter Conlon

Topic: Bondage
Description: nil
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 Bringing The Power Of God Into Prayer by Carter Conlon

Topic: Corporate Prayer
Scripture(s): Acts 4:23-31,Acts 3:1-6,Psalm 21:8  
Description: It's a sad statement about affairs of the church when a crippled man lays near the gate outside the sanctuary, expecting only spare change. When you know the heart of God, why he came to die for sinners, you will boldly be able to speak the truth, with real spiritual authority into the lives of others. The world around us is lost and dying, and we as the church need to pray the power of God down into the homes and hearts of people who so desperately need God.
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 Bringing Your House To Spiritual Victory by Carter Conlon

Topic: Household Salvation
Scripture(s): Acts 10:30-33  
Description: (preached: Dec. 7, 2003) What an outstanding message of exhortation! Using the account of Cornelius in Acts 10, Pastor Conlon shows us that we should have an expectancy that God is going to move among our family and those around us, an expectancy that our lives will change every day.
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 Building Up My Brother's House by Carter Conlon

Topic: Edification
Scripture(s): Deuteronomy 25:5-9, Romans 6:14  
Description: (preached: Dec. 12, 2002)
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 Caesar or God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Choice
Scripture(s): Mark 12:13-17  
Description: (preached: March 3, 2003)
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 Calling Down Fire by Carter Conlon

Topic: Anger
Scripture(s): Luke 9:51-56  
Description: nil
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 Can God Speak to You? by Carter Conlon

Topic: Voice Of God
Description: nil
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 Can These Bones Live? by Carter Conlon

Topic: Hopeless
Scripture(s): Ezekiel 37:3  
Description: You may have started out in life full of strength with a heart full of your own ideas. Today you find yourself weak and hopeless. The good news is that God’s love can reach you in your weakness and His Holy spirit can empower you to rise up out of the wounds of your past into a brand new life.
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 Casting Fire Into the Sanctuary by Carter Conlon

Topic: Sanctuary
Scripture(s): Psalm 74:1-8  
Description: June 15, 2008 - There are demonic voices and powers of darkness that attempt to turn us away from the power we have in Christ. These voices will say you can't go any farther with God. This message reminds us that it is the LORD who sets the boundaries in the Earth and the truth is that it is the devil who could only go as far as the bloodline of Jesus Christ. It is time to rise up in faith and tell whatever voice is telling us "we can't", that God can! God desires to stretch forth His hand and heal us so we can be agents of healing to the unsaved.
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 Cherishing the Treasure of Christ by Carter Conlon

Topic: Cherishing Christ
Scripture(s): Matthew 13:44-46,2 Corinthians 4:5-6,Romans 11:33  
Description: We have this treasure in earthen vessels; the Spirit of the living God indwelling believers. And that presence will produce in a hungry soul an ever increasing revelation of who Christ is. This is often revealed in us and to us through suffering and trials. We have this great kingdom which cannot be moved, such great victory, and power living in us. Pastor Conlon goes through many other scriptures revealing how the Lord Jesus Christ is our Treasure. The person drawing closer to Him, cannot help being awed by Him, and at the same time painfully aware of their own sinful flesh in comparison. If your heart is toward Christ he knows, and he will not let the enemy overwhelm you as you trust in him. Pursuit of an ever increasing knowledge and intimacy with Christ should be the Christian's number one priority. When we get careless with the word of God and prayer, tragedy can come. The devil is always after the treasure of the presence of Christ in your life. Pastor Conlon warns: There is no greater danger than to become careless with this Book!
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 Children of Light In A Fading Society by Carter Conlon

Topic: Holiness
Description: nil
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 Chopping Wood For Father by Carter Conlon

Topic: Grace
Scripture(s): Revelation 2:1-7  
Description: Pastor Conlon delivers an extremely personal mesage, where he speaks about his attempts as a teen to gain the favour and love of his own father. He goes on to show how this is in the mentality of many christains that think they can work the're way into the Lord's favour, without realising that we should love God because He first loved us and that we do not need to earn His love and favour because it is already ours in Christ out Lord. One of the best messages I've heard in a long time, it brought me very close to tears, Praise be to God!!!
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 Coming Out of the Wilderness with Power by Carter Conlon

Topic: Wilderness
Scripture(s): Luke 4:1, Luke 4:40-42, Luke 5:15-16  
Description: August 30, 2009 - In just a little while God in His mercy will lead His church into the wilderness. The wilderness is not a place to be avoided, but rather a place to be understood. There is something of God in this place. God Himself will allure us there to speak comfort and strengthen us. He will take away all things that we believe He has given us, when in reality He never did. In this place God will deal with all that has captivated our heart and would hinder His life from being lived through us. In the wilderness the natural becomes supernatural and we are brought back to a right perspective. When we get through this deep dealing of God we are enabled to make the choice to be poured out for Jesus so that others can be grafted into His power and lineage. The lesson learned from this experience is that the power of God is found in those who will be given for others!
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