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 (Revival Forum 89) Leonard Ravenhill by Revival Forum 89

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Jeremiah 2:13, John 17:3  
Description: This recording from a revival conference called: "Revival Forum 89" Ravenhill was the keynote speaker and this recording is an interview where Ravenhill at a old age shares his burning heart for revival. This recording has many vital and important points that the modern day church needs to not only understand but practice. Revival is the only solution for america, for the world.
Sermon Comments (5)

 A Burdened Prophet 
This session with Ravenhill shows his heart tearful burden for the lostness of men and the great need for revival. Oh may God send a revival of 1 billion souls in our day of true conversations that stay converted! May our heart ache and break over the great need for men to come to God in our day. We don't know God! we don't know His burdens, His Holiness, His Majesty, His splendor, we are settling with far less then God's best. May we enter in and break ourselves on God today or we will break on the great judgement day!

 Very good questions/answers!!! 
Tremendous interview! Wonderful advice for families. It's time to get the Bible back into the home. Very challenging to consider what seed is being planted in your home. Also very good emphasis on the prayer meeting (fire those deacons who don't come!) Our problem? We don't know God.

 Very personal 
Feels like you are right there with Brother Len discussing revival. His message is the same, but in this public interview forum his message is more information than preaching. Sort of like what he would say to a group of aspiring men of God around a large table. The message skips around sort of like a record, would be nice to get an edited version, but the overall message is still golden.

 Classic Ravenhill 
Leonard Ravenhill has so much to say on this and all his interviews that the interviewer says "you really make interviewing easy". His comments are gold, his wisdom is silver, and hi experiences are diamonds. As the saying goes "the man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument".

 Strong Medicine for a tired Soul 
Listen if you dare, Pastors, teachers, evangilist, students. PRAY for revival.

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