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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon ( - Present)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Carter Conlon in mp3 format. Carter Conlon is the Senior Pastor of Times Square Church. David Wilkerson is the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church. God called Brother Carter to full-time ministry in Canada by faith and He has been serving the Lord with the same faith till this day.

God has used brother Carter Conlon to preach across the world at pastors conferences and evangelism crusades. He has also recently written 2 books with the newest title: "Fear Not" in which he is strengthening the body of Christ for what is coming upon the world in the end-times.

 The Joy of Releasing God's Forgiveness by Carter Conlon

Topic: God's Forgiveness
Scripture(s): Colossians 2:13-14  
Description: nil
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 The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength by Carter Conlon

Topic: Joy
Scripture(s): Nehemiah 8:8-12  
Description: nil
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 The Key to Unlocking the Provision of God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Provision
Scripture(s): 2 Kings 7:1-10, 2 Kings 6:24-25, 1 Corinthians 1:25  
Description: December 13, 2009 - God chooses an incredible strategy to release His provision. God will feed His people and then use the people He feeds to feed others. Before God can use us and pour His provision through us He must see a core value in our character. We must have the same compassion that Christ has for us. True compassion is born of the Spirit. The storehouse of God is unlocked when the Holy Spirit stirs us to reach out to the sea of human need all around us.
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 The Last Day Image of Christ by Carter Conlon

Topic: Last Days
Scripture(s): Luke 18:1-8  
Description: November 16, 2008 - The work of God is for the redemption of the lost. There is a vision of God that comes into the heart of a man or woman when they stand before the throne of Jesus and pray, "use my life for the souls of this generation". There is an incredible joy and provision when our heart is one with the plan of God. God will be faithful and avenge us speedily of the self focus in us that hides the image of Christ. In these last days whose image do you reflect? It's time to shine for Jesus!
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 The Last Day Return to Discernment - Part 2 by Carter Conlon

Topic: Last Days
Scripture(s): Genesis 4:8-10  
Description: April 1, 2007 - God has commanded us to love to love one another. To hate our brother means simply to love him less than Jesus has commanded us. When we discern the temporary failures of our brethren without discerning the mercy and love of our Heavenly Father we will end up casting our brothers away from us. There is a great danger of having the gifts of God without the heart of God. God is calling us to a militant love that declares, "I AM my brother's keeper".
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 The Last Day Return to Discernment Part 1 by Carter Conlon

Topic: Last Days
Scripture(s): Malachi 3:7-18  
Description: March 25, 2007 - Discernment is an inner knowledge given by God that gives us the ability to discern areas of our hearts that are surrendered and areas of our hearts that are not surrendered. Discernment is also the ability to understand who is serving God and who is not serving God. God is calling us to return to Him, deny self and bring provision to the poor and needy, the downtrodden and those that are struggling. It's in returning to God, that we will begin to be an extension of His hand for provision and life to the poor. Are you giving "YOUR ALL" for the purposes of God and the furtherance of His Kingdom.
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 The Last Days of the Wicked and the Righteous by Carter Conlon

Topic: Last Days
Scripture(s): Luke 17:20-37  
Description: January 21, 2007 - There is a season coming when everything that is not Christ's will be washed away. Society will not be aware of these times. These are days when the gospel that speaks of the Cross and living righteously for God will be ignored. There will be many who have walked with Jesus and they will fall away from truth. In this generation there has to be a cry in our hearts that says, "Jesus give me the courage not to go back to what I left behind." There is an anointing that will be released in those that have this cry and God will be glorified in and through their lives.
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 The Last Gospel Message to an Ungodly by Carter Conlon

Topic: Last Days
Description: October 16, 2011 – What will be the final sermon preached in the world? Those who love truth and allow that truth to produce a supernatural love in us will be found with oil in their lamps, preaching a message of love, redemption and forgiveness of sin. It is the love of Christ that leads us into His redemptive work. In a time when everything is coming against God there will be a people baptized with the love of God for every lost soul. The last day’s message is a message of relentless love.
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 The Last Gospel Message to an Ungodly World by Carter Conlon

Topic: Gospel
Description: nil
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 The Last Letter Of Paul by Carter Conlon

Topic: Letter
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy  
Description: In examiniing both books of Timothy, Paul exhorts a young and somewhat apprehensive Timothy to stand fast in the faith, and shares with Timothy what God has taught him in the ministry. Paul is aware his death is nearing, that he will be martryred for Jesus, and knows Timothy will be left to carry on the gospel. Good exhortation and counsel for present day believers.
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 The Last Man Standing by Carter Conlon

Topic: Longing
Scripture(s): Revelation 3:13, Ephesians 6:13  
Description: May 15,2005 - Jesus knows our heart and He sees the secret inward desire and longing for Him – He sets before us an open door that no man can shut. This door is Jesus Himself and all His resources and sustenance is our in abundance. Jesus will write His name upon all who seek Him with all their heart and there will be a visible evidence of stability.
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 The Man Who Comes After The King by Carter Conlon

Topic: King
Scripture(s): Ecclesiastes 2:11-12  
Description: nil
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 The Manifested Glory Of Jesus Christ by Carter Conlon

Topic: Glory Of God
Scripture(s): John 1:9-10  
Description: nil
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 The Manifested Presence of Jesus by Carter Conlon

Topic: Presence of God
Scripture(s): John 14:16-17  
Description: nil
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 The Mark Of The Beast by Carter Conlon

Topic: Mark Of The Beast
Scripture(s): Revelation 13:15-18  
Description: October 24, 2010 - How willing are we to allow God to unfold His plan in our life? Those who will be deceived into taking the mark of the beast will be unsatisfied with the things of God, and develop a false value system. As a result they will bring to God less than He requires of them. But those who choose to live for the will of God are promised His peace and strength. God will take us into His protective hand and nothing will harm us. God knows those who are His and we are sealed in the almighty hands of God.
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 The Mark Of The Godly by Carter Conlon

Topic: Unity
Scripture(s): Malachi 4, Acts 15  
Description: Pastor Carter Conlon gives a message on unity in the body of Christ. How God blesses when the older seeks to show mercy and hope to the younger. He leads us through the journey of the Apostle Paul who embraced the Apostle Mark in mercy and fatherhood in the gospel. This gives us a wonderful way forward in our day that we need each other in the body of Christ.
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 The Mercy of God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Mercy Of God
Scripture(s): Psalm 107:1, Psalm 107:31-32  
Description: February 8, 2009 - If everyone truly understood God's mercy there would be a continual praise in all the earth. God's mercy reaches out to the hungry, thirsty, lonely longing soul. His mercy reaches out to the fool that says in his heart there is no God. His mercy rescues those who think commerce and money satisfy the deepest longings of their souls. When God's people fully understand the tender mercies of God we will begin to cry, "God before your judgment comes let your mercy be known again!" God is stirring His church to stand between the living and the dead, and ask God to one more time to honor His name and save the lost.
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 The Miracle of Weakness by Carter Conlon

Topic: Weakness
Description: nil
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 The Morning Star by Carter Conlon

Topic: Morning Star
Scripture(s): Revelation 2:18-29  
Description: nil
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 The Most Difficult Journey of All by Carter Conlon

Topic: Difficulties
Scripture(s): Luke 15:11-19  
Description: June 22, 2008 - What is it that causes so many young people to leave the house of God today? It is the older brother syndrome, when service in the house of God becomes hard labor from an angry joyless heart. It is the Father that meets His children with love and mercy. God almighty will bring His sons and daughter back home and we need to be prepared to celebrate their home coming.
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