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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon ( - Present)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Carter Conlon in mp3 format. Carter Conlon is the Senior Pastor of Times Square Church. David Wilkerson is the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church. God called Brother Carter to full-time ministry in Canada by faith and He has been serving the Lord with the same faith till this day.

God has used brother Carter Conlon to preach across the world at pastors conferences and evangelism crusades. He has also recently written 2 books with the newest title: "Fear Not" in which he is strengthening the body of Christ for what is coming upon the world in the end-times.

 Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 2): The Purpose and the Limits of Authority by Carter Conlon

Topic: Spiritual Authority
Scripture(s): Ephesians 4:10-13  
Description: November 2, 2005 - This is a teaching about righteous and unrighteous authority and the principals of action we must follow to deal with the situation. Humility and a non argumentative attitude is much needed in these particular situations.
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 Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 3): The Greatest Faith in Israel by Carter Conlon

Topic: Spiritual Authority
Scripture(s): Matthew 8:5-10, Matthew 8:13  
Description: November 6, 2005 - The spoken word of the scriptures has the same force of authority of the God who said “let there be light”. When we place ourselves under the authority of God’s word our eyes are open to see and know the power of the spoken word of God. There is a faith that is infused in us when we place ourselves under the authority of God’s word.
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 Understanding The Sorrow Of Christ by Carter Conlon

Topic: Sorrow
Description: nil
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 Unholy Boldness by Carter Conlon

Topic: Boldness
Scripture(s): Revelation 1:1-3  
Description: September 25, 2005 - Those who defy the authority of God in the unveiling of Christ – their judgment is a sudden opening of that which comes from the mouth of the earth into their heart. In defying the appearing of Christ their hearts are now opened to the spirit of the world and the spirit of the world opens its mouth and swallows them and they disappear from the congregation and they lose their zeal for God.
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 Victory Comes When Victory Can No Longer Come by Carter Conlon

Topic: Victory
Description: nil
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 Voices In The Coming Storm by Carter Conlon

Topic: Storms
Scripture(s): Isaiah 24:10  
Description: Carter starts this message out at Isaiah 24:10 where the word speaks of a hard time that is to come. He uses this verse then different verses\ with the disciples in boats during storms to show the need of having to learn a lesson of faith. In this message Carter shows how God allows his people to go through hard times so that they later are able to trust the Lord in the situations that they will go through in the future. Paul’s life was also used in a parallel to the disciples to show how God uses trials to mold the people of God. His points are that there is a coming storm that God will allow and it is those people that learn trust in the current trials that they are going through that will be used in this future storm. The people who will be used in the future storm are the man or woman of God that can say {I believe God} when the storm is happening.
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 Walking Through the Valley of Weeping by Carter Conlon

Topic: Weeping
Scripture(s): Numbers 32:20-23, John 15:12-17, 1 Corinthians 11:22-30  
Description: Be ready to write down the many other scriptures Pastor Conlon goes through in this message about what it really means to be part of the Body of Christ, and follow the example of Christ, denying ourselves and taking up our cross. The heart of Christ is to minister to and serve others, and he wants us to share his heart. The devil is trying to destroy the Body, going after the weak and the young. We are to watch for our brothers and sisters, and if we see them in a battle, we must be willing to fight for them. To go into the secret closet and war against this thing on their behalf, to love not just in word, but in deed. Selfishness has disastrous consequences. Take heed.
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 We Can't Escape The Hard Truths by Carter Conlon

Topic: Truth
Description: nil
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 We Must Find Our Strength Again by Carter Conlon

Topic: Strength
Description: nil
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 We Still Have Time to Make a Difference by Carter Conlon

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 Wedding Wine by Carter Conlon

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 Weeping Over The Provision Of God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Provision
Description: nil
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 What Can The Righteous Do? by Carter Conlon

Topic: Courage
Description: nil
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 What Does It Take to See God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Seeing God
Scripture(s): Matthew 23:34-39  
Description: nil
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 What Will it Take for God to Use My Life Again? by Carter Conlon

Topic: Renewal
Description: nil
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 What Will We Do When Jesus Knocks? by Carter Conlon

Topic: Being Ready
Scripture(s): Revelation 3:14-22  
Description: December 12, 2010 - If we are truly Christians we are called to be given to the poor and afflicted. When the Son of God knocks on the door of your heart to put what you know about Him into practice, how will you respond? We are called to take everything God has given to us and use it for the betterment of human suffering. This doesn't make sense to the natural man who will choose self preservation and stay locked behind a closed door fellowship. If you reach out to the widow and the hungry in a time of famine, the treasure of Jesus Christ will be unlocked to you. When we turn our hearts away from helping the poor and needy, we rob ourselves of the presence of God. Jesus stands at the door and knocks and if you will open the door He will give you provision to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and touch the heart of a sin-sick world. Let your heart come into agreement with what God speaks for your life. If you have resisted this call Jesus is willing to knock again.
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 When an Angel Leads the Church by Carter Conlon

Topic: Deliverance
Scripture(s): Exodus 14  
Description: (Preached: May 18, 2003) From Ex. 14 through Ex. 35 Pastor Conlon goes through several chapters and verses to illustrate how the devil always tries to box God's people in to stop the work of God in their life and prevent them from going forward deeper into the promised rest God has for his own. When God said "Let my people go" it had to happen for when he speaks it is done. God spoke this world into existence, and he wants to speak deliverance into your life!!!!
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 When Carnal Men Claim the Throne by Carter Conlon

Topic: Carnality
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 4:8-16, Jeremiah 23:21-22, 2 Chronicles 18  
Description: May 4, 2008 - The voice of the Lord is coming to all the Jehoshaphats of this generation asking, "What are you doing helping those who exploit the poor, the widows and the fatherless?" God is beseeching them to ask Him for an eye salve anointing that they may see again and to ask for a purity of heart to look away from self and come back to the simplicity that is in Christ. False prophets are resisting Christ Himself for power, money and fame. Biblical prosperity is not given to bigger cars and houses. Biblical prosperity is to be poured out for lost humanity with the compassion and selflessness of Jesus Christ.
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 When Christians Make Mistakes by Carter Conlon

Topic: Mistakes
Description: nil
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 When Compassion Offends God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Offending God
Scripture(s): Matthew 16:21-28  
Description: September 14, 2008 - Success in ministry is a dangerous thing if you have an unsurrendered heart. When our sin nature is mixed with the revelation of Jesus Christ we will become "as God" to ourselves and others. When our will and affections are set upon our fallen nature we will become an offense to Christ and we will be tempted to pursue a coarse that will lead to ruin. To be a disciple of Jesus we must be totally abandoned to the Will and Purposes of God and follow the PATHWAY that He has chose for us. It is better to follow God and lose everything than to lose God and gain everything.
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