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Audio Sermons : Vance Havner :  Forget Not His Benefits

 Forget Not His Benefits by Vance Havner

Topic: Healing
Scripture(s): 1 John 4:17  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (3)

 A deeper healing 
Interestingly, this old Vance Havner sermon has been categorized in "healing". Another commenter stated that they thought this sermon was mis-titled. Vance has the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit along with a certain "down home" accent. He emphasized the suffering that TRUE Christians must is not pretty, but it is true. Many preachers today tickle the ears of their congregations by saying, "Become a Christian and be prospered!" Vance sets the record straight in this sermon. I like that it is categorized in "healing" because the healing that we need goes far beyond just healing of our bodies...we need a healing of the whole church. Preaching like this, with tons of praying, and knowing the truth, will transform God's people into a likeness of Jesus Christ. Praise God.

I believe that God is allowing sickness today so that we will give him our whole body as a living sacrifice, wholly and acceptable to Him which is our reasonable service of worship. Otherwise we are conformed to this world....I am challenged by this message!

 Really good 
This is a really good message, but the title seems to be wrong.

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